Passions Friday 9/29/00


Passions Update Friday 9/29/00

By Rachel

Simone, Kay, Reese, Miguel, Charity, & Tabby: Tabitha is the kids chaperone for their camping trip to the original settlement of Harmony and sets up camp separate from the kids. Simone asks Kay where she thinks Charity will be while Kay is trying to seduce Miguel. Kay doesn't know, but she'll think of something. When Simone asks Kay what she thinks will happen between her and Miguel, Kay says "Hopefully something that will involve one of these" and pulls a condom out of her bag. Charity and Miguel decide they want to see the settlement in the moonlight, but Tabby puts a stop to that by saying that it's too dangerous to wander around the woods in the dark. Charity sees the smoke from the campfire turn into spirits who are saying "burn the witch, burn the witch". Reese discovers that one of the markings on the pendant was one used in early witchcraft. Charity starts saying "They're so mad" and has a vision of their Quaker ancestor's spirits rising form their graves. No one seems to notice Charity.

Luis & Sheridan: Sheridan is having trouble with the baby's diaper now that she finds out she must use a cloth diaper. As Luis asks her if she needs any help, there's a loud moan from the bedroom (where Joey's mother, Pat, is lying down). Luis goes in to check on her and Pat asks if he and his "wife" have any kids. When he explains that he and Sheridan are only friends, Pat tells him he should marry Sheridan. Suddenly there's a scream from Sheridan. Luis rushes back into the living room to find out that the baby peed on Sheridan. He finishes up the diaper change and says he'll fix something for the kids to eat. Sheridan, who is determined to prove that she can care for children, says she'll get them something. When Joey says he wants "PB&J" she hesitates. Luis tries to explain what PB&J stands for, and Sheridan says she had a nanny and knows what PB&J means. There are more yells from the bedroom and Luis leaves Sheridan to fix the sandwiches. When he comes back, Sheridan has peanut butter and jelly all over herself and agrees to let Luis make the sandwiches while she gets some milk and "tries not to spill it". That's when Joey informs them that Pat hadn't had a chance to milk the cow. Sheridan thinks he's kidding, but Luis knows he meant it and decided he aught to milk the cow and let Sheridan have a second chance at the sandwiches. When he gets back, the kids are running around and acting up, while Sheridan is totally frustrated. He has them at the table, behaving in seconds, to Sheridan's disbelief, by telling them that if they can't behave, they won't get any magic tricks after dinner. While he handles the kids, Sheridan goes to check on Pat. In the kitchen Luis explains to Joey that while Sheridan may not be able to do the things that they can (like care for kids), she can do other things, like speak French, ski, and fly a plane. Joey tells Luis he should marry her while Pat is in the bedroom telling Sheridan that she should marry Luis. Luis enters and Pat wants to know "what's the deal" between the two of them. Luis and Sheridan answer at the same time; Luis: "her family" Sheridan: "Trust". Pat says you can work around the family, but trust is something you need. When Sheridan tries to gloat, Pat tells her that she didn't mean she was on Sheridan's side. Her opinion of Luis is that "if you can't trust him, who can you trust? His eyes make him an open book". More screams from the living room, but this time it's the kids. Luis and Sheridan rush in to find Joey with a plunger and water spraying all over the place. They tell Luis and Sheridan that the faucet was broken. Luis goes to fix the faucet while Sheridan goes to get the kids ready for bed. The boys come running from their rooms and Sheridan is right behind yelling that she's not done. Luis (who's naked from the waist up, ladies!!) tells them that it's they're second strike and that means no magic or ice cream. They straighten up right away. Sheridan asks him how he does it, the boys just ignore everything *she* tells them. He tells her it's because they know she's unsure, she just has to let them know who's boss. She goes back to finish up with the boys and Luis goes to check on Pat. Sheridan brings the boys out to say goodnight. They're behaving for her, oddly enough...then we find out that she followed Luis' lead and made a deal with them. If they behave, she'll by them all new bikes! Luis comes in to do magic tricks, but the boys tell him that they're just going to go to bed instead. Luis tells Sheridan that he's sorry he didn't have any faith in her and she tries to protest. They hear Pat yell and Sheridan asks what she said. Then they hear again, more clearly, "Good Golly!" They know it's time for the baby to come!

Julian & TC: Julian puts his hand out to shake TC's and greets him with a "Hello". TC ignores him and orders drinks for himself and Eve. Julian turns and asks him where Eve is. TC just tells him to stay away from her. Julian tells him he didn't mean any offense and TC tells him that if he doesn't stop talking to him, TC will kill him (Julian). Just as TC takes a step towards Julian, Sam comes up and tells him Eve was wondering what happened to him, so he leaves.  Ivy & Pillar: Ivy wonders what Sam would do if he knew Ethan was his son.  She wants to tell him, but Pillar begs her not to. Ivy wants to know how she'll fight the temptation and Pillar tells her that she'll be there to make sure Ivy doesn't so anything crazy. Ivy thanks her. At the party she approaches Sam and TC. TC leaves and she tells Sam she wished TC liked her more. Grace comes up and Sam walks away with her. Ivy asks Pillar to go home and get the papers that would prove that Sam is Ethan's father. Meanwhile TC runs into a woman who remembers him from when he played tennis. She tells him she'll never forget the match he was supposed to have with Julian because she had $20 on TC, but when he didn't show up for the match, Julian won by default. Just as she asks him what kept him from playing that day, Julian walks in and TC tells her to ask him.

Ethan and Mrs. Hotchkiss: They pick up where they left off with her telling him she knows he loves Theresa and wants to call off the wedding.  She tells him she saw them kissing and tells him not to call off the wedding because "sex is sex" and he can deal with Theresa after the wedding. He tells her that no one planned for this to happen when she tells him that Theresa was conniving from the start. She tells him that he'll ruin his parents' life if he calls off the wedding and asks him if that's how he wants to repay them for all they've done. He tells her he has no choice and tries to walk away. Mrs. Hotchkiss tells him that there *is* a choice...marry Gwen. Don't ruin it because of Theresa. When he says "I love her", Gwen overhears. Since she didn't hear anything else, she assumes he's talking about her. She comes up, kisses him and says "I love you, too". After she walks away, Mrs. Hotchkiss asks Ethan to at least wait until the party's over so Gwen won't have to deal with it in front of all her guests. He says he doesn't want to prolong the torture, but she insists, so he promises to wait. He goes to mingle with the guests and Mrs. Hotchkiss calls Theresa. Theresa, who has been sitting, staring at the phone, answers, "Ethan?". Mrs. Hotchkiss tells her it's not Ethan and wants to know why she's not at the party. Mrs. Hotchkiss tells her she has to come, that she's not going to accuse her and Ethan of anything...not since she's seen Ethan and Gwen together. She says Ethan hasn't been able to keep his hands off Gwen all night and that if they weren't getting married tomorrow, it would've caused a scene. Theresa decides to go telling Whitney that she can't just believe Mrs. Hotchkiss without seeing it for herself.

Extra: If you missed yesterday's episode and the world premier of the Passions theme song's video, you can log onto and see it there. You can also buy the CD there. ~Rachel

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