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Passions Update Monday 11/6/00  

by Adrienne

Kay, Hecuba and Miguel

            Kay bounces out of the closet and hands Hecuba a tread. Hecuba tells Kay that she must decide just how far she wants to go. Does she want Charity maimed? Kay say no, that she just wants her away from Miguel. Hecuba says that’s fine; there are plenty of ways to terrorize Charity. Kay realizes that Hecuba is evil, just like Charity was, and turns away with her hands over her ears. Hecuba laughs and tells Kay she will soon give into her desire for Miguel. Miguel is outside in the hall and hears Hecuba laugh. Kay tells Hecuba she isn’t interested in her kind of evil and she’ll find a way to win Miguel on her won. Kay is convinced that Miguel will turn away from Charity once he realizes that Charity is evil and tried to kill him. Kay says that if she can prove what happened in the mine was real, and then Miguel will hate Charity. Hecuba yells at Kay that no one can know about her. (Man oh man is this character wonderful!) If Kay spills the beans, Hecuba will make sure that Kay never gets Miguel. Miguel opens the bedroom door and asks Kay what is going on. Hecuba disappears and Kay begins to try and tell Miguel about Hecuba. Miguel won’t let her speak and says they need to talk. Kay sees Hecuba’s face in the diamond and agrees. Miguel states that he thinks some of the things in the mineshaft really happened, and he believes that he kissed her. Miguel wants to talk about what that means. Miguel apologizes for kissing Kay. He knows that she only loves Reese and he only love Charity. He would have never kissed Kay if he knew what he was doing. Kay looks very disappointed. Kay asks Miguel that if he had proof that Charity tried to kill him, would he still want to be with her? Miguel insists that he would never leave Charity, as long as Charity still wanted him. Hecuba talks to Kay from the diamond and says that Kay needs her help. She can turn Charity away from Miguel. Miguel once again insists that even if what happened down in the mineshaft was real; he would still stick by Charity. He takes off back down stairs and Hecuba reappears (she did this great move of putting her foot up on the bed. She’s just wonderful!). She says she knew Kay would make the right decision. 

Ethan, Gwen and Theresa

            Ethan and Gwen are at the club with their friends Robert and Shannon (I think). They are reminiscing about when Gwen was sick in Paris and Ethan said if she couldn’t see Paris, he’d bring Paris to her. He rented tables and chairs and set up a restaurant in the hotel room. He also had the road closed and forced everyone walking down the street to walk up through Gwen’s room so she could watch the world go by. Ethan says nothing is to hard when you love someone. They all agree that it was very romantic. Ethan takes Gwen’s hand and kisses it, saying they have had some fun times with good friends. Theresa is in the bushes listening with Whitney. She panics that Ethan is talking about his past with Gwen and saying “we” have great friends and “we” have great memories. Theresa tells Whitney she has lost Ethan; she can’t compete with the history between Ethan and Gwen,…they have friends and memories together and have been together since they were kids. Whitney reminds Theresa that she and Ethan have a date that night, but Theresa says it may be too late. Robert and Shannon try to leave Ethan and Gwen, but Ethan asks them to say. He says they have had wonderful times. A waiter brings a box and Gwen says it’s a clue to the second half of their date. Ethan opens it and it’s the cup he and Gwen won at the club’s sailing championship. A picture of the pair is passed around the table and they reminisce about winning. Ethan says he will never forget the feeling of he and Gwen jumping up and down on the dock and their friends nearly drowning them in Champaign. Ethan says he and Gwen make a wonderful team, and Gwen agrees. Cut to a shot of Theresa in the bushes, looking very very sad. Theresa begins to panic. She says that Gwen and Ethan have done so much together and she doesn’t have the same kind of friends as Ethan. She doesn’t fit into Ethan’s life and Gwen does. Whitney reminds Theresa that Ethan said he loved her, and didn’t he call off the wedding because of that love? She asks where the old positive Theresa is who wouldn’t give up. Whitney reminds Theresa that she will have a chance to show Ethan how great it will be. Theresa worries that Ethan won’t show up that night. Whitney states that a team of wild horses couldn’t keep him away. Theresa says that it only takes one horse, and her name is Gwen. (This wins for funny line of the day!) Whitney finally convinces Theresa that Ethan will show up and Theresa vows to plan a date that will convince Ethan he is better off with her.

            Ethan gets up from the table and leaves with Robert. Gwen and Shannon talk about how great everything is going, and they agree that the housekeeper’s daughter doesn’t have a chance.

