Passions Friday 11/10/00



Passions Update Friday 11/10/00

B Erin  

The Shooting

We start out seeing the shooting from yesterday again and Sheridan lies lifeless on the floor. As Hank goes to touch her, Sheridan looks up at him and asks why. He says he just had to do it and that he did not want to hurt her.  In the limo Luis explains to the agent how every time him and Sheridan ever get close, something comes between them.  

Back at the cottage Sheridan again asks Hank why he shot her.  Hank explains he was blackmailed. Sheridan begs for him to save her and Hank looks at the phone. In the limo Luis suddenly senses something is wrong and reaches for his cell phone.  Sheridan is reminding Hank of all the things they did together when Pierre walks in and tells Hank to finish her off.   Just then Luis calls and is talking on the answering machine. As Sheridan tries to reach for the phone, Hank shoots her in the back and she falls to the ground. Luis is antsy and feels something is wrong and tells the agent to turn the car around.  Pierre feels Sheridan's pulse and proclaims her dead.Pierre than pulls a devastated Hank out of the cottage. Luis walks in to find Sheridan lying on the floor with blood running from her back.

Ethan and Theresa

Ethan and Theresa are still dancing on the pier when Ethan suggests they start making their own memories and takes her out for a night on the town. Ethan wants to take Theresa to the Country Club and Theresa thinks it is a bad idea because that is Gwen's place with Ethan. She takes him to a carnival instead.  As Theresa and Ethan watch one of the games, Theresa eyes a teddy bear she likes and Ethan vows to win it for her, and of course does.  He then proclaims this is the most fun he has had on a date. Later, Theresa wins him the same teddy bear.  Ethan tells Theresa about his bear named Rags that Pilar gave to him when he was a child and how much he loved it.  He goes on to say how his father would never let him go to things like this and then says it's amazing he is a Crane.  Later in Theresa's backyard he kisses her and asks if he can come in. Theresa says she would love to have him but is worried about Luis. Ethan tells Theresa that he would like to tell Luis about their relationship and tells her he has changed his mind about her brother. 

The Chad Scenario 

Still in the Bennett's living room, Chad continues to defend himself as Kay stresses upstairs about what to do. Hecuba then appears.  Kay explains her troubles and Hecuba offers her help, but Kay says "thanks, but I don't even know if your real".   Hecuba tells Kay to look in the mirror.   Kay looks and sees that her nose has grown like Pinocchio's. Kay says she is sorry and Hecuba makes her nose disappear. Hecuba agrees to help Kay, but demands Kay's soul.  Chad paces downstairs while Eve trashes him and flashes back to when she received her pregnancy results when she had had an affair with Julian. Whitney apologizes to Chad for what has happened and asks for his forgiveness.   Meanwhile Simone found her way upstairs and is yelling at Kay for the lie that she told. She threatens to tell Miguel and end their friendship. As Simone was talking, Hecuba stood behind Simone and imitates her every move. Kay becomes desperate and sells her soul to Hecuba.  Kay comes downstairs, and just as Sam tells her that he is very disappointed in her, the phone rings and gee, it happens to be Tiffany wanting to speak to Kay.

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