Passions Update Friday 11/24/00



Passions Update Friday 11/24/00

By Erin

The Book Café

At the book cafe Chad and Kay are discussing a book about souls. Kay is secretly worrying about her soul and wonders what Hecuba is going to do.  Simone walks up to Chad and asks him to play their song.  Chad is confused.  Chad tries to explain whom the song was meant for.  Simone sees Kay and scares her half to death because Kay thinks Hecuba is stalking her.  Simone tells her she is crazy and Kay tells Simone everything about Whitney and Chad and even Hecuba.  Kay ends up in the woods and she prays to God about saving her soul.  Hecuba shows up and Kay pulls out a cross and Hecuba tells her that that only works on vampires.  Hecuba tells Kay she is going to die and ties a vine around Kay’s neck to choke her.

The Police Station
At the police station they bring out Pierre again.  Sam explains how they caught him and threatens Pierre that they will catch everyone involved.  Pierre declares he is innocent.  Sam leaves for forensics.  Hank asks Pierre what he is supposed to do now.  Sam checks the results of the prints and they are not Pierre’s.  Sam is not convinced that Pierre was not in on Sheridan’s death.  He brings in the fisherman and the fisherman automatically recognizes Pierre’s voice and says he could recognize the other mans to if he heard it.  The phone then rings and Sam asks Hank to get it. Hank hesitates and someone else answers the phone.  Sam decides to make a deal with Pierre saying you tell me who killed Sheridan Crane and I’ll see the judge reduces your sentence. Pierre says he won't make a deal and Hank says he can't take it anymore.  Sam tells Hank he is not responsible and receives a paper that releases Pierre.  Hank catches up with Pierre and tells him to leave town and Pierre says he is going to Sheridan’s funeral.

The Funeral
At the church Luis is mourning over Sheridan when Ethan asks Theresa what she is doing at the church. Luis says “Leave my sister out of this, she is nothing to your family”.  Luis and Ethan go outside to talk while Theresa and Gwen argue inside.  Luis and Ethan argue over Luis being responsible for Sheridan’s death.  Luis defends himself with slamming Ethan for dumping his bride hours before the wedding for some chick.  Ethan says you want to talk about that all right you asked for it.  Luis says he does not care what happened and they warn each other to stay away from each other’s family. Luis leaves but says he will be back.  Luis is at the docks dreaming about seeing Sheridan there and says he cannot be away from Sheridan.  Ethan comes back to Theresa and Gwen and asks to talk to Theresa alone.  Gwen leaves and Theresa says, “I know what you’re going to say, your going to marry Gwen aren't you?”  Ethan explains he hasn't chose Gwen over Theresa and tells Theresa that Sheridan would have liked her.  He tells her he tried to call her and Theresa tells him that she tried to get to him as well.  She tells him how his family told her she had no right to be there Ethan was not pleased about that and tells her to be strong. Theresa admits she is afraid Sheridan’s death would pull them apart.  Outside Gwen is on the phone with her mother explaining how Theresa will be out of the picture soon and Luis walks up behind her and asks about Ethan and Theresa.  Luis explains that he has laid down the law with Theresa, and Gwen tells Luis that Sheridan cared a great deal about him.  She tells him she knows he would have given his life for Sheridan.  Luis wishes Her and Ethan happiness and asks where Theresa is.  Gwen tells Luis that Theresa is inside. In the last minutes of the show Sheridan is shown in the coffin and it shows her finger twitch and her thinking to herself “Where am I?”

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