Passions Update Tuesday 11/28/00


Passions Update Tuesday 11/28/00

By Erin

Charity and Tabitha

Timmy and Tabitha are collecting bottles and cans. Timmy tries to convince Tabitha to publish her book and Tabitha warns Timmy not to go behind her back. They see Charity troubled about making love to Miguel and they worry because if Charity makes love to Miguel they are in trouble. Kay and Hecuba are discussing how to go about making love to Miguel as Charity. Kay asks Hecuba “What if I need your help” and Hecuba shrinks to a tiny human and sits on a dresser. Charity hears a noise outside and goes to check and finds Tabitha. Charity asks her what she is doing. Tabitha says recycling and offers advice to the troubled Charity. Kay, as Charity, wakes Miguel up and tells him she is ready and he starts to kiss her. Hecuba tries not to look by reading a book. Charity is telling Tabitha about her premonition and tells her she thinks subconsciously she is ready. Tabitha tells her that a girl loses her reputation after she does the deed. Miguel stops and tells Kay, thinking she is Charity, that he doesn’t think she is ready. Charity asks Tabitha when she lost her virginity and Tabitha thinks back to her with Attila the Hun but lies and tells Charity she was a virgin until thirty. Charity tells Tabitha that she feels he is losing him to another woman but she thinks the other woman is she. Tabitha says to Charity she needs a hot bath. Kay convinces Miguel she is ready and he says okay but he wants to be responsible about this and goes in the closet. Kay tells Hecuba she wants to be alone with Miguel. Hecuba warns her about the real Charity and if she comes that Kay will turn back into herself

The Funeral

Ethan and Gwen are outside and Gwen is telling Ethan that she hopes he chooses her and not Theresa. Ethan makes her promise not to tell Luis about him and Theresa. Inside Theresa is praying for Ethan and Luis to both be a part of her life. Pilar shows up and talks to Theresa about forgetting Ethan. Luis is looking over Sheridan and Sheridan is begging in her mind for Luis to look at her hand, as it is moving. She feels the material and realizes she is in a coffin. Hank shows up and tells Luis he is here for him. Sheridan is thinking she is really dead and that this is her private hell. Luis is telling Hank to find the killer and pulls out a mug shot of Pierre and tells Hank it will take five minutes to kill him but not before he tells him who the shooter is. Pierre shows up at the funeral (I thought this was a private funeral). Ethan pulls Theresa aside. She tells him that her relationship with him will tear her family apart. Ethan says “Your right, maybe we should end it now”. Theresa assures him that’s the last thing she wants and Ethan tells her that she will have to choose between her brother and him. Pierre is approaching as Pilar and Hank finally convince Luis to go outside. Pierre taunts Sheridan telling her he was beginning to think she had nine lives. Pilar and Hank try to get Luis to go home. After arguing he finally agrees but says he has to get his jacket. Inside Pierre sticks a pin in Sheridan’s hand. She feels the pain. Luis walks in and sees Pierre and charges at him

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