Passions Update Thursday 11/30/00



Passions Update Thursday 11/30/00

By Adrienne

Miguel's Room

Simone is crying on the phone to Kay saying Whitney and Chad are making connection right before her eyes. Kay says at least they aren't making love. Tabitha and Timmy are outside upset. Timmy says the woman Timmy loves is in the arms of another man. Tabitha says there are more important things, and Timmy asks what. Tabitha explains again about Charity coming into her full powers (no sexual pun intended here ; P ) and whom Charity will destroy evil, including them. Timmy says he isn't evil, but Tabitha tells him where she goes, he goes, and if Charity destroys them, they will be going all the way down.

Kay says she can't take much more of Miguel and Charity. She says it was supposed to be her and she was so close tonight. Simone asks what she is talking about, and Kay says she can't go into it. Simone says good because she's not in the mood for a wild tale when her sister is trying to steal her boyfriend. Kay hangs up and whispers that Miguel was supposed to be hers. Miguel tells Charity that this night will be one they both remember. Tabitha says that they have to ruin the mood. Tabitha and Timmy begin knocking on the window. Kay in the closet wonders what the noise is, but Charity and Miguel don't even notice. Tabitha gives up and Timmy says it would take a bulldozer to get them off each other. Tabitha says she is fresh out of bulldozers. They will juts have to open the window and make noise to get their attention. They pry the window open and fall into Miguel's bedroom! Miguel and Charity ask what is going on. Tabitha explains that she was reaching for a can and fell through he window. She says that's what happens when you get up in years. Kay says she has never been so happy to have her crazy neighbor drop in. Charity asks Tabitha if she is ok, and Tabitha says she is fine because Timmy cushioned her fall. She gets up and fakes dizziness. She asks Charity for help, and Charity helps her down stairs. Miguel says he will meet them in the living room, but he has to get some clothes. Kay panics and says Miguel can't find her in there. Miguel says that Tabitha gets weirder every day. He opens the closet door and asks what is going on.

Tabitha and Charity are downstairs, and Tabitha asks if she interrupted an intimate moment between Charity and Miguel. Tabitha said she had hoped her words of wisdom would have gone further, and a young girl's virginity is something that should be guarded. Charity says that she and Miguel really love each other and they want to take it to the next level. Tabitha starts to say something, but stops. Charity begs her to continue, and Tabitha says she just wonders what her dear departed mother would think about Charity losing her virginity Timmy says that was a low blow. Charity says she is right and she never thought of it. Tabitha leaves and Miguel walks in saying she sure knows how to ruin a romantic moment. Charity tells him she doesn't think that she's ready. She asks Miguel if he is mad, and he says he only wants to make Charity happy. They kiss.

Timmy and Tabitha

Tabitha and Timmy are back home, and it seems they owe even more property taxes. Timmy says at least they stopped Charity and Miguel. Tabitha says it won't matter much once they are living in the streets. Timmy reminds her about the book, and Tabitha says no. She has already been burned at the stake once in this town. She goes to stick her aching head in the freezer while they still have electricity. Timmy calls Harper Collins and asks for an advance on his book. He finds out that Harper Collins is coming to Harmony to sign contracts, and Timmy panics, saying he ahs to talk to his agent. He hangs up as Tabitha walks in. Tabitha asks who that was and Timmy says someone trying to sell something. Tabitha asks what he is up to, and Timmy denies everything. Tabitha says she hopes that it's true because the have enough problems. Timmy says if Tabitha finds out about the book, Timmy is one dead doll.

The Book Cafe

Chad asks Whitney if she can allow herself to fall in love. Simone tells Whitney they need to talk, and Chad tells Simone to hold off because they are in the middle of something. Whitney tells Chad that they are finished. Chad says ok, if that's how they want to play it. Simone roughly pulls Whitney away and Simone tells Whitney that she can't steal her boyfriend.

Eve, TC and Grace walk in. Grace thanks them for getting her out, and they say that since Sam is working the funeral they thought she should get out. TC sees Whitney and Simone and says they look like they are talking about something serious. Eve thinks Simone wants to borrow Whitney's new necklace, and TC says they better wait to say hello. When either one of their kids wants something; they don't give up until they get it. Chad walks up and asks if they got his note about staying. They say yes, and he asks if they are all ok with it, even Eve. Eve says yes, and Chad says he knows it was kind of weird that he packed up everything and now wants to stay. He still thinks his first instinct to leave Harmony was the right one. The reason he came was to find his parents and that didn't' turn out right, so he really has no reason to stay. He looks at Whitney.

