Passions Update Wednesday 11/29/00



Passions Update Wednesday 11/29/00

By Adrienne

The Book Cafe

Chad is working and sees Whitney at the computer. Simone looks at Chad and Whitney sadly. Chad refills Whitney's coffee and Whitney gazes up at him. Simone wonders if Kay is right and Whitney is falling in love with Chad. She wonders if she could lose Chad to her own sister. Simone asks Chad about Kay's crazy idea about Whitney falling in love with him. Chad says that Kay is "wacked". He asks Simone what would make her ask him that. Simone says that when he played the song to let her know he loved her, Whitney looked at Chad and Simone thought it was a loving look. (Poor Simone! She looks so vulnerable here.) Chad says they need to talk about that song. Chad is about to tell Simone about the song when Tabitha and Timmy run in. She asks where Charity is, but no one has seen her. They ask Tabitha what is happening, she says "sex sex sex." She goes on to say that it's all kids thin about now days. Tabitha runs off, and the group looks confused. (The looks on the faces of the kids when Tabitha goes off on sex are great!) Whitney says she is right. Most people are too worried about sex, and they don't have loving relationships built on trust and respect like her parents. She looks at Chad while she says this, and Chad replies that lots of people have those relationships, they just have to look inside themselves to find it. Whitney insists that they just have different ideas of what love means and Chad asks her what she means. Simone tells Chad they were talking about something and she wants to finish the conversation. Chad tells her in a minute, he wants to clear something up with Whitney. Whitney says that all the music he listens to is just about sex, and he uses it to get the girl in the mood. She thinks that love should mean more than that. Chad agrees and Whitney doesn't believe him. She walks away and Chad tries to follow. Simone stops him saying she wants to talk, and Chad pushes her away. (He's really treating Simone badly. The poor thing!!) He goes to talk to Whitney and Simone says she thinks Kay was right about them and goes to call Kay. Chat is telling Whitney that she thinks about love like tennis, with all these rules. But love isn't' like that, it's about how you feel. Whitney says that she just wants to make sure it's the real thing, not some hit and miss romance like the kind he has been enjoying. Chad says that he wants to play her a song. Whitney says that music solves all her problems, and Chad denies it. He claims that music helps people say things the can't on their own, and she should listen to it and try to open up. He plays a love song, and Simone panics on the phone she lets Kay hear what is happening, and laments that she is losing Chad. Kay says she is losing Miguel. Chad and Whitney look at each other as the song plays. Chad asks Whitney to let go of her cynicism long enough to see something beautiful, and see what can happen between two people who love each other. He asks her if she can do that. Simone is crying on the phone. She tells Kay that Whitney and Chad are making a connection right before her eyes. Kay says at least he doesn't have to watch them make love.

Tabitha and Timmy

Timmy and Tabitha are crushing cans and Tabitha thinks she has talked Charity out of making love with Miguel. Timmy says he's tired of crushing cans, and Tabitha says that maybe they can get Charity to help would get rid of some of that pent up sexual energy. They go to call Charity and realize she isn't there. Tabitha hopes Charity isn't making love to Miguel, because that is the end for Tabitha and Timmy. Timmy has snooped in the window and says that charity isn't there. Tabitha panics and they go to find Charity and stop her from making love with Miguel. Tabitha and Timmy are running around looking for Charity. They talk about where she could be, and Tabitha thought she would be at the book cafe. Timmy asks if people go to the book cafe to make love. Tabitha says no, and asks where they would go. Timmy says a bed, and Tabitha replies of course a bed, Miguel wouldn't want their first time to be in the back of a Buick. They realize where Charity and Miguel are and tells Timmy he's a genius. Timmy says he knows what that means, and they go running off. Tabitha and Timmy are running, and Timmy stops, asking how much longer because he is running about of breath. Tabitha explains again the consequences of Charity and Miguel making love, and they take off.

