Passions Update Monday 11/27/00



Passions Update Monday 11/27/00

By Adrienne

One of these days the stupid election will be over and I'll actually be able to catch the first few moments of the show. Sigh.

Miguel and Charity

Miguel and Charity are talking and Miguel asks her what's wrong. Charity tells Miguel she was wondering if sometimes Miguel wants more out of the relationship...if he wants to take it to the next level. (wink wink.) Miguel asks if she is saying what he thinks she is saying. Miguel asks where this is coming from. Charity explains that she saw all Miguel's teammates and she knows that they do a lot more on their dates. Miguel says that sex is really important to kids their age, and yes he even thinks about it. He says that even Reese thinks about it, and they both laugh. (Aw, poor Reese! Make him over soon!) Charity says that a lot of kids are doing a lot more about it than they are. Miguel tells Charity that many people are exaggerating, but Charity says they all aren't. Miguel agrees that a lot of people are having sex, but he wants to make sure she is ready before they have sex. Charity says that Miguel always tries t make her feel better, but doesn't' he sometimes wish that she would do more. Miguel says sometimes he does, but when a guy loves a girl he wants to make sure she is ready, and Charity shouldn't feel pressured. (What a good guy!)

Kay and Hecuba

Kay is choking on the vine, and Kay says if she dies she is never going to get her soul. Hecuba says they had a deal and since Hecuba can't trust Kay anymore so she must die. Kay pleads for help as Hecuba causes the ground to open up and swallow Kay. Hecuba cackles, "going once, going twice, gone!" as Kay slips underground. Kay is on the ground covered in dirt. She gets up and realizes she's not dead, just in Hecuba's cavern. She's glad, she thinks. She thinks she must have hit her head on the way down, and she walks towards the magic mirror. We see her reflection, and her face is old and wrinkled, and flames are engulfing her. She cries that she is in hell. Kay says this can't be happening, and Hecuba appears, asking if she likes her new look. Kay says Hecuba did this to her. Hecuba says Kay reneged on their deal. But Kay reminded Hecuba that she is more use to her alive than dead, so Hecuba brought her here. Kay says she is so...and Hecuba fills in the blanks with "gross? Ugly? yucky?" Kay agrees, and Hecuba says she is lucky she isn't worse. Kay says now she won't know what it is like to have a guy love her. Hecuba says Miguel. Kay nods, and Hecuba says she would help her get Miguel, for her soul. Kay doesn't really believe her, and Hecuba proves her powers by making Kay's face go back to normal. Kay thanks Hecuba and Hecuba says that Kay can have Miguel if she gives up her soul. Kay says that her soul is a big price, and she needs more convincing. Hecuba gets a bit angry, but agrees. She says they have to go up tot he surface to do that, but time is running out. Kay looks in the mirror and sees Miguel and Charity talking. Miguel tells Charity he is glad they had this talk about dating and sex, and people shouldn't jump into having sex. Miguel says that he ahs to shower if they are going to see the last showing of the Grinch, (hey! They want to see Timmy in his big screen debut! Good for them!) and asks Charity to wait. Charity says she has a surprise for Miguel, so she's going to run home and get it while he's it he shower. They kiss. Kay is hyperventilating in the cavern, and Hecuba says that she thinks Charity is going to sleep with Miguel. Hecuba says maybe this will convince her, and she shows Kay Miguel in the shower. (Oh my! If I were Kay, that would convince me! ; P)  She tells Kay that Kay can be the first girl Miguel will make love to. Kay asks how she knows that Hecuba will really get Miguel for her. Hecuba causes Miguel to get tired and go to bed. Kay is still skeptical, and Hecuba says she was just proving to Kay that Hecuba had control over Miguel. Kay asks how she knows this isn't just a trick, and Hecuba gets frustrated. She casts another spell. Kay and Hecuba appear in Miguel's room. Kay asks how this is going to work. Hecuba tells Kay to look in the mirror. Kay looks, and Hecuba makes her refection to turn into Charity's. Kay is a little confused, and Hecuba is very patient. She explains that Miguel will be thinking he is making love to Charity, but he will really making love to Kay. Kay finally understands and gazes at Miguel. Hecuba asks if she wants him, and Kay says yes. Hecuba asks even if it costs her her soul? Kay agrees and Hecuba is excited. Kay looks back into the mirror and Hecuba tells her to get her man. Kay asks what if she messes up and Miguel knows she isn't Charity. Hecuba explains that Kay will have all of Charity's mannerisms and Miguel will never know the difference. The only problem is if Charity walked in the room, then the spell would be broken. (Hmmm...I wonder what will happen?) But Hecuba assures Kay that it would never happen. Kay finally decides to do it, and she turns into Charity.  She tells Hecuba that she always said she would give anything to get Miguel, and she meant it. Kay walks towards the bed. (Uh, oh, naughtiness is afoot.)

Charity is wrapping the gift for Miguel and hopes he will like it.  She gets a flash of Miguel, naked in bed, asking her to be with him. (Whoo! That sheet isn't covering much.) She wonders where that came from. She begins to see Miguel and Kay as Charity starting to go at it. Charity wonders why she is seeing  herself and Miguel together in bed.

The Church and The Funeral

Sheridan is in the coffin. We see her finger move and she thinks "where am I? why is it so dark? Is anyone there? Can anyone hear me?" She goes on wondering why can't anyone hear her.

