Passions Update Tuesday 11/21/00



Passions Update Tuesday 11/21/00

By Erin

Chad and Whitney

Whitney is still in the garage apartment distraught over losing Chad. Chad comes back claiming he forgot something. Chad wants to talk and Whitney makes it obvious she doesn't want to talk. Chad tells Whitney that he only cares about what Whitney thinks and claims how much he was hurt over her believing the pregnancy rumor. He tells her she was crying over him leaving. Whiney tells Chad she was not crying over him she says it was Sheridan. Chad pulls out a CD and tells Whitney to listen to the third song closely. Simone walks in and is thrilled Chad is staying and rushes to get some cookies out of the oven. Whitney then leaves saying to Chad that he can stay or go just don't expect anything between them. Whitney is in her room talking out loud to herself while Chad puts on a song and says, “Why won't she get the message?" Simone walks in and tells Chad she does get the message. Chad tries to explain to her that he wasn’t talking about her, but Simone won't give him a chance.

Sheridan And Luis

Sheridan and Luis are at the docks and are hugging as Hank approaches. Luis asks Sheridan who shot her, as Hank gets closer. Hank comes and Luis explains the good news about Sheridan being alive. Hank looks around for Sheridan but she is nowhere to be found. Hank tells Luis he has been through a lot. Luis turns around. Sheridan is gone. He starts to search for her while Hank tries to tell him he must have been dreaming. Luis then runs into Agent Freeman. Hank and Agent Freeman try to tell Luis she is gone and that he imagined her. Luis leaves and Hank tells the agent that he has not seen Luis like this and the agent says “Don't worry we will find the man who did this."

The Crane Mansion

Theresa is still crying over the bear when Gwen comes down and confronts her. After Gwen tells her to go home Julian spots her. Upstairs Ethan has a dream about Sheridan telling him to choose Gwen. Downstairs, Julian and Rebecca are trying to keep Theresa from going upstairs while Ethan tells Gwen about the dream he had and wonders why Theresa has not called and Gwen agrees saying she is insensitive Theresa calls out Ethan's name and Ethan thinks he hears her but Gwen puts on music so he can't hear and Ethan decides to go downstairs. Julian is downstairs threatening Theresa's job and her mothers. Ethan asks Julian if Theresa had been by and that he thought he heard her. Julian and Rebecca try and tell Ethan that Theresa is self-centered and will not be there for him. Ethan decides to call Theresa he gets her machine he tries to leave a message but Gwen brings up the point of Luis being there. Theresa walks in and picks up the phone but she is too late. Theresa is at home upset and eyes the letter and says to herself maybe this will get Ethan to stop acting like a Crane.

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