Passions Wednesday 10/4/00


Passions Update Wednesday 10/4/00    

by ~Rachel (missed the first 15 minutes)  

Tabitha and the kids: Charity is in a trance and is about to burn Tabby and TImmy at the stake as the spirits egg her on! Suddenly Charity falls to the ground and the ropes are lifted off Tabby and Timmy. Miguel and Reese had gone to find Charity while Kay and Simone followed (Kay with the idea of trying to seduce Miguel). They arrive to find Charity lying on the ground. Reese questions why Tabby is there. She tells him that Charity was sleepwalking again and thought she should follow her to make sure Charity didn't get hurt. When asked why she didn't wake Charity before she was able to leave the campsite, she told them she was always told not to wake someone who was sleepwalking. Charity begins to wake up and asks where she is. Miguel tells her she was sleepwalking. She stands up and starts to say that Tabby is a which. She begins raving about how she's evil and a bad witch. Tabitha convinces her that she must have been having a nightmare due to the ghost story about witches being burned at the stake Tabby had told. When they get back to the campsite and everyone is asleep, Tabby sends Timmy to get the pendant from Reese. Reese, who's dreaming about Kay, rolls over and puts his arm around Timmy. Timmy gets away, stands up and says he got the pendant! Just then Reese wakes up and starts yelling that Tabitha's doll is alive!! 

Theresa: Mrs. Hotchkiss tells Theresa that she overheard Ethan talking to his law school buddies and that he'd said he was only using Theresa and had lied to her. She tries to convince Theresa to get out of Harmony for a while to get over what Ethan had done. She tells her that if she was in Theresa's shoes, she'd deffinately leave Harmony, maybe for good. They part and Whitney finds Theresa. Theresa tells her what happened and decides she won't believe it until she hears it from Ethan himself. She goes off in search of him. 

Ethan: Chad finds Ethan and tells him that Theresa and Whitney are at the party and that Theresa is upset. Ethan assumes it's because he hasn't called off the wedding, yet. Chad tells him that the wedding is only part of it and mentions that she saw Ethan dancing with and kissing Gwen. Then tells him it gets worse and says that somebody told her that he'd lied to her. Ethan is telling Chad that it sounds like something his father would do and how Julian had tried to convince him to have a fling with Theresa before he got married, that it was Ethan's "birthright" and the "Crane way" when Theresa overhears this part of the conversation and takes it the wrong way. Distressed, she runs off before hearing Ethan tell Chad he would never do something like that. Mrs. Hotchkiss sees this and becomes smug. 

Ivy and Sam: Ivy tells Pillar that she'd made her decision years ago and has to live with it now. She can't tell Sam the truth. After Ivy leaves, Pillar, talking to herself, says that in her experience, secrets always have a way of coming out on their own.   

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