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Passions Update Wednesday 11/15/00    

By Adrienne  

Once again, they did a "battle for the White house" update at the beginning of the show. I hope I didn't miss much. (Oh when will this end?!?) At least it was short.

Theresa, Whitney and Pilar at Home

Whitney and Theresa are talking about how Luis is going to go "postal" and try to separate Ethan and Theresa. Theresa firmly believes that Luis will be ok. Whitney can tell Theresa is nervous about it. Theresa says she is used to obstacles being put in their path, and she knows she and Ethan will be together forever. Theresa imagines a double wedding fantasy with Luis and Sheridan. Theresa and Sheridan are in matching dresses talking about how all their dreams are coming true. Ethan and Luis are standing in matching tuxes talking bout how they don't have regrets and are so happy. The wedding march starts and the girls walk down the isle to their men. (There's no one in the congregation.) The minister starts the wedding. (Oh, blech.) The wedding fantasy is still going on, and the minister says you may now kiss your wives. Sheridan tells Luis that she is so happy and will love him forever. Theresa and Ethan just make out. Theresa comes back to reality as her mother walks in. Pilar asks what is going on, and Theresa says that Pilar better prepare for a double wedding. Pilar asks about the special dinner, and Theresa says a romantic dinner for Sheridan and Luis. Whitney makes a quick exit to let the two women talk. Pilar supposes Theresa believes this will get Sheridan on her side and Sheridan will then help her get Ethan. Theresa asks what is wrong with that, and Pilar says again that the Cranes will never let a Lopez-Fitzgerald marry into their family. Theresa looks away and gets a strange expression on her face. Pilar interrupts her thoughts and says that she can never tell Ethan that he is Sam's son. Theresa and Pilar talk about it some more, and Pilar says that she doesn't even want to think about what will happen if the news gets out. Theresa says it's hard to keep such a secret for long. Pilar tells Theresa that that if Julian even had an idea about what Ivy did, he would hire investigators and find the secret. Then Ivy and Ethan would be out on the street. Theresa asks her mother doesn't she know how much easier it would be for Ethan marry her if she wasn't a Crane? Pilar says that there are more things at stake than Theresa's life. (You go Pilar! Someone needs to tell her that more often!) Theresa looks crushed, and Pilar makes her promise not to tell Ethan. Theresa grudgingly does, and then gets all bouncy again, saying they need romantic music. Pilar says what they need is for everything to settle down, and she has a feeling there are bad times ahead for Luis and Sheridan, and hard times for Ethan and Theresa. Theresa turns on the radio and Whitney comes back in. A special bulletin comes on the radio, and announces that Sheridan has been shot. Everyone in the kitchen looks horrified. Pilar is devastated, and talks about how Sheridan was like a daughter... she practically raised her. Theresa is sobbing and says that Luis must be devastated. She says she must go to Ethan, but Pilar and Whitney stop her. They say that the Cranes are probably blaming Luis, and it's not safe for her to be there.

Theresa calls the Crane mansion asking for Ethan (See below). She hangs up and is devastated that Julian said it was not her place to call Ethan, and never will be. The phone rings, and Whiney goes to answer it in the living room. Pilar hugs Theresa and says she knew it was a good idea to keep Theresa at home. (Oh good, another week of seeing Theresa cry about losing Ethan.)

The Crane Mansion

Alistar asks Ivy why she is so concerned with Sam's reputation. Ivy says he means nothing to her, but that Ivy simply wanted to set the record straight. Ivy says that it was Luis's fault, not Sam's. Ethan disagrees and says he tried time and time again to get Sam to give Sheridan more bodyguards, and he wouldn't. Alistar is so upset he breaks a pencil. Julian says that Sheridan's death has upset Ivy, and he takes her out in he hall. He confronts her, saying that for someone who is so adamant about not wanting Sam, she sure jumps to his defense at every possible moment. Julian accuses Ivy and Sam of being lovers again. Ivy says he's wrong. Julian asks then why is she so quick to defend him. Ivy says she will get him proof. She asks Eve to tell Julian that the magic mirror et. al. were all hallucinations. Eve agrees. Julian smiles and asks again why Ivy must set the record straight with Sam. Ivy says that she is doing it for Ethan. He is grieving now for his aunt, but Ethan has a future, and that is what Ivy is focusing on. Ivy says that if Ethan is going to go into politics, then he can't attack Sam and the police force. They talk about how the Bennett’s are an old family, and Julian says he can trace the Crane's back to William the Conquer. Ivy says that it doesn't matter, and reminds him that the Crane's stole the Bennett's land way back when, and that everyone will remember. She goes on saying that people will rally around the Bennett’s, and it could ruin Ethan's career. She is just looking out for her son. Julian says Ethan is his son too. (Through out this whole dialogue Julian keeps looking back and Eve and giving her these great looks... I love this character!!)

Alistar is talking to Ethan, and says he must remember he is a Crane. Ethan asks what he means. Alistar tells Ethan he must be with someone who is right for him.

Julian tells Ivy that Ethan has every right to hate Sam Bennett, and Ethan is a Crane by blood and education, and Cranes do not let things go with out revenge. Julian leaves. Ivy says she has to find a way to patch things up between Sam and Ethan. Eve accuses Ivy of being more upset about Ethan and Sam than about Sheridan's death. Ivy stammers out an explanation, saying she did love Sheridan. Eve says that Ivy isn't heartless, just cold as steel.

