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Passions Update Tuesday 11/14/00   

By Erin 

Sheridan's Death

Ethan and Sam are still outside arguing about seeing Sheridan. In the cottage, Luis is so devastated that he can't let Sheridan out of his arms. Eve walks over and tells Luis to let her go and poor Luis just asks, "Why did this happen?", and he tells Eve he realizes now how much he needed her. Ethan finally forces his way by Sam and walks in to see Sheridan dead on the floor and tells himself "My God Sheridan, no". He then goes to her body and strokes her hair and talks to her as though she was still alive saying "She can't be dead", and begs her not to die. He demands then to know what happened, and Luis says she was shot. Luis walks over and tells Ethan he knows how he feels. Ethan says no and then turns to Luis and says how could you let her die, we trusted you to protect her. He then attacks Luis saying "You killed her Luis". After Sam pulled them apart, Luis explains about going to Washington. Ethan becomes just distraught and screams at Luis for not saving her. Ethan then sat on the couch trying not to cry as they covered Sheridan's body. He then gets up and leaves. Sam apologizes to Luis for his loss and Luis just thought who could have done this. He then realizes Hank is still gone and fears he my be dead as well. Luis then thinks to himself that he couldn't stand losing his best friend to. Just then Hank walks in with a bag in his hand and Luis asks him where he was when all this happened. Hank asks what happened and Luis tells him you killed her Hank.

Ivy/Julian Battle

Ivy is discussing Julian's accusations with Pilar. While Julian resides in his office flashing back to the mirror and seeing Ivy and Sam in it and figures out a way to prove that he was not hallucinating. He calls Ivy into his office and says lets play cops and robbers he then says I am the cop you are the robber and Ivy asks what she robbed and he says our marriage. He then proceeds to make a deal. If Ivy admits to her affair then he won't be as hard on her. Ivy replies that it is absurd that she would be with the chief of police and claims again that he was hallucinating. Julian says fine I will prove it. Ivy asks how and he says I will call father. Julian picks up the phone. Ivy stresses for a moment and then says yes Julian call Alistair tell him of the old woman and the magic mirror. She goes on to say that Alistair will finally realize that Julian has lost it and it would be made public that Ethan would be heir to the empire and Julian would lose all of his privileges. Ivy then says goodnight to Pilar and tells Julian she will see him in the morning. Just then the phone rings. It's Alistair with news of Sheridan's death. He says he wants to use Sheridan's death to put a wedge between Ethan and Theresa. Julian and Ivy think Alistair is being cold, after all, it was his daughter who was murdered. Alistair tells them both to get a grip. Ivy yells at Alistair for being heartless. Alistair then remarks how Ethan must marry Gwen so he can be heir, after all he is the only one in the family who is just like his grandfather Ivy screams "No, he is not."  Alistair asks why and Ivy replies Ethan has warm blood in him and feeling and he will be devastated to find out about Sheridan. Just then, Ethan walks in and tells them that he already knows. After some sympathetic hugs Ethan claims he wants to crush Sam and Luis for this. Ivy whispers to herself "No, not Sam, not your father."

The Other Harmony Mishaps

Whitney asks Chad to accept her apology about the whole pregnancy thing but Chad tells her that it is too late for apologies and doesn't accept. Over in the corner Kay and Simone discuss her loyalty to Chad while Whitney is still trying to get Chad to forgive her, but Chad won't let down. Miguel and Charity are finishing up their date when Charity brings up the mineshaft and Miguel flashes back to Charity trying to kill him. Once they show up at the Bennett's, Chad looks totally depressed. When Charity asks what happened, Kay explains the misunderstanding about Chad getting Tiffany pregnant. Charity thinks for a moment and remembers Kay confessing her lie in the mineshaft about Chad and tells Kay she wants to talk to her. Charity tells Kay that she remembers the confession and Kay replied that it was just a hallucination. Chad gets up and puts on music and flashes back to him and Whitney dancing at the wedding charity ball. Theresa is at home writing in her diary about the wonderful date she had with Ethan and about him wanting to tell Luis about their relationship. Whitney shows up obviously upset over Chad and proceeds to explain the whole Chad pregnancy story. She explains that Chad will not accept her apology. Theresa tells Whitney that when you are in love you have to work at things to get what you want. Whitney remarks that she is not in love with Chad and doesn't want to discuss him anymore. Theresa wants to spice up Luis and Sheridan's love life by making them a Latin dinner. Whitney puts on the same song as Chad did and shares the same flashback as Chad. On the pier, Hank is trying to figure how he will live with himself. He tells Pierre that Sheridan had so much to live for. Pierre tells Hank to go back to the cottage to explain his alibi.

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