Passions Thursday 11/16/00



Passions Update Thursday 11/16/00  

By Adrienne

Why, why, why do we have to have daily updates about the vote recount?! Nothing new is happening!! Once again, there was an update, so I probably missed the very beginning of the show. I hope that's all. Grr.

This is a big scrunchy-faced day for Theresa, and another tear jearker for Luis, and NuGwen does a great job!

Theresa, Pilar and Whitney

Theresa and Pilar are telling Theresa that she shouldn't go to see Ethan. He needs to be with his family. Pilar insists that the Cranes only think of her as the housekeepers daughter, and they will never accept her. Theresa begins to say that Ethan isn't a Crane, and Pilar rushes her into the living room. Pilar again tells her that she can't tell anyone, and Theresa says that if Ethan knew he wasn't a Crane he wouldn't have to be in the Crane mansion, and most importantly he wouldn't be with Gwen right now, he'd be with Theresa. Pilar tells Theresa that she can't go over to the mansion, because it would cause Ethan more pain to have to deal with the tension between Gwen and Theresa. Pilar asks if Theresa really wants to cause Ethan more pain. Theresa says that Gwen and Rebecca are just using this opportunity to get Ethan away from Theresa, and besides, Gwen isn't really Ethan's family. Pilar is appalled and says that Gwen and Sheridan were friends for years, and Gwen is just as upset as the rest of the family. (Thank you, Pilar!!) Theresa says that maybe Gwen is upset, but she and her mother are just using Sheridan's death to their own advantage. Pilar asks when Theresa got so cynical, and Theresa replies when she realized she has to fight for what she wants.

Things are a bit quite for a moment, and Theresa is scrunching and bouncing her knee. This moment of silence is short lived. Theresa jumps up and screams that she can't stand it anymore and she must go and see Ethan. She can't sit around and let Gwen steal away the one man Theresa loves. Whitney says that if Ethan really loves Theresa, Gwen won't steal him away. Theresa says she must go over there and make sure. Pilar asks Theresa if she cares how much pain she would be putting Luis through. Theresa insists that Luis and Ethan are getting closer since they both loved Sheridan.

Sam, Luis and Hank

Sam tells Luis he has to let Eve take Sheridan away. Luis says he won't let them put Sheridan in the body bag. Luis looks at Sheridan's face again and asks Sam in a broken voice who would do  this to her...she would never hurt anyone. Hank again flashes back to shooting Sheridan, and tells Sam he can't take it anymore...he has to tell him. Sam asks what Hank wants to say, and a paramedic breaks in that they have to take Sheridan. Sam tells Luis that Sheridan has to go, but Luis says no. Eve kneels next to Luis and says Sheridan's spirit is with God now. This is just Sheridan's body, and they have to show it the respect it deserves. Luis finally agrees, saying Sheridan deserves that. The Paramedics put her in the body bag and onto the stretcher. They tell Eve they are ready to close the bag, and Eve agrees. Luis asks the to wait, and tells Sheridan he will miss her. He kisses her and they close the bag. Eve tells the paramedics she will meet them at the hospital. Sam asks Hank to wait outside, and they will talk later. Luis says that Hank has something to confess, and asks what it is. Hank says that Luis was right when he attacked Hank, and that Sheridan's death was Hank's fault. Eve turns around in astonishment. Sam asks him what he means, and Luis says that it isn't his fault. Luis apologizes for attacking Hank, and explains that he just lashed out and needed to blame someone for the pain. Luis says that Hank is his best friend and that he would never hurt anyone. Luis goes on to explain that he believes Hank left her alone just because he thought she was safe. Hank keeps saying it is his fault, but no one is listening. Eve says he has to be rational, and Luis pipes up that it is more his fault. Luis should have made Sheridan come with him. Agent Freemen walks in and tells Luis is sorry. Sam tells Hank to be strong for Luis, and goes to talk with Agent Freeman. Luis looks out the window, then tells Hank he will find whoever did this.

The Crane and Hotchkiss Clans

Rebecca talks to Gwen and congratulates her on brining up that she and Sheridan were supposed to go to Paris in the spring. She also says that the tears were great. Gwen is appalled, and says that she loved Sheridan and she is truly upset. Rebecca says of course, but they are in a war with Theresa, and now Gwen has to show Ethan some pictures of the three of them. (Wow, is Rebecca cold or what? Even Gwen looks horrified at her mother's actions.) Gwen asks if that won't make Ethan feel worse, but Rebecca says it is the best course of action.