TC asks Chad about the holidays, and hopes he will stay around long enough for Christmas. Grace says it must be horrible facing the holidays without parents. TC gets a bright idea, and tells Chad he thinks he knows how to find Chad's parents by the holidays. Whitney walks up and TC tells Chad about his plan. He asks Eve about the DNA records at the hospital. He says they could run a DNA test on Chad and run it through the computer. They all think it's a great idea, but Eve says she doesn't even know if it's legal. They beg her, and she says she will see what she can do. They talk about how wonderful it would be for Chad to find his parents by the holidays. Grace says perhaps Chad's parents were looking for him too...maybe they even thought he was dead. Eve flashes back to telling Ivy that her son died at birth. Eve comes back to reality and tells Grace she has been watching too many movies of the week. They all laugh, and Eve says a mother knows when her child is dead. Grace says she guesses she would. Eve then says finding a long lost child may cause havoc in a family. TC says at least they don't have to worry about it since they don't have any more children.

Kay and Simone are on the couch talking, and Simone asks if Miguel and charity did it. Kay says she's sure that after she left Charity sunk her claws back into Miguel. She's not as sweet and innocent as everyone thinks. Simone then talks about Whitney trying to steal Chad. She says she thinks she put a stop to it. Just then Miguel and charity walk in. Kay asks Simone if she knows what this means. Simone says that Miguel's and Charity want coffee. Kay says no, this means they didn't' make love and Kay still has a chance with Miguel.

The Funeral

Theresa approaches Pilar and asks what it wrong. Pilar tells Theresa that Luis went back inside. Theresa says they have to go in before something happens because Ethan and Luis can't fight again. Ethan says he has had enough and he wants Luis out of there. Luis tells Sheridan that he had to come back. Sheridan thinks that Luis knows she is alive because their connection is so strong. Luis tells Sheridan she is beautiful. Sheridan realizes that Luis doesn't know she's alive. Ethan begins to go after Luis, but Ivy stops him and says that Luis is grieving too. No matter what Ethan thinks of Luis, Luis did love Sheridan. Ethan gives in. Rebecca asks what Ivy is doing. They are trying to drive a wedge between the Cranes and the Lopez-Fitzgerald’s and ivy isn't helping. Juliann says he doesn't know what is going on with his wife lately. Luis gets a rose and places it in Sheridan's hands. He reminds her about the rose bush story he told her, and says that even though she is gone she will always be in his heart. He kisses her, then pulls back in surprise and asks "Sheridan?" Sheridan says that with his kiss he felt she was alive. Julian walks up and tells Luis to leave. Sheridan begs him not to go, and Julian tells him to leave again. Sam and Hank walk up and try to get him to leave. Luis doesn't believe that she is gone, and Sam reminds him about the blood and autopsy. Luis says that he just wants her to be alive enough that he felt she still was. Julian tells Luis to go and hang out at the pool hall. Luis says that he has every right to be there. He says the funeral is a charade and there isn't an ounce of love in the room. Her father isn't even there. Julian says Alistar couldn't get away on such short notice. Luis says that all Sheridan wanted was for her family to love her, and she didn't get that. At least she died not knowing what she didn't have. But Luis knows. Julian tells Luis again that he has to go. Sam tries to get him to leave, but Luis refuses, saying that Sheridan would want him there. Sheridan is thinking she is so tired and she can't remember what happened. She flashes back to Hank shooting her. Hank is standing over the coffin and tells her he is sorry but he had no choice. Gwen tells Ethan she is sure that Julian will send Luis out soon. Especially after Luis saying such lies about their family at a funeral. Ethan says that those weren't lies. Gwen asks if he is taking Luis's side against his own family. Ethan says there is no love in the room. His grandfather isn't even there. Gwen tries to defend the Cranes, and says that Ivy loves him. Ethan agrees, but says that Ivy hates Julian and Alistar. Ethan just wants a close family, and wonders if he is the only one who wants it that way. Gwen says maybe they can do something about it someday. Ethan says he sometimes wonders if he is even a Crane.

