Passions Update Wednesday 11/22/00



Passions Update Wednesday 11/22/00

By Adrienne

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House

Sam is talking to Pilar on the phone and Hank is listening in. Pilar is hoping that Luis will come home soon, and she says she is worried about him. Sam tells Pilar to stay calm and Luis will be ok in time. They hang up and Pilar calls to Theresa saying she needs to talk to her. Theresa is sitting at her computer deciding if she wants to email Ethan the proof that he isn't a Crane. She flashes back to Julian and Rebecca telling her Ethan doesn't love her. She talks out loud, and convinces herself that if Ethan knows he isn't a Crane, he wills top acting like one.

Pilar opens the door and demands that Theresa come to breakfast. Pilar is beginning to break down. Theresa says she can understand what Luis is going through, and if anything happens to Ethan, she would never be able to eat or sleep again. Theresa tells her mom that she had a bad night too. Pilar realizes Theresa went to the Crane mansion. Theresa shows her mom the ripped up bear, and tells her that Gwen said Ethan did it. Pilar asks if Theresa talked to Ethan. Theresa says no, and that Julian threatened to fire Pilar if Theresa stayed. Pilar shakes her head, and sighs about Julian and his threats. She then states that Julian firing her is nothing compared to what Ethan wants to do to Luis. Pilar shows Theresa the newspaper, and Theresa leaves in a panic, saying this isn't right and she has to talk to Ethan. Pilar physically stops her, and Theresa says that Ethan can't go after Luis like that. Pilar says that the breech Sheridan's death has caused between the two families will never heal and if Theresa goes over there then it will just make things worse. Pilar says that if Theresa goes over there then Luis will defiantly find out about Ethan and Theresa, and that would kill Luis. Theresa says that maybe he should know, and Ethan and Luis can make amends. Pilar asks Theresa if she wants to cause Luis more pain. Pilar says she is late for work and to please make Luis breakfast when he comes home. She also tells Theresa Luis hasn't seen the paper yet, and to keep it from him. Theresa says ok, and Pilar rushes off. Theresa sits down and laments about Ethan and Luis (again) just as Luis walks in. He asks where Pilar is, as Theresa jumps up and hides the paper behind her back. (Great hiding place. Why don't you just show him?) Luis asks what she is hiding. (Great job, Theresa. geeze.) Luis grabs the paper and reads it. He says he understands why Ethan is bitter at him, but it's wrong for Ethan to go after Sam. Luis complains that Ethan is a horrible person, and Theresa jumps in to defend Ethan. Luis says that Ethan isn't all Theresa dreamed him up to be. Ethan is full of venom; just like his father...they are both snakes. Theresa passionately defends Ethan again, and Luis picks up on it. He asks Theresa why she is defending Ethan like she is, and is there something she wants to tell him. The phone rings and Luis picks it up. It's Ethan.

Luis says that Ethan has real guts to call over there. Ethan tells him to listen, and Luis tells Ethan to listen. He says if Ethan is worried about Pilar being late for work, she is on her way. Ethan says that Pilar is there. Luis tells Ethan to never call there again and hangs up.

Theresa asks what Ethan said. Luis says Ethan wanted to make sure Pilar wasn't late for work. Theresa asks if he asked to talk to anyone else. Luis says he sure didn't want to talk to Luis, and he better not talk to Theresa. Luis tells Theresa that he hopes she isn't having the dreams about Ethan anymore. Ethan is a horrible person. Look what he did to their family. Look what he did to Gwen... Ethan used her and dumped her on her wedding day. Luis asks Theresa what kind of man could do that to a woman. (Alright Luis! It's about time someone asked that!) Theresa says that Ethan isn't like Luis says he is. ( Ethan didn't dump Gwen on her wedding day?) Luis gets suspicious and asks Theresa how she knows that; she's never around him. Theresa says that's not true. Luis says of course... she was hired to work on the wedding and she saw Ethan around. (Luis is getting Gwen syndrome...always interrupting before the person can answer.) Theresa agrees. Luis talks about how he tried to fill Martin's shoes, and how he would lay down his life for his family. With Sheridan gone, he has nothing else to live for. Theresa asks him not to say that, and Luis explains that he just realized now he must protect his family even more. When he tells her to stay away from the Cranes, she has to trust him. He kisses her head and leaves, saying he has something to do. Theresa says she has to put a stop to this and runs off.

