Passions Thursday 9/21/00


Passions Update Thursday 9/28/00  

By Rachel

Luis and Sheridan: At the start of the show they find a young boy on the side of the road while on their way to Ethan and Gwen's party. They find out that the boy's mother is in labor and he was supposed to bring back the midwife. The boy, Joey, tells them that the midwife is with another woman and his own mother is afraid of doctors and therefore won't go to a hospital.  Luis and Sheridan make the decision to help this boy and his mother. When they get to Joey's house, his mother is doing well considering the situation. She tells Luis that her water broke awhile ago, so he tries to use his cell phone to call for help. He won't get any service and an argument begins between him and Sheridan over the fact that Luis wanted to take his squad car to the party (the radio would be useful right now), but she insisted on taking another instead. The argument is interrupted by a moan from the pregnant woman. Luis tells Sheridan to sit down and relax while he settles the woman's other children. Sheridan protests, saying she can care for children just as well as he can. When Joey interrupts to say his baby sister's diaper needs changing, a silent challenge is issued between them...and Sheridan takes on the task at hand, looking a little reluctant. 

Julian: Discusses with Ivy the prospect of TC being at the party later and decides it's in his best interest to go to party early, which will allow him to leave early, before TC arrives. Ivy tells him to go without her, she'll take her car as she plans to stay the whole time.  (After Julian leaves, Ivy begins to feel sorrow for herself because she thinks she should be sharing this night with Ethan's father, Sam.) 

Mrs. Hotchkiss: Still worrying after seeing Theresa and Ethan kissing, is asking Gwen about Ethan's feelings. Gwen, still oblivious to what's going on between Ethan and Theresa assures her mother that she has nothing to worry about. She decides to go to her room to check her make-up and asks Mrs. Hotchkiss to send Ethan and/or Theresa up when they arrive. Mrs. H. agrees, but when Gwen's gone vows to herself that she'll keep Theresa away from Ethan. Meanwhile, Ethan is out front of the mansion with Chad worrying that the love between himself and Theresa may not be strong enough to withstand, or not worth, all the pain and trouble it's causing.  Chad tells him that he can't make a decision for him but knows that one needs to be made before Ethan goes into the party. Ethan paces for a second then decides he "knows what needs to be done" and walks into the house as Chad wishes him luck. Later we see him walking with Mrs. Hotchkiss. He asks if she knows where to find Gwen because he really needs to talk to her. She tells him it sounds urgent, and when he says it is, she tells him she knows what he wants to talk to Gwen about. He tells her that he really doubts that and she rebuts with "Wanna make a bet?"

Reese: Is asking Tabitha about her age, when Kay asks why it would matter. He says because the pendant she gave Charity is over 300 years old. Kay tells him that just means she bought it at an antique store and jokes that he can't think Tabitha is that old. He brings up the fact that Charity and Miguel found out that one of the first settlers of Harmony, shared Tabitha's name.  Tabitha returned with "all the women in my family take their mother's name...first and last".  Miguel tells Reese to give it a break. He does, but he says he'll investigate the pendant more later and keeps it with him. As they're leaving for their camping trip, Kay stops Simone because she needs a plan to get rid of Charity, so she can slip into Miguel's sleeping bag. When Simone tells her that Miguel will never believe that getting into his sleeping bag was an accident, it gives Kay the idea to create an "accident" to get rid of Charity. Theresa: At home talking to Whitney who tells Theresa that she's proud that Theresa followed her heart when it came to Ethan. Pillar enters and tells Theresa that she's proud also, and that although she believes they are in love, thinks Theresa should look at the consequences of their love, at how many people will be hurt by it. Theresa insists that nothing can keep her and Ethan apart now, but Pillar tells Theresa that she's seem it happen. Just as Theresa asks who it happened to, they're interrupted by a phone call. A distraught Ivy is on the line asking Pillar to come over right away. Pillar agrees and Theresa and Whitney stay behind, waiting for Ethan's phone call. Whitney tells Theresa that he might still change his mind, decide the pressure is too much and just go through with the wedding...and never call. Theresa tells Whitney that if he doesn't call, tonight, her life will be over. 

Ivy and Pillar: When Pillar arrives at the Crane Mansion, Ivy is very upset. She believes it's unfair that first she lost Sam and now she's losing her son (to Gwen). She thought that Sam would be back in her life by that point and he'd "fill the void Ethan was leaving in her heart". She thought she'd be able to celebrate Ethan's wedding with Ethan's father and wants to know who going to make her laugh and comfort her, etc now that Ethan's leaving? Certainly not Julian. Pillar tries to comfort her, but she's too upset, so Pillar asks that Ivy won't make a scene at the party, since Sam will be there. Ivy just tells her that with the way she feels, "all bets are off". 

TC: Arrives with Eve, Sam, and Grace. Eve and Grace go their own ways, leaving TC and Sam to worry about confrontations with Ivy and Julian. Eve comes back telling Sam that Grace wants him and asks TC to dance. TC decides he needs a drink instead and heads to the bar, where he runs into Julian... 

Today was also the world premier of the Passions theme song video!! It's about time!

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