Passions Tuesday 11/7/00



Passions Update Tuesday 11/7/00   

By Erin 

Tabitha and Timmy  

Tabitha gets a knock on the door from the IRS in search of her taxes that have not been paid for 300 years. Timmy remembers that Tabitha zapped the records and now with no powers, the glitch was caught. Tabitha stares at the tax sheets in shock and is pondering what she can do when Timmy proclaims that he has the perfect solution. Timmy remembers Hecuba's mirror and pictures himself surrounded by girls signing a best selling book and asking Tabitha about the book that she wrote. Tabitha says absolutely not, that there are too many secrets. Tabitha then says she has one valuable possession. When Timmy asks what, she says "You". 

Julian, Sam, Ivy, Eve and Grace  

Julian breaks out diamonds to prove that he was not hallucinating and is then shocked when he is told they are rocks. Still trying to prove that Hecuba was real, he pulls out the priceless artwork that he retrieved from the cave, only to find a miner's poster. Julian is,still convinced of what he saw between Sam and Ivy.   Grace proclaims that it cannot be true. Eve steps in and says "It's time you knew the truth" and tells Pilar there is no other way. Eve goes on to explain that because Sam has rescued Ivy so many times, he has it confused with an affair and has let his imagination run wild. Julian doesn't buy it but they all still decide to call it a night.  Sam warns Ivy to shut Julian up. Later, at the Bennett house, Sam asks Grace if she believes what Julian has said. Grace replies, of course not, although she brings up the dream about the mysterious hooded woman taking Sam away from her.  She then proceeds to tell him that if he had an affair before he knew and loved her ,that it would be ok. Sam then turns to Eve and says maybe he should tell her about Ivy now. As he starts to tell Grace about Ivy, Grace starts talking about how if the accusations about Ivy were true, she would feel completely betrayed. Grace then goes to check on the kids and Sam tells Eve he can't possibly tell Grace, it would hurt her too much. 

At the Cranes, Ivy and Julian banter back and forth. Ivy asks Julian to call his father and tell him the story. Julian says that he is right and vows to ruin her. 

Luis and Sheridan 

Sheridan is amazed by Luis as he promises her the most romantic night of her life.   Hank stresses outside when he is pressured by Pierre to kill Sheridan tonight.   Back in the cottage, Sheridan and Luis dance to a violinist and Sheridan tells Luis this night has been unbelievable. As they sit down to dinner, there is a knock on the door. Luis answers it and 3 dancers come in and start dancing around the cottage. Luis tells them he ordered no dancers.  They ask if this was a reunion and find that they are in the wrong place.  They go back to dinner, but not really because they stand up and kiss their way to the bedroom.. Across town, Hank is telling someone we can't see that he called because he needs help killing Sheridan within the next hour. 

Ethan Gwen and Theresa 

Theresa is freaking out when Ethan is ten minutes late for their date and believes she was stood up while Whitney tries to convince Theresa that she can't give up. Just as Theresa is about to break into tears, Ethan comes up behind her and covers her eyes. Across town, Gwen is talking with her mother about her date and how it went wonderfully but failed to make Ethan forget about Theresa. Rebecca looks at Gwen with that devious look of hers and tells Gwen not to worry.  They discuss plans to sabotage Ethan and Theresa's date. 

Back at Theresa's, Ethan pulls flowers from behind his back and explains that is why he was late.  He asks why she has tears in her eyes and Whitney explains that Theresa thought he forgot about her. Ethan tells Theresa that he loves her and would never forget about her .  He tells her to choose where to eat dinner and then the doorbell rings. It is Ethan's friend, Robert (the guy eating at the club with Ethan and Gwen). He flashes two tickets to a college basketball game and Robert thinks back to Rebecca giving him the tickets to the game. He proceeds to tell Ethan they should go, since he is free. Ethan says he will tape it and watch it at home as he already has plans.  He leaves to go call his Father to see how he is feeling. Theresa feels awful that Ethan can't go and decides to fake a headache and tells Ethan to go to the game. Ethan says, okay,  if she is sure, and tells her to get some rest.  He kisses her and runs off with his friend.  Rebecca comes out of the bushes and says Ethan will be Gwen's tonight. 

At the game, Ethan and Robert sit down only to find Gwen and Robert's girlfriend right behind them. Back at home, without a headache, Theresa turns on the college game and turns to admire the flowers that Ethan brought her while Gwen and Ethan appear on the TV right behind her.

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