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Passions Update Thursday 11/9/00  

By Adrienne

There was another political message that took over the last 10 minutes of today's I hope I didn't miss too much!

 Theresa and Ethan

 Theresa is on the docks wondering if she should tell Ethan about his paternity. Ethan comes up behind her and asks her why she didn't tell him the truth. Theresa apologizes, and Ethan says he's not mad. He understands why Theresa lied about her headache so he could go to the game with Robert. Ethan says Theresa did an amazingly unselfish thing for him, and he thanks her for showing him the kind of person she is. He asks her what she was looking at in her computer. Theresa says nothing, but Ethan says she can only fib to him once a night. Theresa tells him there's something he must know. The game was televised. Ethan says they are all televised. He realizes that Theresa saw him with Gwen. (Ooo, you're a swift one, Ethan.) Theresa says she thought he went with Robert. Ethan says he didn't know they were going to be there, and explains that Shannon and Gwen were there when he got there. He also explains why Gwen was sitting next to him. Theresa panics some more and says that they were laughing and having a great time when she saw them. Ethan explains that it was just a fun cheer they used to do. Theresa begins to cry and says this isn't going to work. Ethan can't believe that she is getting so upset over a silly cheer. She says he and Gwen have the same history, and Theresa could never even hope to have that with him. Ethan says he and Gwen grew up together and their families are very close. Theresa says she will never be in the same league as Gwen so Ethan may as well marry Gwen like he is supposed to. Ethan says he loves Theresa. Theresa sobs that she could never compete with the history Gwen and Ethan have. She says she knows that no matter what Theresa does, Gwen will always beat her to the punch when it comes to Ethan. She asks how Gwen ended up at the game. Ethan tells her that Gwen and Shannon got the tickets from Shannon's dad. Theresa says that's awfully convenient. Ethan says he thought so to, and even accused Gwen of setting it up, but he knows that if anyone did set it up, it was Rebecca. Gwen just isn't that manipulative. Ethan says that he's sorry their date didn't happen, but they will have plenty of time to make memories of their own. Besides, first dates don't have to be romantic...they have the sea, the stars, and all they need is music. (Oh wow...Theresa has just started talking in this weird cutesy voice...maybe she had to take classes in baby talk.) Theresa bounces over to her computer and says she has every song they ever danced to. (Run Ethan!) Ethan is amazed and goes to sit by her. He says he's going to get a swelled head with all the files dedicated to him on the computer. She says just to look for the one called Ethan's favorite song. Ethan notices the one called "Ethan's Secrets" and asks what that one is about. (How dumb can Theresa be? Why doesn't she just hide the stupid secrets!?!) Another flash back to Theresa finding out that Ethan is Sam's son. Ethan asks her to open that one. He says if it's his secret he should be let in on it. He tries to convince her to open it, but she tells him that it's her diary. He tells her how much he loves her, and that he thinks about her all the time. He asks her to dance, and she plays some music. They dance, and Theresa says yeah, perfect.

 The Bennetts and the Russells

 The Bennetts and Russells have just finished a meal by Jessica, Simone, and Kay. Kay says she is just thanking them for saving her life last night. Jessica remarks that if Kay is doing the thanking, why do Jessica and Simone have to do all the work. The parents remark that Charity doesn't know what she missed. They say she is out with the love of her life and doesn't care what else is going on. Kay is upset about that, and Simone goes to talk to her. Kay says that at least she still has Chad. Simone isn't so sure and asks why he was all over Whitney then. Kay says she practically handed him to her on a silver platter, and now Simone has to help Kay get Miguel.

Chad and Whitney are still talking about Kay's lie. Chad is going to make Kay admit it was a lie.

