Passions Friday 11/17/00



Passions Update Friday 11/17/00

By Erin  

Sheridan’s Death

The bum who was being questioned by the FBI agent recognizes Hank’s voice as one of the men that was on the dock discussing
Sheridan’s death. As the bum recognizes the voice, Hank tries not to talk. (This next section I did not see due to election 2000 coverage).
The next thing I caught was Sam, Hank, and the FBI agent was all at the pier looking for the murder weapon. Luis is also at the pier
remembering moments shared with Sheridan. And then, Sheridan shows up and says I’m right here Luis. Luis can’t believe what he is
seeing and asks her if she is real. She replies “yes” and they hug. The gun is then found and Hank becomes really worried.

The “Chad” Scenario

Chad decided today to leave Harmony. Simone spent an amount of time begging him not to leave. Once Chad is left alone he flashes
back to him and Whitney winning perfect couple at the wedding charity ball. Downstairs Simone sees Eve and calls her a bigot. TC tells
Simone to apologize immediately and Simone says, “No, I won’t” and storms off. Eve apologizes to Chad and tells him maybe they have
more in common than he thinks. When Chad asks “What?” Eve replies “Nothing.”  Chad tells Eve that he has a lot of respect for her and
Eve shakes Chad’s hand and tells him goodbye. Whitney comes home and tries apologizing to Chad again. Chad tells her goodbye very
harshly. Whitney, upset that Chad is gone, goes to the garage apartment and remembers moments about her and Chad. Chad comes back
and hears Whitney cry “What have I done.”

Ethan, Theresa, and Gwen

Gwen is upstairs still comforting Ethan and saying how she can’t lose her best friend and the man she loves all at once. Ethan tells her
she hasn’t lost him and Gwen smiles behind his back. Ethan shows Gwen a letter that Sheridan wrote after Ethan became engaged.
Gwen then finds the teddy bear Theresa won for Ethan and proceeds to destroy it. At the Lopez-Fitzgerald’s Luis is saying how Ethan
said he wants all of the Lopez-Fitzgeralds to stay away from his family. Theresa can’t believe it and screams “Ethan isn’t a Crane.”
Theresa manages to save herself. After Luis leaves the room, Pilar scolds Theresa for almost letting the secret go and tells her she’s is
selfish and obsessed with Ethan Crane. Luis then leaves to take a walk. Theresa leaves shortly after for the Cranes. She gets to the
mansion and finds the bear torn apart and believes Ethan doesn’t love her anymore. Ethan gets out of the bath and searches for Gwen,
but stops to stare at a picture of Sheridan. Theresa is downstairs crying over the bear thinking out loud that she has lost Ethan and Gwen
who is at the top of the stairs whispers to herself “Yes Theresa, you have lost Ethan.”

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