Passions Update Friday 12/01/00



Passions Update Friday 12/01/00

By Erin

Tabby and Timmy

Tabitha is at home feeling really sorry for herself when someone knocks on the door. Tabitha sees the taxman at the door and runs to find money. Tabitha tries to doll herself up to seduce the taxman. Timmy brings up how she tried to seduce Santa last year and he was drunk  Tabitha tries to seduce him and the agent is disgusted and wants the cash now. Tabitha says the taxman must meet the friends in the basement. Tabitha proceeds to take him down there. He walks in an gets sucked in and obviously killed she picks up his shoes and goes to a closet full of shoes when Timmy asks where they all came from and Tabitha says they are people that have annoyed her. Tabitha is trying to figure out what to do and Timmy finally tells Tabitha the truth about sending her book to a publisher. 


The casket is finally closed while Sheridan is screaming to Luis ďDonít let them bury me alive." Sam tells Luis that Julian doesnít want him at the burial. Luis says he frankly does not care. Theresa is telling Pilar how she is going to tell Ethan about Sam being his father. Pilar tells her that it will be disastrous. Ethan is threatening Sam again and Ivy walks up and says please try to get along with Sam for her sake. Julian wanders up and asks why she is defending Sam. Ivy replies that Sheridanís funeral is not a time for arguments. Rebecca than flashes back to her and Ivy in their teens talking about Ivyís mystery man and Rebecca wonders if the man could have been Sam. The priest tells Julian that he assumes he and Ethan will be pallbearers. Julian tries to get out of it by saying his back then Ivy gives Julian that death look and Julian agrees. The priest suggests more help and Luis and Hank against Ethanís will volunteer. As they carry Sheridan out she is screaming donít bury me alive. At the burial site Sheridan starts to wake up. Ethan asks for time alone. Theresa follows him and he hugs her and tells her he is happy she is there. Julian then receives an envelope from Alistair. Julian opens it and reads that Alistair has discovered something huge. Rebecca tells Julian she has decided to tell Luis about Theresa and Ethan. Rebecca leaves and Julianís cell phone rings and it's Alistair. Julian tells him that he has been explaining all day why he wasnít there. Alistair remarks he owes no one an explanation, Sheridan is dead and wonít know if he is there or not. He then tells him to open the envelope. Julian opens it and says is this true and then mentions Ethan, Ivy, and Samís names and says he doesnít believe it. Sheridan comes to and freaks out and starts banging and screaming for help. Ethan asks Gwen if she heard that. Gwen says no she didnít. Ivy talks to Pilar about Sam again and Julian confronts Sam and then tells Ivy he wants to see her in the library at the mansion directly after the funeral. Ivy asks Julian what he wants with her in the library, Julian says her and Ethan will know in time, but it has to do with Ivy, Sam Bennett, and Ethan. Ivy trips out saying to Pilar that he knows Ethan is Samís son. They lower down Sheridan and she becomes distraught when she realizes they are throwing dirt on the coffin.

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