Passions Wednesday 11/8/00


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Passions Update Wednesday 11/8/00    

by Adrienne

There was a big news announcement in the middle of today's Passions. I got as much as I could. Sorry!!

Timmy and Tabitha

Timmy says Tabitha couldn't sell him because he couldn't sell Tabitha! Tabitha finally agrees. Tabitha 
laments about not having powers because she'd fix this easily if she did. Now she may have to lose the house and
they may have to live in the graveyard. Timmy panics and brings up Tabitha's memoirs. He complains that the store
won't let him buy martimmy ingredients on credit. Tabitha says she won't sell the book. Timmy brings the memoirs out 
and reminds Tabitha she said this would be the hottest book since Harry Potter. Tabitha agrees that the money brought
in by the book would e enough to pay off the tax man and buy Timmy enough Martimmy supplies for the rest of his life. 
They'd be rolling in money! Timmy day dreams about rolling in dollar bills on a bed as funny voices sing in the
background. (Very very cute!!) Timmy bets Tabitha to call the publisher. Tabitha says she can't because the book 
would expose all the skeletons buried in the town and all the goody-goodies would attack her like they did in 
some past life. Timmy says he's definitely not living in the graveyard. Tabitha gets another idea about how to make some
money. Tabitha decides to sell all of her possessions to an antique dealer. Tabitha has called the a moving company
to come and get the stuff. Timmy protests, but Tabitha asks if he'd rather live in the graveyard. Tabitha says it's
hard to part with all these things, but it just strengthens her resolve to get back at the people of harmony. She
shows Timmy a baby rattle that she and Hecuba used to play with. Timmy can't picture Hecuba as a baby. Tabitha says
she was an evil little thing, but they can't live in the past. She is resolved to sell her possessions. The doorbell
rings and Tabitha leaves to answer it. (A special report cuts in here!!)

When the show comes back, Timmy is talking to Hecuba who somehow appeared. (Stupid news.) Timmy tells Hecuba
that Tabitha told him not to believe Hecuba. Hecuba says Tabitha needs Timmy to be brave and sell the memoirs. Timmy
says Tabitha won't let him. Hecuba reminds him of the money and tells him to be a true friend and publish the book.
Tabitha is just afraid of rejection. Timmy says the manuscript is locked away. Hecuba opens the cabinet and flies the
manuscript to Timmy. Timmy grabs the book then panics when he hears Tabitha. Hecuba encourages him to publish the book 
then disappears. (I just love her!!) Tabitha enters and sniffs the air. She asks Timmy what has been going on. Timmy
tells Tabitha nothing has been going on, and he hides the manuscript. Tabitha only got $50 for all the stuff
she sold, and she's pretty upset. Timmy says he hates to see his princess cry as she goes to make herself a pot of
tea. Timmy goes to the phone and calls a publishing company. And here's the funny line of the day: "Harper Collins?
This is Timmy, and he has a book you'll want to publish!"

Ethan and Gwen

Ethan is surprised that Gwen is at the game, and Gwen is surprised that Ethan is there. She says she
thought he had a date with Theresa. Shannon steps in and asks "a date with Theresa?" Gwen explains that Ethan has
decided to date both of them. Robert asks her if she is ok with this, and Gwen says she loves Ethan, and if this
is what he needs to do to be happy, then she'll have to accept it. Gwen asks Ethan where Theresa is, and Ethan 
explains Theresa had a headache and when Robert showed up with the tickets, he decided to come to the game. Gwen 
says she hopes Theresa is ok, and Ethan asks if she is sure, or did she set this up. Gwen insists she had no idea
Ethan was going to be there. Shannon agrees and tells Ethan her father couldn't use the tickets and Gwen really
wanted to see their Alma Mater play. Robert says he's glad the girls are there, and it's just like all the good times
they used to have. Everyone agrees. Robert says it would be even more like old times if he could sit by Shannon. 
Ethan accommodates them, and Gwen takes Robert's place next to Ethan. Shannon congratulated Robert on getting Gwen
and Ethan back together. Robert says it was Gwen's mom who go the tickets. Shannon says now all they have to do is 
remind Ethan he belongs with Gwen. Ethan takes out his cell phone and is about to call Theresa. Gwen stops him and
says that the last thing someone with a bad headache wants to hear is a ringing phone. Ethan insists and says
he'll just ask Whitney how she is. He's about to dial when an usher stops him and tells him cell phones aren't allowed
in the arena. Ethan decides to find a pay phone, but Robert jumps up and points out an old frat buddy. They yell to
him, and Ethan and Robert leave to talk to their friend. Gwen and Shannon vow to not allow Ethan to even think about
Theresa. (A special report cuts in here!!)  The game ends and hi fives are passed around. Robert suggests they all go to some restaurant and get champagne.   Ethan hesitates and says he should go see Theresa. Shannon asks Gwen if she is going, and Gwen says of course. The guys
from the team will be there, along with a bunch of alumni from school. Robert tells Ethan he can see Theresa tomorrow,
and all their old friends are going to be there tonight. 