She picks up the phone and talks to her mom. After she hangs up, she says she didn't promise her mom to stay away from Ethan, she just said she understood. (Nice, Theresa. I can't wait to see Julian "crush" her.) She must find Ethan and convince him to not go after Luis. She looks at the computer and says if she shows this to Ethan then he won't go after Sam, he will leave Gwen and marry her.

The Crane Mansion

Gwen wakes Ethan up and asks Ethan what he was dreaming about...who is leaving him. Ethan says she was right there in front of him and she just disappeared. Gwen says he was dreaming about Sheridan, and they will get through this together. Ethan asks if Theresa called. Gwen asks why Theresa would call. She hardly knew Sheridan and doesn't know what Ethan is going through.

Rebecca and Julian are reading a quote from Ethan in the paper. Julian promises to prosecute the entire police force. Ivy walks in on Rebecca and Julian laughing. Ivy says that Sheridan is dead and there is nothing to be happy about. Rebecca says they are beginning the healing process. Ivy says they weren't healing, rather they were plotting. Julian insists they were thinking of the future--Ethan with Gwen. Ivy reads that Ethan plans to ruin Sam and she is appalled. Rebecca says that once the entire Lopez-Fitzgerald clan leaves town, their biggest problem will be getting the church for the wedding. Julian says that they can have the wedding at the mansion on 24 hours notice. Rebecca smiles and Julian needles Ivy about Sam again. Ivy brings up the mirror, and Rebecca asks what he saw in the mirror. Julian flashes back to seeing Sam and Ivy making love. Ivy goes through the denial faze again, and turns her back Julian. She looks at her locket, with the picture of Ethan and Sam, and she whispers that it kills her how Ethan hates Sam. Rebecca is staring at Ivy with a strange look on her face. (Oh, man I love Rebecca! It's nice to have a female villain who isn't just "after her man.")

Gwen and Ethan walk in. Ivy asks if they slept and Gwen says he did a bit, but not without his nightmares. Ethan picks up the paper and talks about Sheridan. Ethan sees the quote he supposedly says and gets angry. He says that he may believe in the accusations, but as a lawyer he would never let himself be quoted like that. Julian plays dumb and then tells Ethan that the Cranes are filing a lawsuit against Sam and Luis. Ivy screams no, and everyone looks at her. Ethan tries to convince Ivy that the police department is to blame for Sheridan's death, and they need to use the Crane power to get justice. Ivy tries in vain to stop Ethan from going after Sam.

Julian sits down by Rebecca, and Rebecca wonders why Ivy is so protective of Sam. Julian thinks it has something to do with Ivy's big secret. They get up and get some coffee, and Rebecca again wonders about Ivy and Sam. Julian says he will uncover Ivy's secret. Rebecca asks about the "vision." Julian says he was hallucinating. Rebecca realizes he doesn't believe that, and asks if the vision has something  to do with Sam and Ivy. They talk about what it could be, and say that it might have something to do with Ethan. Ethan asks Julian if Theresa has called (with Gwen sitting right next to him! What a jerk.), and Julian says no. He flashes back to talking to Theresa on the phone. Ethan says it's strange that she hasn't called or come by. Gwen flashes back to telling Theresa to go home.