Alistar tells Ethan that he tried to save Sheridan by not letting her get involved with Luis. Julian comes in and agrees, saying that this happened because Sheridan got involved with someone below her class. Ethan leaves to check on Ivy, and Alistar instructs Julian to make a phone call that will give them all they want for Ethan. Julian calls Rebecca and tells her that Sheridan is dead. Rebecca is actually upset, and Gwen asks if anything happened to Ethan. Rebecca says no, and Gwen says thank God. Julian says that Ethan is very upset, and they need Gwen right now. Julian asks if Rebecca understands what he needs, and Rebecca says that she knows exactly what Gwen needs to do.

Ethan talks to his mother, and Ivy says that they have to calm down, and move on, as hard as that will be. Ethan says if she is thinking about his political career, which is on hold for now. He is not going to rest until Sheridan's death is avenged. If he has to take on Sam and the whole police department, so be it. Eve mentions that his reaction is much different that Julian's and Alistar's. Ethan looks confused, and Eve says that neither one of them needed grief counseling. Eve goes back to the cottage, and Ethan says that it is at time like these that he doesn't think he's a Crane.  Ivy asks what he means, and Ethan says that of course he's a Crane, he was just venting that he's not the type of Crane Julian and Alistar are. He knows they are hurting inside, but Ethan just needs to show it and do something about it.  Ethan reiterates that he will get revenge.

Julian and Alistar repeat that Sheridan's death will drive a wedge between Ethan and Theresa. Alistar states that in death Sheridan has ensured the future of the family. Julian says God Bless her. (Oh my goodness!!) Julian hangs up and toasts Sheridan's memory.

The Cottage

Luis is attacking Hank. Sam pulls them apart, and Hank insists that he didn't kill Sheridan. Sam tells Luis that Hank didn't do it, and Luis says he may not have pulled out a gun and shot Sheridan, but as soon as Hank left her alone, he signed her death certificate. Hank says it is his entire fault and he will tell Luis everything. Hank says Sheridan wanted some ice cream, and that she would be fine. Hank claims that Sheridan would call Crane security while Hank was gone. Hand says that he betrayed Sheridan, and that he is as guilty as the scum who pulled the trigger. Sam comforts Hank and says it isn't his fault. A cop hits the on button on the stereo, and Luis and Sheridan's song plays. Luis flashes back to he and Sheridan dancing. Sam tries to turn off the song, but Luis tells him to let it play. He flashes back to their date. (Very romantic, and sad!!) Luis breaks down again and punches the floor, screaming "no!" He attacks Hank again, saying Hank is the reason Sheridan is dead. Sam pulls Luis off. (I doubt that Luis is going to be a cop for long!) Luis almost killed Hank, and Sam is very upset. He pulls Luis into the kitchen and yells at him. He says that Luis could have killed Hank, and Luis agrees. He goes on to say he won't rest until the ones who have done this are dead. Luis goes on and on about killing people and not stopping until Sheridan's death is avenged. Sam says that the FBI will take care of it and find her killers. He then asks Luis for his gun and badge. Luis hands them over. Back in the living room, Hank is remembering killing Sheridan, he yells out and starts to sob. Sam and Luis come in, and Hank tells Luis that it's killing him and he has to tell Luis the truth. Sam asks what he wants to tell them. At that moment, Eve walks in with two paramedics, saying it's time to remove the body. Luis yells no, that Sheridan isn't going anywhere.

Rebecca and Gwen

Rebecca and Gwen are talking, and Rebecca says she knows Ethan will soon discover that he loves Gwen. Gwen wishes she could be so sure. Gwen tells her mother that Ethan came to the basketball game, but left right afterwards to be with Theresa. Rebecca is shocked, and says she needs to talk with the Cranes and figure this out. Rebecca tells Gwen that Sheridan is dead, and Gwen breaks down. Gwen talks about how much she loved Sheridan, and how Sheridan was so happy that Gwen was getting married first. Now the same family has crushed them both. Rebecca says the Lopez-Fitzgerald’s. Gwen says she must go to Ethan, but Rebecca says no, not until you're ready. Rebecca sits her down and has her start putting on makeup.

Everyone at the Crane Mansion

Gwen shows up at the mansion and rushes to Ethan's arms. Rebecca says that Gwen hasn't stopped crying. Gwen and Ethan hug and Ethan says he knows how much Gwen loved Sheridan. He asks her not to leave, and Gwen promises she will never leave Ethan.

Rebecca asks Ivy where Julian is, and says she must give her condolences to Julian. Rebecca goes into the library and talks to Julian. They say they understand each other so well, and that the Lord givith, and the Lord taketh away. (Julian looks like he is actually upset about this, but Rebecca is just looking excited)

The phone rings and Julian picks it up. It's Theresa. She is crying and tells Julian she is sorry to call him at such a time, but could she talk to Ethan. Julian says that Ethan doesn't want to be disturbed. Besides, he's with Gwen. Theresa asks if Gwen is already there? Julian says that it was horrible for her to call at such a time. Theresa asks him to tell Ethan that she called. Julian says it isn't her place to care about their business; it will never be her place. Julian tells her to never call there again. He hangs up on her, and tells Rebecca that he has put that gold digger in her place. (Theresa haters are going to love this phone call.) Rebecca is delighted, and says that maybe she and Julian could get together sometime. Gwen, Ethan and Ivy walk in and ask who was on the phone. Julian says that it was someone trying to intrude on their grief. Ethan and Gwen move to the background and hold each other. Rebecca tells Ivy she knows that Ivy wants Ethan to marry someone he loves, but the relationship with Theresa will just end in tragedy. Look at Luis and Sheridan. Ivy thinks about this and looks at Ethan.

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