Miguel, Charity, and Kay

Charity is at Miguel's house and getting flashes of her and Miguel in bed together. Charity is confused. Miguel and Kay/Charity are kissing on the bed, and Kay/Charity flashes back to Hecuba turning her into Charity. She smiles and goes back to kissing Miguel. The real Charity is going towards Miguel's room and is confused about what is going on. Miguel stops kissing Kay/Charity and says he wants to make the bed more comfortable. (What? Talk about a mood killer.)Kay/Charity says it's ok, but Miguel insists. Kay/Charity gets up and wanders to the mirror as Miguel frantically makes the bed. Suddenly the Charity reflection turns back into Kay, and Kay realizes that Charity must be near by. Kay covers Miguel's eyes, and is still speaking in Charity's voice. She tells Miguel to close his eyes and lie on the bed and not look at her. He agrees and lies down. Charity is about to open the door, and Miguel says he is going to open his eyes now. He sits up and asks what is going on. He sees the real Charity coming in the bedroom. Kay has run into the closet and is watching everything. Miguel asks Charity why she changed her clothes. Charity is confused and says she juts got there. Miguel asks her why she changed out of her nightgown. Charity says she was having flashes of them making love and it confused her. Kay is in the closet and says, "Dang, that girl sees everything!" Miguel explains to her that she was there in her nightgown and he says that she wanted to move on. He thought that was her surprise. She gives him the present and says this is the surprise. He opens it and it's a framed picture of the two of them. He thanks her but is still confused. Charity says she knows what is going on. Kay panics and wonders if Charity had premonitions of Kay with Miguel. Charity explains that Miguel was dreaming and Charity picked up on that dream because they are so connected. Miguel says that it seemed so real. Charity agrees. She says that maybe the dream and visions are telling them to take their relationship to the next level. Miguel asks if she is sure, and Charity says that she wants to experience every part of their relationship. She reminds Miguel of what he said about Luis and Sheridan, and that she died before they could experience each other, and Charity doesn't want that to happen to them. (When did Miguel find out about Luis and Sheridan? And why isn't Miguel comforting Luis?)They kiss, and Kay watches from the closet. She thinks, "oh great, I'm stuck in a closet and they are going to do it." Suddenly Kay's phone rings and Charity and Miguel hear it. (Kay, have you ever heard of putting the phone on vibrate?) Kay frantically tries to find it in her pockets and Miguel and charity realize it's a ringing phone coming from his closet. Kay turns off the phone. Charity and Miguel are going towards the closet when the phone stops ringing. Charity says it stopped, and asks Miguel if he keeps a phone in his closet. Miguel says it must be Theresa's phone, since the walls are thin. Charity asks if Theresa is gone, and Miguel says yes. They go back to the bed and start to kiss. Miguel tells Charity he loves her, and charity says she love shim too. Miguel asks Charity why she is crying, and Charity says it's just that Miguel is so sweet and wonderful. Timmy and Tabitha show up at the window and Tabitha panics that it is too late for them.

The Funeral

Theresa is begging Ethan not to tell Luis about them. Ethan assures her that no one will tell him. Ethan says if he asks Theresa to marry him and she accepts, Luis will never understand. Theresa says that they would make Luis understand. Ethan says that he doesn't want to cause Theresa any more pain, or to lose her brother. Theresa says that she can't lose Ethan; he means everything to her. She asks what if he wasn't a Crane. Ethan asks her what she means. They hear noises from inside the church and go running in.

Rebecca walks into the church and Julian greets her, asking how things are going with Ethan and Gwen. Rebecca says she has a plan.

Sam walks into the church and Ivy sees him. She wishes she could tell Sam about Ethan, but knows that Sam would tell the world and Ethan would lose everything.

Sam walks outside and sees Pilar and Hank. They tell Sam they were planning to get Luis out of town. If Luis came face to face with the man who killed Sheridan he may go crazy.