Julian is on the phone talking about business, and Ivy tells him he is cold for doing business at such a time. Julian says life must go on, and some women know what the Crane men need. He gives Rebecca a great look, and Rebecca smiles coyly. Ivy rolls her eyes and walks away. ( I just love the flirtation between Rebecca and Julain.)

Gwen and Ethan are on the couch looking at a picture book, and Ethan says that Sheridan adored Gwen. Gwen says that she adored Sheridan. Ethan is glad that Gwen is there, because he and Gwen are the only ones who really appreciated how wonderful Sheridan really was. They stare at each other in obvious grieve. Rebecca looks on proudly, and Julian smiles at them.

Rebecca asks Ivy how she is, and Ivy says she's ok, and she's glad Gwen is there for Ethan. Rebecca says that Gwen is the only one who can really understand what Ethan is going through. Ivy agrees, and says that   Gwen and Sheridan were best friends. Rebecca says that she knows Ivy wants Ethan to marry his true love, but does Ivy really want what happened to Sheridan to happen to Ethan? Ivy says that Sheridan had so much pain, and Rebecca agrees. There was so much pain trying to work it out with Luis, and mix the two classes. Rebecca tries to convince Ivy that Gwen and Ethan belong together and they will be happy again. Julian pipes in that he agrees with Rebecca, and Ivy says she needs some air and leave. Julian and Rebecca talk, and Rebecca says that they need to find a way to drive a wedge between Luis and Ethan. Julian says he has a plan. Rebecca asks what it is, and Julian states it's to just keep Ethan hating Luis. There is no love lost between Ethan and Luis, and the more that Luis hates Ethan, the more Luis will want to keep Theresa away from Ethan. Julian plans to trigger another confrontation between Ethan and Julian...after all the Cranes are master manipulators. Rebecca says that she and Julian have so much in common. Julian asks Ethan to come with him to the cottage. Ethan asks why, and Julian says he wants to find out what they are doing with Sheridan, he means the body. He wants to make sure that whatever they do with Sheridan meets with their approval. Ethan agrees, and asks Gwen if she will wait. She says yes, and he is grateful. Gwen tells Ethan she will always be there for him. Ethan kisses her cheek and leaves. Rebecca flounces over to Gwen and says things are going wonderfully, and soon Ethan will forget all about Theresa. Gwen looks hurt.

Rebecca is drinking tea and saying things are going so well. She asks Gwen if she saw how Ethan wanted Gwen to be there. Gwen says yes, but she feels badly using Sheridan's death to gain points with Ethan. Rebecca rationalizes, and tells Gwen there is nothing wrong with fighting for the man she loves. Gwen looks confused, and Rebecca says she is just reminding Ethan that Gwen is the right woman for him. Rebecca asks Gwen if she still believes that. Gwen says of course she does. She know that only she can make Ethan happy, and that Theresa would just make him miserable. Rebecca smiles and rubs Gwen's shoulder. Gwen just looks sad. (This new Gwen is doing just great! Thank goodness they didn't make her heartless like Rebecca. Gwen is actually given some emotion, and she plays it well!)

Sam and Ivy

Sam and Agent Freemen are outside talking about finding the killers. The agent calls for backup and leaves, as Sam begins to look around in the bushes. he hears something and asks who's there. Ivy comes out and talks to Sam. She says that Sheridan's death has made her think of many things. Sam says it was over between them a long time ago, and he has a lot of work to do. Ivy says she knows, but she needs to tell him something. Ivy is stroking Sam's chest, and he pushes he hand away. He tells her there will never be anything between them. Sam will never leave Grace. Ivy says she will never leave her marriage either, it would hurt Ethan's political career. She just wants to be part of Sam's life. Sam says it will never happen. He says that Ivy may be a Crane by marriage, but she is just like the others. She only thinks about how things will affect her power or career. Sam used to think Ethan was a decent young man, but now that he's gotten to know him, he realizes that Ethan is just like Julian and Alistar. Sam says that he hates all the Cranes. Ivy begs Sam not to hate their son. Sam doesn't believe it, and says Ivy tried that trick before. Sam says he had eve check the birth records and he knows Ethan isn't his son. He tells Ivy to back off, and he doesn't want anything to do with her or her bastard son. Sam hears yelling and leaves. Ivy says that Ethan is a bastard...but he is Sam's bastard.

