Passions Friday 9/15/00


Passions Update Friday 9/15/00

By Jennifer Piper

Sheridan and Luis are growing fonder of each other, especially when she tells Luis she had a dream about him. They come close to kissing but Sheridan's memories of overhearing Luis on the docks that night separates the two. Sheridan wonders if she confronts Luis about what she overheard, maybe he will be able to explain himself.

Whitney believes Kay's lie about Chad getting a girl pregnant. Whitney tells her father but relays the story so Chad's name is not mentioned. Kay is scared when she sees Chad and Whit talking. She fears they will discover the truth. So as always she finds away to separate the two. Chad tells Eve that he is recovered and is ready to go to his place. When he gets there finds his stuff on the street and has been evicted. Eves tells TC and Whitney that she trusts Chad and no longer believes he is a bad influence.

Theresa is beside herself when she dreams that Gwen and Luis will break up her wedding to Ethan. She wonders if there will be a future with him. Ethan shows up at her house and they kiss passionately. Pilar expresses her concern to him about the Crane power. Ethan explains he can't marry Gwen when he is in love with Theresa. Ethan later calls Gwen and leaves a "I love you" message. Theresa overhears and fears he will never give up Gwen for her.

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