Gwen and Rebecca are talking, and Rebecca says that if Sheridan wasn't dead, Luis wouldn't find out that Theresa is in love with Ethan. (What a horrible woman!) Gwen is disgusted, and Rebecca continues to convince her. She says that if Luis and Sheridan continued their relationship Luis would have softened to Theresa begin with a Crane. Gwen says she hopes her mother is right, and Rebecca says that Gwen better pray that she is right. If Ethan ever found out that Theresa showed up at the mansion and they didn't tell him, Ethan will never trust Gwen again, let alone marry her. Luis better go crazy when he sees Ethan and Theresa together. (What a wonderful mother. Poor Gwen.)

Luis is walking into the church to find Theresa. A priest stops Luis and talks to him about the afterlife. (dang it! just let him see Ethan and Theresa already!) Luis flashes back to seeing Sheridan on the docks. Luis agrees with the priest and tells him about seeing her on the Warf. The priest says that Sheridan was there and she is alive. Luis asks the priest what he means, and the priest explains about the afterlife and angels. Luis asks why God took Sheridan, and the priest says that God's wisdom is not theirs to understand. The priest says that Luis is still in denial. Luis says that his heart feels that Sheridan is actually there. The priest says it's normal and in time Luis will more on. Luis says he doesn't see that happening. He says he has to find his sister and leaves.

Theresa tells Ethan that he and Luis are the two men she is closest to, besides Miguel. (Oh wow, she remembered Miguel!)  She goes on saying that Luis is the closest thing she had to a father, and tries to convince Ethan to meet Luis half way. Ethan says that he admires how close she is to her family, but if she thinks that Luis will approve of them she is just deluding herself, (Duh!!) and if Luis finds out before they tell him horrible tings will happen. Ethan walks ups to Sheridan and wishes he could look into her eyes again. He gets weepy, and says that the only thing he can do now is get revenge on the person who shot her. Sheridan hears Ethan and wonders what is going on. She remembers that she was shot and wonders why Ethan cant' see that she is alive. She moves her fingers, but Ethan and Theresa are embracing and don't see.  Ethan and Theresa break the embrace and look back at  Sheridan. Ethan tells her he loves her, and Sheridan thinks back that she loves him. She is confused as to why he can't hear her, and he kisses her head. He asks her why she had to die so young. Sheridan thinks that she is alive and asks Ethan why he can't hear her. Theresa is rubbing Ethan's arm when she sees Luis praying in the corner and begins to panic. Theresa tells Ethan that Luis is back and he will find them together if she doesn't leave. Ethan tells her to stay and he will go. Rebecca is spying on them, and is disappointed that Luis didn't catch tem. Gwen is upset that Theresa won't be out of Ethan's life forever. Rebecca says she is going to tell Luis what Theresa has been up to right now.   

Luis finds Theresa and asks how she is doing. She says she just finished paying her respects to Sheridan. Luis tells her the service is going to start and he is going to pay his respects to Sheridan. He walks up tot he coffin and starts talking to Sheridan. Sheridan says she isn't dead, she is alive. Luis says he doesn't believe she is dead and in his heart Sheridan is still talking to him. He walks away and Theresa stops him, telling him that he is scaring her.  Luis tells her not to be afraid, and this death has made him realize how important family is. They are so much closer than the cranes. He says that Ethan was the only one who came to say goodbye to Sheridan, and Theresa came all the way down just to support Luis. Theresa uses the opportunity to tell Luis that Ethan isn't such a bad guy. Luis says he still hates him. Theresa says that Ethan is great, and Luis wonders why she is always defending Ethan. He says he knows why...her new boyfriend hasn't gotten the dream of being with Ethan out of her head. Theresa walks away, and Luis follows her and grabs her arm. He says he knew it, and she is still in love with Ethan. Theresa says what if Ethan did fall in love with her, couldn't Luis be happy? Luis says that if she ever married a Crane, she would ruin the brother sister relationship they have, and tear their family apart. Theresa says she can't believe she is hearing this. Luis says it hurts to say it, but if she were to be with Ethan, Luis would never see or speak to her again. Thoraces is upset. Luis apologizes, and says he never wanted to speak to her like this, but says that he can't stand back and let her marry a Crane. He tells her to lighten up because this is something that will never happen. Ethan can't fall in love with her, let alone marry her. Luis gives Theresa a hug and leads her out. Theresa stops to pray to God. She asks God for there to be a way for her to be with Ethan, and not let Ethan Gwen. (Oh, great, Theresa. Ask God for another favor after you broke your promises to Him all those other times. Maybe God and fate just won't answer this time.)

Luis is talking to Sheridan, and Sheridan is pleading with him to save her. She moves her hand again, but Luis is crying and his eyes are closed.

Gwen has walked her mother outside and tells her mom that she cant' tell Luis about Theresa. Rebecca says she ahs to, then they can have a double funeral for Sheridan and Theresa. Gwen says Rebecca is cold, and they can't tell Ethan because Ethan asked her not to. If they do, Ethan will throw Gwen out. Rebecca finally agrees and says they have to figure out a way to keep them apart. Ethan walks out, and Gwen tells her mom to be quiet. Ethan walks up to them and Rebecca asks if there is anything they can do. Ethan asks to talk to Gwen alone.

Ethan tells Gwen that Sheridan's death has made him realize how fleeting life is, and he wants to get married as soon as possible. He tells Gwen she has been very patient in letting him sort out his feelings for her and Theresa. He says he will be making his decision very soon. (Oh, man, I'm really hating Ethan right now. He really thinks this conversation is ok?) Rebecca says that Ethan will choose Gwen. Gwen says she won't try to influence his decision, but she hopes he will choose her. She loves him so much. Ethan says he loves her too, but he also loves Theresa. (Poor Gwen! Why doesn't he just puncher her in the face too.) He knows it's not fair to keep everyone in suspense, (oh, yes, THAT'S what's not fair about this situation.) but it will all be over soon. Rebecca again vows that Ethan will marry Gwen.

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