Pilar and Ivy are out in the hall, and Ivy asks if Pilar saw the paper about Ethan and Sam. Ivy says it was bad enough that Sheridan was killed, but now Ethan is going after Sam. Ivy says that Sheridan was a touchstone for Ethan, and she could always calm him down. She was more like a sister to Ethan. Ivy laments that she should just tell Ethan about his real father, and get this mess over with. Pilar tells Ivy that if she told Ethan now, he would lose himself and his identity as well as Sheridan. Julian walks in and they stop talking. Julian asks if they were talking about Ivy's little secret. Ivy says no. Julian then says maybe Pilar was trying to get Ivy to let Ethan marry for love. He goes on to tell Pilar that Ethan will never be with Theresa. He says that Pilar is to keep her brood away format he Cranes. If Theresa goes near Ethan, Julian will destroy her. Pilar asks if that is a threat, and Julian says the Cranes don't threaten, they deliver. Pilar says she won't stand for anyone threatening her daughter. Julian tells Pilar to play the mother bear all she wants, but if Theresa comes to the Crane mansion again, Julian will crush her. Julian walks off with Rebecca. (Use his toothbrush to clean the toilet, Pilar!) Pilar is upset, and Ivy ignores her pain and goes back to her selfish ramblings. Ivy panics about Ethan running Sam out of the force and the disgrace it would cause. Iv then looks at the time and rushes off to get ready for the funeral. Pilar calls Theresa. She asks if Luis has been home, and Theresa tells Pilar how he was. Theresa asks about Ethan, and Pilar says that the Crane family is in an uproar getting ready for the funeral. Pilar says that Theresa is to stay away from Ethan. Theresa says she understands. Ethan has called the Lopez-Fitzgerald house. Luis hangs up on him, and Ethan slams down the phone, cursing.

The Docks and Police Station

Hank finds Luis and asks how it's going. Sam asks Luis if he's been seeing Sheridan. Luis flashes back to seeing Sheridan on the docks.  Sam tells Luis that Pilar is very worried, and Luis says he didn't realize it was morning. Sam tells Luis that the bullets pulled from Sheridan's body match the gun found in the water. There were partial prints on the gun and there's a witness who heard the French man and the local talking. Luis says when he gets his hands on the person who killed Sheridan he will kill him. Sam tells Luis to go home again. Luis thanks Sam for being there. Sam reminds him that time heals. Luis says nothing will heal his hurt. Luis leaves.

Sam tells hank that Luis is going through hell. Hank asks Sam why he didn't tell Luis about the headline in the paper. Sam says he can find out about it later, and he thinks that things will get worse for Luis before they get better. Sam and Hank walk and Sam says he's worried about what will happen when Luis sees the paper. Hank says that Luis knows what the Cranes are capable of. Sam agrees, and he usually would trust Luis, but Luis is hurting very badly and Sam doesn't know what Luis will do. Hank says he can imagine what it is like to watch someone you love die. He flashes back to killing Sheridan. Sam asks Hank what he is holding back , and reminds Hank that he will always bet here for him. Hank says he knows, and Sam again asks what is wrong. Sam says that he knows Hank was affected by Sheridan's death, but this is different, like Hank is hiding something. hank says that he isn't hiding something, and Sam should leave him alone. Sam asks if Hank still blames himself for Sheridan's death, but reminds him that the FBI told them it was over, and it isn't his fault. Hank says that he will blame himself for Sheridan's death. Sam and Hank are at the police station, and Sam is talking about Pierre. Hank says that Pierre is long gone. Sam asks Hank how he knows that, and hank says that a smart hit man would be long gone. Sam says what if Pierre wasn't as smart as he thought. hank asks how he can find anything out about Pierre without getting him. Sam says that's because they caught him, and a Sergeant walks out with Pierre in handcuffs.

The Funeral Begins

Luis walks into the church and says he has to see Sheridan one more time. Theresa walks in and Luis asks what she is docking there. Theresa starts to talk, and Luis interrupts her saying that she is there to support him, and she is a great sister. He goes to the coffin and begins to talk

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