            Theresa is pacing at home, wondering what she should do to snag Ethan tonight. Whitney says she just has to be herself. Theresa worries about making Ethan happy, and that she never realized how strong Ethan and Gwen’s past was, but she vows to fight against it. She flounces into her bedroom to get ready.

            Ethan and Gwen are on the docks after sailing. Ethan compliments Gwen, and says she is the best crew in the world. They both agree that the days out on the water were some of the happiest of their lives. Ethan says that the water was rough, but Gwen was steady and wonderful. Gwen says she just followed his lead, and they make a wonderful team. Ethan agrees and kisses Gwen.

            Theresa is dressed and pacing in her living room, worried that Ethan won’t show. Whitney is doing her best to calm her down. The clock strikes 6, and Theresa panics. She says that Ethan is never late and he promised to pick her up at six. If Ethan really loved her he wouldn’t have lost track of time. He’s with Gwen right now and having a wonderful time. Theresa is convinced she has lost him forever.

The Crane Mansion

            Julian calls Ivy a deceitful tramp (excellent Julian material today!!). Ivy tells Grace to leave, but Julian insists she stay. Julian says Ivy just doesn’t want Grace to know what has been going on behind her back. Grace asks what’s happening, and Julian tells her that Sam and Ivy are lovers. Grace slips into denial mode, and says that this is all a very bad joke, but Julian convinces her that Ivy and Sam are together. Grace yells at Julian that he is wrong. Julian flashes back to meeting Hecuba and seeing the mirror as Grace rushes from the room. Sam tries to follow his wife, but Eve stops him, saying that she should talk to Grace first. (What?!?) Julian yells at Ivy and promises to ruin her. Ivy says that Julian is evil, pure evil. (Great look from Julian here. His eyebrows must have a life of their own.) Gwen is crying out in the hall. She talks about the dreams she’s been having, and maybe they were premonitions. Eve says she’s just been under a lot of stress, and they were just nightmares. Grace wonders why Julian would say those things, then, and she breaks down in Eve’s arms sobbing that Sam is her whole life.

            Julian falls asleep and Sam yells at Ivy. He asks if she planned this to destroy his marriage. Sam says Grace must be going through hell. Ivy asks “what about me?” She says Julian is going to divorce her and throw her out on the street. Sam growls that that is exactly where she belongs and it’s her fault this has come about. Ivy begs him not to go, but Sam says Grace is the only woman he cares about and leaves. Ivy wonders how Julian knows about her and Sam. Both Pilar and Eve jump down her throat and say it is her fault. Eve is upset that Grace has been hurt, and Ivy throws a temper tantrum. She claims that Grace will get over it and go back to her boring life, but Julian will make Ivy’s life a living hell…unless Grace doesn’t forgive Sam. Then there will be nothing standing in the way. Both Eve and Pilar are horrified at the notion.

            Grace and Sam are talking in the hallway. Grace says it can’t be true. Sam tells Grace it’s time she knew the truth. Sam says it was a long time ago, and Grace yell at him to just say it. At that moment, Julian calls to her. Sam tells her to ignore Julian, but Grace says maybe Julian has something to say about all of this.

            Ivy tries to get everyone to leave, but Julian says no. Grace asks Julian how he knows about Ivy and Sam. Julian tells them about the cave, Hecuba and the magic mirror. This convinces the group that Julian was hallucinating and they are relieved. Grace says of course he’s hallucinating. Sam would never do that to her. Julian says it was real and he has proof. The cave was filled with jewels and he stole some. Julian gets his coat and brings something out of the pocket to show Ivy. He claims they are diamonds, and they prove that his story is true. (We don’t get to see what they really are.) 

Luis and Sheridan (Oh My Goodness!!)

            Luis and Sheridan are standing very close, and Luis says there is only one thing he wants to do…to make love to her. They start kissing. And kissing, and kissing and kissing…

            Luis and Sheridan move to the bedroom and begin to undress one another while still locking lips. The both end up nearly naked (oh my), and suddenly Luis stops and states that he can’t go through with this. This just isn’t right. Sheridan looks confused, and Luis says he can’t do it because it’s not perfect. He wants to make love to her more than anything, but it has to be right. Sheridan is very special and she deserves romance and he’s going to make sure she gets it. Luis gets dressed and tells Sheridan to meet him at 6 pm. He kisses her on the bed and says at this rate he’ll never leave. Sheridan says it’s fine with her. The kiss some more and he eventually gets out of there.

            Luis is with a caterer (or something) and is setting up the date. He wants everything to be the best, and Sheridan is very special. Sheridan is getting her hair done and wants to look stunning. She says she could have hotdogs on the beach, and as long as she’s with Luis, she would love it.

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