Theresa, Whitney and Chad

Theresa has called Chad and asks him over to watch the game. Whitney is very upset and accuses Theresa of
playing matchmaker. Theresa says someone has to and asks her not to be mad. Theresa just wants Chad to help her 
understand basketball so she can compete with Gwen. Theresa says she could tell how important the game was, which
is why she pretended to have a headache. Whitney asks why she didn't ask one of her brothers? Why did she have to 
ask Chad? (Maybe because Theresa hasn't seen her brothers in ages!!) Theresa asks why Whitney is so upset. Whitney
tells Theresa about last night when she thought Chad was going to die and she kissed him. Theresa is giddy that 
Whitney let her true feelings come out. Whitney gets upset and tries to leave, but as she opens the door Chad walks
up. Chad walks in and Whitney tries to leave. He says that if she isn't ready to "hang" with him, she can go. Whitney
takes this as a challenge or something, and decides to stay. Theresa bounces up to Chad and asks him to help her 
understand the game. Chad asks about the date she was supposed to be on with Ethan, and Theresa explains about
faking a headache. Chad says she is to nice. (What!?!) Theresa says she just wants him to be happy, and when you're
in love, sometimes you don't mind making sacrifices. Besides, he went with Robert, not Gwen. Chad is explaining to 
Theresa about time out when a special report cuts in....(NO!!!)

Theresa has seen Gwen with Ethan at the game. (Too bad I missed the inevitable hyperventilating that happened!)
Chad tells Theresa she has to play dirty like Gwen to get Ethan. Whitney says Gwen didn't kidnap Ethan...he looks pretty
happy to bet there. (Thanks Whit!) She says Ethan is just like every other guy in the world, just stringing Theresa
on. Chad tells Theresa to wait and hear Ethan's side of the story. Both Theresa and Chad think Gwen set it up. 
Theresa says Gwen is using their friends and history to get him back, and she's winning. Whitney chimes in and says
it's not a level playing field. Gwen has Ethan's background and both their families on her side. Theresa asks how 
can she fight that. Whitney says she can't. If Ethan weren't a Crane, Theresa would win hands down. But he is. There's
nothing Theresa can do to change that. Theresa flashes back to finding out Sam is Ethan's father. (Who saw this coming?)
Chad plays cheerleader to Theresa some more. Whitney tells him to stop it, and that Theresa and Ethan can never
be together since he's a Crane. They go on about how if Ethan wasn't a Crane, Gwen wouldn't look twice and Theresa 
would have him. (Ok! We remember that Ethan is Sam's son already!!) Chad encourages Theresa to play dirty. Theresa
says there's a way to get Ethan and runs off. Chad stops Whitney from following, saying they have something to work out.
Chad asks Whitney who lied to her about him. Whitney doesn't want to tell him. Chad says his reputations
on the line, and he doesn't want her to think he's a user. Whitney says it was Kay. Chad asks why Kay would say that, 
and Whitney chimes in that maybe because it was true. Chad insists it was a lie and he won't let it come between them.
Theresa is on the docks with her laptop. She proceeds to give the whole world the rundown on what is happening
about her finding the proof that Ethan is a Crane, yada yada yada. She reiterates that Pilar told her there would
be dire consequences if the truth got out, but if Ethan isn't a Crane, he'll be hers forever. Cue knitted eyebrows
and deep thoughts from Theresa. She wonders if she should tell Ethan. AT that moment, Ethan walks up behind her and
says her name. Cue typical panic from Miss. Lopez-Fitzgerald. 

Hank and Pierre

Hank announces to the world that he will kill Sheridan. (Would you be yelling this into the darkness out in the open?)
Pierre appears and says the job must be done tonight, or he'll send Hand's file to Sam, and Hank will be arrested by
morning. Hank asks what about Luis. He's been guarding her night and day. Pierre tells him to kill Luis if Luis
gets in the way. Hank insists there's no way he'd kill Luis. Pierre says he may not have a choice. Hank still insists
Luis is his best friend and he'd never kill Luis. Pierre reminds Hank that his "friend" is now in bed with Hank's
love, Sheridan. In France, Luis would be a dead man, and they understand crimes of passion. Hank refuses again, and
Pierre asks Hank if he's willing to give up his future for a woman who doesn't love him, or a friend who betrayed
him. Hank again states he will kill Sheridan, but not Luis. Agent Freeman (is that his name? Hank sorta slurred that.)
walks onto the docks and Pierre magically disappears. (He must have super powers. No one seems to see him!!) The 
agent tells Hank he needs to talk about Sheridan. Pierre is doing a horrible job of hiding and is playing with his
hand gun while the agent and Hank talk. The agent says there's been no drug cartel activity for months, so Sheridan
is safe. But Luis must go to Washington to make the final report before the case can be closed. Hank asks what he
can do. the agent says Hank has to fill in as Sheridan's bodyguard starting tonight. Hank agrees. (Any guesses as to
who is going to die?) A special report cuts in here!!)

Luis and Sheridan

Luis and Sheridan are kissing on their way to bed. Sheridan says this will be one date she'll never
forget, and the whole night has been amazing. Luis tells her the night has just begun. Luis puts on a romantic song..
the song that was playing in the car on the way to the mine shaft when he and Sheridan decided to put the past 
behind them. He and Sheridan gaze longingly at each other, and then begin to kiss...and undress...and kiss...(Very Nice!!!)
Sheridan and Luis are still kissing in bed, but they are more naked and covered with the sheets in classic soap style.
Sheridan is crying tears of happiness and tells Luis this is so right. She apologizes for taking so long to let it
happen. Luis says that now they are together nothing will come between them again. (This is a death sentence in soap land! NO!)

(A special report cuts in here!!)

Luis and Sheridan have been interrupted by the stupid agent. We don't get to see it, but Luis is now half dressed and
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