Theresa is hearing all of this in the back of the church. She tells Pilar that Ethan is miserable, and Pilar agrees, but says there is nothing they can do about it. Theresa says she can tell Ethan he isn't' a Crane. Pilar tells her no, but Theresa says Ethan has a right to know.

Gwen tells Ethan not to be silly, and of course he's a Crane. Ethan says he knows, but his values are so different from his father and grandfather. But his values are so different. Gwen says he's a wonderful person. Ethan says that he wouldn't call his father and grandfather wonderful. Gwen asks what he is saying. Ethan says not to get him wrong, he loves begin a Crane, it's his identity, but he just doesn't feel like he belongs.

Theresa tries to go to Ethan, but Pilar stops her saying that if she tells Ethan it will cause an explosion that will leave no one unharmed.

Rebecca is standing near Ivy and sees Ivy react to Sam. Rebecca wonders what is going on between Ivy and the "hunky" chief of police. Julian comes up and tells Rebecca a penny for her thought. Rebecca says she is worth more than that. Julian agrees. He says she is u-p to something, and Rebecca says it's just a hunch right now, but he'll be the first to know about it if it's more than that.

Theresa walks up to the priest and asks for his advice. She tells him that she found out the father of a man she knows isn't really his father, and his mother has been keeping the secret. She asks if the man has a right to know who his real father is. The priest tells her this is a very hard situation, and she should talk to the mother since she has kept the secret for so long. Theresa says that is exactly what she is going to do.. . talk to Ivy.

Hank apologizes to Sheridan again, and Sheridan remembers the rest of the shooting. Luis comes up to Hank and talks bout Sheridan. Hank and Luis comfort each other and Sheridan tries to tell Luis that Hank shot her.

Theresa walks up to Ivy and Ivy is very cold. She tells Theresa that she is surprised to see her there. Theresa says she had to be there for Luis and Ethan. They both loved Sheridan. Ivy agrees and says that Sheridan was a great part of both Ethan and Gwen's lives. Ivy tells Theresa there is a history between Gwen and Ethan that she can't ignore. Theresa says she knows. Ivy says she isn't going to lie and says that she is happy about this new love that Ethan and Theresa have found. It has caused great pain for the entire family. But at the same time she would never stand in the way of Ethan's happiness. Theresa says that's all she wants as well. Pilar walks up and asks if everything is all right. Theresa says she and Ivy were discussing Ethan. Theresa asks Ivy if she wants Ethan to truly find himself. Ivy says Ethan knows who he is. He's a Crane and someday he will take his rightful place as the head of the family and leader of the Crane Empire. That is all she has ever wanted for Ethan.

Julian tells the priest he has to close the casket now. The Priest says he wants to give the family time to say goodbye, and Julian says there has been plenty f time, and he want' the casket closed. Sheridan pleads that he doesn't do it because she won't be able to breath. Julian tells the priest to close the casket again, and the priest says with all due respect, he doesn't take orders from Julian and he will allow the family all the time they need. He walks away.

Pilar is talking to Theresa and says she knows what she is doing. Theresa asks what she means, and Pilar explains she knows that Theresa was trying to find out what Ivy thinks about Theresa telling Ethan he's not a Crane. Pilar asks if she heard Ivy. Ethan taking over the Crane Empire is all Ivy wanted. If Theresa lets it slip that Ethan isn't Julian's son, Ivy will destroy Theresa.

Rebecca walks up to Ivy and says she saw Ivy talking to Theresa. She hopes that ivy told that gold digger to stay on her side of the tracks. Ivy says she said no such thing. Rebecca asks if Ivy is happy about Ethan marrying the housekeeper's daughter. Ivy says of course she isn't, but if that is what Ethan chooses, then she will learn to lie with it, as should Rebecca. Rebecca says she won't stand by and see her daughter's heart broken. Ivy says she wont' stand by and see Rebecca meddle in Ethan's life. Rebecca tells Ivy not to get on her bad side.

Ethan and Gwen say goodbye to Sheridan a final time. Luis gives her a kiss, and the lid is closed. Sheridan screams NO.

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