                The families are talking about what Kay saw in the mine shaft, and asking if Tabitha saw what they all did. They mention again what everyone saw in the mine shaft. Kay insists it's real, and it mentioned that Julian saw a magic mirror as well. Kay says this proves everything is real, and asks what Julian saw. Sam flashes back to talking to Eve about how Julian conjured up a picture of him and Ivy making love. Eve guesses that Julian had suspicions and his subconscious just conjured up the picture. Sam comes back to reality and says that he didn't see anything that made any sense. Simone wonders how everyone saw the same visions. Jessica starts making fun of Kay. Kay is trying to convince everyone she is telling the truth. Sam tells her she needs to grow out of this need to fabricate fantastic stories. Kay announces she is hot a liar, just as Chad and Whitney walk in. Chad confronts her and says that is exactly what he thinks she is. The family demands that Chad tell them what he means when he accuses Kay of being a liar. Chad says it's private, but Sam says when someone calls his daughter a liar, he deserves to know why. Chad tells them all about the lie told, and that Whitney thinks he's horrible because of it. Simone asks Kay why Chad cares what Whitney thinks if he likes Simone. Kay stands stunned. Eve grabs her daughters and says this is exactly what she meant when she thought Chad was bad news. She wants him out of the garage apartment that night. Chad says thank you for helping, Dr Russell. He says they thought they made some progress. TC says they should give Chad the benefit of the doubt. Chad asks why Eve hates him, just because he didn't grow up in  suburbia. TC steps in an says he doesn't appreciate Chad talking to his wife like that. TC says she is just protective of her daughters. Chad respects that, but he insists it's a lie. Eve says that if it turns out not to be a lie, she doesn't want Chad to see her daughters again. Simone pipes up that she knows Chad better than anyone, and she knows he wouldn't do anything like that. Sam asks Kay where she heard about Tiffany.

                Everyone begins to talk at Kay and  to find out where K heard about this Tiffany person. Kay is trying to get out of it. Sam grabs her arm and says that she has to tell them the truth even if it takes all night. If this Tiffany was under age, Chad has committed a crime and Sam has to arrest him.  Eve is panicked and says she doesn't want a rapist under her roof. TC says nothing has been proven. Sam tells Kay that she has to get in touch with Tiffany, no matter what it takes. Kay leaves to go find "Tiffany". (Who wants to bet that Hecuba will soon make another appearance?) Simone accuses Whitney of trying to make Chad look bad in front of their parents so Simone and Chad will break up. Whitney says she has it all wrong.

Sheridan, Luis, and the Murder Twins

                 Sheridan is blowing out candles when Luis walks back in and kisses her. He says he couldn't leave without one more kiss. Sheridan tells him to go because the agent is waiting for him. They talk about why he had to leave tonight, and the FBI must be big on torture. Sheridan says this way Luis will still respect her in the morning. Luis says he will respect he and a whole lot more. They are still kissing as the agent walks in and says "thank goodness the house isn't on fire." the agent says that Sheridan needs to sign some papers, and he asks for coffee. Sheridan and the agent goes into the kitchen as Luis leaves. Sheridan and the agent talk about how much time Sheridan and Luis are spending together. the agent says he thinks Sheridan likes spending time with Luis. Sheridan says it wasn't always like that, and flashes back to a fight the two of the had.

 Hand and Pierre are talking again about killing Sheridan in the bushes. (Jeez! Give these guys some new lines!! How many times to we have to hear that Hank better kill Sheridan or he'll be arrested?) Hank leaves Pierre in the bushes as Luis walks up and says he didn't think Hank had it in him. Hank turns around and Luis compliments him on checking the bushes for hit men. (He miss one!) Hank says he did learn form the best. Master of hide and seek Pierre is in the bushes in plain sight, playing with his gun again. Luis thanks Hank for taking care of Sheridan. A phone rings and Luis says it's the agent's car phone and goes to answer it. Hank talks with Pierre some more about killing Sheridan. Luis comes back and tells Hank to take care of Sheridan. He goes on and on about how much Sheridan means to him and how horrible it would be if anything happened to her. The agent comes out and takes Luis away. Sheridan asks Hank what he wants to do, and he is being very creepy...talking in a monotone and not looking at her. Ew. They decide to watch a movie, and Sheridan walks inside to choose one. She is kneeling with his back to Hank and he pulls out a gun and points it at her. Pierre is being oh so sneaky right outside the window and says goodbye to Sheridan (in French. How authentic.) Sheridan stands up talking about the movies to watch (M for murder). Just as Hank is about to pull the trigger, Luis busts in and says he needed another kiss (cute!!) He says he told the agent that they needed a thermos of coffee. Hank has stuffed the gun in his pants just in time. (How is it that no one sees Pierre? He's standing right there! I would notice a weird Frenchman outside my window.) Sheridan and Luis leave to the kitchen, and we see invisible Pierre still in the window. Hank tell him it'll get done. Luis and Sheridan talk about loving each other in the kitchen...very romantic. She says that tomorrow they can have another special night. They banter about cooking and stuff, and eventually Luis kisses Sheridan a bunch more and finally leaves. Hank is still being creepy in the living room.  She asks him if he wants to see a funny or a scary movie. As she puts in the movie, he pulls the gun out again.

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