The Cottage Fiasco

Ethan and Julian show up at the cottage, and Julian starts yelling at Eve for moving the body. Eve says she didn't need his permission because she is the medical examiner. Luis races outside to see what is happening. He tells Julian that this is a crime scene, and Eve is doing her job. Julian blames Luis for getting Sheridan killed as Ethan looks on. Luis tells Julian to get out of his face. Sam runs up and asks what is happening. Ethan says that this is just another example of shoddy Harmony police work. First the prom boat disaster, now this. Sam says that the prom boat disaster was no one's fault. Ethan yells that his mother almost died. Luis steps in and says that Sheridan's death was his fault. Julian asks if Luis is taking responsibility. Luis says yes, and if it wasn't for him, Sheridan would still be alive. Sam says that Luis was just doing his job, and the FBI closed the case. Ethan jumps in and yells that if Luis wasn't so concerned with making detective, then Sheridan would still be alive. Ethan announces that this is Luis's fault, and Luis's fault alone. Ethan gets in Luis's face and tells him it's all his fault. Ethan tells Luis that he was going to try and like him for Sheridan's sake, but now that Sheridan's dead, there is no need. Ethan doesn't want to see Luis's face on Crane property again. Julian tells Luis that no one of the Lopez-Fitzgerald family is to get involved with a Crane, and Luis is to tell this to his whole family.  Julian leaves, and Luis tries to go with Eve to he hospital. Sam tells him to go home and grieve in private. Luis tells Hank that he knows Hank wanted to talk, but Luis really needs to get away from there. After Luis leaves, Sam tells Hank that Sheridan had so much to live for. He'd like to look the killer in the eyes. Hank looks guilty.

Ethan, Gwen, Julian and Rebecca

Ethan stomps back into he study and Gwen asks what is wrong. Ethan says he ad another run in with Luis, and that it was Luis's fault that Sheridan is dead. Julian says they were just seeing what was happening with Sheridan's body. Gwen tells Ethan she is so sorry, and he should come up stairs. Gwen offers to draw Ethan a bath, but Ethan says he won't be ver good company. Gwen says they need to be together and help each other though this. She asks him to let her take care of him. They begin to leave and Ethan sees a picture of Sheridan. He and Gwen stop to look at it, and Ethan says that he misses her so much, and Gwen says she does too. Ethan goes upstairs, and Gwen looks back at her mom with tears in her eyes. Rebecca nods her encouragement, and Gwen follows Ethan. Rebecca goes to Julian and they toast how well everything is going.  ( I felt just horrible fore was like she was this little girl look to her mommy for encouragement and comfort, and her mom is forcing her to do something she doesn't really want to do. I love this new girl!

The Lopez-Fitzgerald Family at home (and Whitney)

Luis walks into his home. Pilar hugs him and tells him she's sorry. Theresa hugs him, (and Luis barely touches her. He seems so much more comfortable with Pilar.) and Luis says he and Sheridan were just getting to know each other. He's in this sort of quiet mode, not really believing that this has happened. Theresa asks how everyone at the mansion are doing. (Nice, one little sorry for Luis, then right into how your object of lust is doing. Geeze.) Luis says that some are fine, but Julian has ice water in his veins. Theresa asks what about Ethan. Luis says he is very torn up about it. Theresa looks excited and asks if they talked, and Luis says yes. Theresa is getting hopeful again, until Luis tells her that Julian and Ethan blame Luis for Sheridan's death, and they don't want to have anything to do with the Lopez-Fitzgeralds anymore. Theresa cries and asks if Ethan said that. Luis says he said a lot of things, and that Ethan is the one person in the world who hates Luis most. Of course Theresa is crushed.

The Hospital and a Random Guy

Eve and Sam are at the hospital. Eve says she is going to start the autopsy. Sam agrees and leaves her to her work. Agent Freeman has found a random guy and is questioning him. Apparently this guy was at the pier when Hank and Pierre were talking about killing Sheridan. He tells Agent Freeman that he heard two men talking about Killing Sheridan, and that since Sheridan is such an unusual name, that when herd the name Sheridan not he radio he knew it had to be her. The random guy flashes back to hearing hank and Pierre talk, and we hear the whole conversation from a different point of view. (Apparently this guy was out fishing late at night. Weird.) The guy tells Agent Freemen that the gun was thrown in the water, and Agent Freemen sends one of his men to find the gun. Agent Freemen asks if the random guy recognized any of the voices, and the random guy says one had a "frenchie" accent. He also says that he has a knack for voices and he would recognize them anywhere. Agent Freeman is giddy and asks if he can ask some more questions. Hank and Sam walk in right then, and Sam tells Hank that he should go home. Hank begins to protest, and the random guy pipes up and says that Hank is the guy he heard on the pier.

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