Pierre is at Sheridan's coffin and says that she caused too much trouble. He tests to see if she is really dead by poking her with a pin. She feels it and tries to call for Pilar and Luis. Luis walks in and sees Pierre. He sees Sheridan bleeding and attacks Pierre. Luis is beating up Pierre. Everyone runs in and tries to stop Luis. Sam gets punched and falls to the ground. Luis grabs Pierre by the neck and says that first Pierre takes Sheridan away, and then he desecrates her coffin. Before Luis kills him, he tells Pierre that Pierre will tell him who pulled the trigger. Hank looks panicked. Sam breaks it p and Luis asks Pierre who killed Sheridan. Ethan comes running and asks what is going on. Sam says Pierre was a suspect in Sheridan's murder. Ethan screams that he killed Sheridan and tries to attack him. Sam says that they arrested Pierre but had to let him go because of lack of evidence. Sheridan is wondering what is going on. Pierre denies killing Sheridan, and Luis says he hired someone to pull the trigger and asks who it was. Pierre looks at hank and we see a flashback of Sheridan's death.

Pilar has rushed to Ivy's side and tells her she can't cry out Sam's name when he is hit because Julian is standing close and is already suspicious. Ivy reluctantly agrees. Rebecca sees them together and wonders what they are talking about.

Ethan demands that Sam arrest Pierre, and Sam tries to explain that he can't. Ethan wont' take no for an answer and keeps yelling. Luis jumps in and tells him Sam is doing his job. Ethan turns on Luis and says that if Luis were doing his job Sheridan would be alive. Theresa is looking on and panics that Ethan and Luis hate each other. Pierre stalks off and Ethan goes crazy. Hank takes the pin out of Sheridan's hand and gives it to Luis. He asks Luis why Pierre would d that. Luis says to test if Sheridan was still alive. Sam again says that he doesn't have enough evidence, and Ethan points to Sheridan, saying that's all the evidence he needs. Ethan says that he hates Sam. Ivy comes running in and yells that Ethan can't hate Sam. Ethan asks Ivy why she is defending Sam. Ivy says that today is about remembering Sheridan and they aren't showing her much respect. Ethan agrees and demands that everyone but those invited leave. Ethan tells Sam this isn't' over, and Sam says his threats don't impress him. Gwen goes to Ethan and holds him. Luis goes to the casket, and Pilar takes him away. Theresa looks at Gwen and Ethan sadly, then walks away. Rebecca asks Ivy why she defended Sam, and Ivy says that she was just trying to restore some order. Rebecca thinks that she will keep digging and find out what Ivy is hiding.

Theresa is talking to Pilar. Pilar tells Theresa she has to let Ethan go. Theresa says that if Ethan knew he want' a Crane things will be different. Pilar says that if Theresa tells, it would ruin Ethan's life, as well as Pilar's and Luis's. Is that what Theresa wants? Theresa says no, and Pilar says she trusts her to keep her mouth shut. Sam and Luis walk by, and Luis apologizes for hitting Sam, he didn't know it was him trying to pull him off Pierre. Sam says it's ok and he understands how upset Luis is. Luis is angry that the Crane's wouldn't even let him say goodbye to Sheridan. Theresa is praying to the Virgin Mary and asks her what to do. She explains that she wants to be Ethan's wife, and that could happen if Ethan knew he want' a Crane, but her mom forbids her to tell him. And Luis hates Ethan. Ethan is right that Luis will never accept their love as it is. Theresa says that she has to choose between the man she loves and the brother she loves, and if she chooses Ethan, it will tear her family apart, and she can't have that. But she will die without Ethan.

Ethan is giving a speech about Sheridan. Rebecca whispers to Julian that if Sheridan continues to drive a wedge between Ethan and Theresa then she will always be with them. Ethan goes on to say that one of the things he loved about Sheridan was she lived on her own terms and was very brave. Ivy and Gwen are sitting together and Gwen begins to cry. Ethan finishes his speech and tells the priest to close the coffin. Gwen goes to Ethan and holds him. Sheridan panics in the coffin and says she doesn't want to be closed in. The attendants begin to slowly close the top. Sheridan begs for help. Luis is outside and says that he has to see Sheridan again. Hank and Sam try to stop him, and say that the Cranes will just have him thrown out again. Luis runs in calling Sheridan's name. Ethan asks what he is doing back there. Luis caresses Sheridan's face, and Sheridan is grateful. Sam asks Luis what he is doing.

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