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by Adrienne

The Bennetts and the Russells

Repeat of Chad and people yelling at Kay. Kay thinks to Hecuba that they have a deal and they should do something. Sam tells Kay she is in trouble when Tiffany calls. Kay takes the phone and talks to Tiffany. Chad says he doesn't know who is on the phone because Tiffany doesn't exist. Whitney says she doesn't believe him. Simone thinks that no matter who is on the phone she will not believe that Chad did that, because that is not the type of person he is. Chad says he wants to talk to Tiffany and find out what's going on. Hecuba is on the phone talking to Kay as Tiffany. She says that Kay sold her soul just in time. Hecuba is listening out side. Timmy comes up and asks his princess what she is doing. Hecuba fills him in. Timmy says, "Kay lied about s-e-x?" Hecuba agrees and Timmy pulls out a pen and paper to listen some more. Chad puts Tiffany on speakerphone and Tiffany begins to sob about how Chad left her and hasn't talked to her. The whole room is horrified and Chad yells at the phone saying he doesn't even know her. Hecuba is perfect...saying that Chad said he loved her and that's why she let him be with her. When she told him she was having his baby instead of being supportive he left. And he hasn't talked to her since she lost it. Eve tells Chad she doesn't care where he sleeps, but he is out of the garage apartment that night. Sam says he may have to arrest Chad. Simone jumps to his defense and Kay agrees saying that maybe Tiffany isn't telling the truth. Whitney confronts Chad and says he's horrible. Kay says that just because Tiffany says something, that isn't a reason to ruin Chad's life. Whitney asks what about Tiffany's life. Tabitha and Timmy are still listening outside and Timmy is taking notes. Tabitha asks what he is doing, and Timmy says taking notes for his book. He's decided to become a best selling author.  Tabitha says fine, but he better not steal one word from her book, or else bad things will happen, yada yada yada. Timmy promises not to steal ONE word. Chad is near tears trying to clear his name. Chad wants to see her, but Tiffany says no. Sam gets on the phone and tells Tiffany to come back. Tiffany says no, and that she never wants to see Chad Johnson again. Chad says that his last name is Harris. Hecuba is dancing upstairs and says she doesn't know any Chad Harris, and Kay must have misunderstood. Everyone exchanges looks. Everyone is apologizing to Chad, and Grace reprimands Kay about spreading rumors. Simone says she didn't believe it happened for a moment. Chad says that she knows what it is to be a true friend. Hecuba talks to Kay about helping her, and says that her help came with a price...her soul. She will let her know when she is ready to collect.

Timmy and Tabitha are back at home talking about how Kay got out of trouble. They both realize that Hecuba helped. Tabitha says that Hecuba makes Tabitha look good. Timmy says "now that's evil!" Tabitha says that Kay doesn't know what she is getting into. Tabitha has a flash of premonition. She asks Timmy if he's up to anything, and he denies it. Tabitha realizes that someone has been murdered in Harmony and the murderer is still near by. If anyone discovers who the murderer is, it will send shockwaves through the town and no one's life will be the same.

Ethan and Theresa

Ethan and Theresa are still sucking face outside her house. Ethan says he hopes there are many more. He asks if she is going to invite him inside, but Theresa is worried about Luis. Ethan says they shouldn't have to sneak around since they aren't doing anything wrong. If he can change his ideas about Luis, then maybe Luis can change his ideas about Ethan. Theresa is happy that Ethan has changed his mind about Luis. Ethan says that since the two women who he respects most think so much about Luis, then maybe he wasn't giving Luis a fair shake (what about Gwen? I guess he doesn't respect her.) They talk about how Luis protected Sheridan and that Sheridan is now safe. Ethan asks if he and Theresa can sit outside for a while, since he doesn't want to leave yet. The sit on a swing and Ethan says this is perfect just like Theresa. They see a shooting star and make a wish. Theresa won't tell what she wished for, and Ethan says he wishes the date could go on forever. He had the best time. They kiss.  Ethan and Theresa continue to talk about Luis and Sheridan. Ethan says she is grateful that Luis has protected Sheridan and he doesn't know what he would do if anything happened to her. Theresa and Ethan are still kissing. Bleh. Ethan says he has to go.   He wants to stop by Sheridan's cottage and start the ball rolling with Luis. Theresa says she wishes he doesn't have to go, but she will be counting the minutes until their next date. But until then, she will keep him in he heart. Ethan says he will keep her in his. He will call her in the morning. He finally leaves. Theresa looks all starry eyed and says she loves him after he leaves. Theresa is writing in her diary about the date. She writes that Ethan is indebted to Luis for saving Sheridan's life, and maybe now Ethan and Luis will become friends.

Luis and Sheridan

Luis runs in and finds Sheridan again. Luis is begging Sheridan to come back to him. Clueless agent Freeman walks in and starts telling Luis that there was no reason for them to return... he then sees Sheridan on the floor and rushes over. Luis yells at him to call an ambulance, but the agent says, "It's too late, she's dead." Luis breaks down in tears. Luis gets the agent to call an ambulance while he tries to revive Sheridan by pleading with her. He starts to sob and hold her. (Aww... I'm gonna cry!) Luis is finally trying some actual first aid, but it isn't working. The agent makes Luis call the police and he does. Luis is crying the whole time, and the agent tells Luis its no use, Sheridan is dead.

Hank and Pierre

Hank and Pierre are talking on the docks. Pierre is praising hank in multiple languages about how wonderful a killer Hank is. Hank finally gets fed up and grabs Pierre to get him to shut up. Pierre says again that he killed Sheridan in cold blood. Pierre hands Hank his file. Hank is crying and wishes he could take it back. Pierre says what's done is done, and if he ever wants to work as a paid killer to call them. Hank says that's what he is...a killer. Hank wants to leave town but Pierre says that he has to stay and confuse the investigation. Hank doesn’t want to, but Pierre says if Hank leaves now he will become the main suspect. Hank is still crying when his cell phone rings. He smashes the cell phone against a wall (what is this, phone number 1000?) and laments about killing Sheridan, the woman he loved. He looks at the gun and cries some more. Pierre tells him to pull himself together and get rid of the murder weapon. Hank flashes back to shooting Sheridan. Pierre says all he needs now is a good alibi and no one will suspect he's a murderer.  Hank moans "my god, what have I done?" in true soap fashion. Pierre is sort of trying to comfort Hank. He says that he will soon forget Sheridan, and that Hank's life is better for it. Hank says he will never forget killing Sheridan, and it will haunt him forever.

The cottage

There are cops and paramedics crawling all over the cottage as Sam and Eve arrive. Eve and Sam walk into the cottage and Luis pleads with Eve to save Sheridan. Eve agrees to try. Sam looks at Luis and says that every cop has his breaking point, and this may be Luis's. The agent agrees. The agent fills Sam in on why Luis wasn't there, and tells Sam that Hank was guarding Sheridan, but they don't know where he is. Sam hopes that Hank is all right, and goes to call him on the cell phone.

Ethan shows up at the cottage and asks Sam what is happening. Sam tells Ethan he doesn't want to go inside.

Eve apologizes to Luis that she can't save Sheridan. Luis cries harder and asks if there isn't something she can do. Eve says that Sheridan is in God's hands now. Luis totally breaks down and holds Sheridan, whispering her name and kissing her hand. He vows that whoever did this will pay.

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