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Passions Update Monday 5/22/00  

by Stephanie

The Book Café:

Kay and Simone are talking. Kay is happy about the idea of the prom on the boat in order to carry out her plan to have Miguel for herself. Simone is not sure it is a good idea.  Kay tells her that if she helps her get Miguel, Kay will help her get Chad.


Chad is thinking aloud, that he wants Crystal to tell him about his family tonight. 


Crane Mansion

Ethan and Sheridan are talking. Sheridan wants a quiet night in, but Ethan wants her to go with him to the club. Sheridan is reluctant to go but Ethan thinks it is because she is worried about running into Luis. She says it isn’t that at all.


Recreation Center

Luis and Hank are working out. Luis tells Hank all the charges have been dropped. Hank wonders if Sheridan came through? Luis says no, it was Julian. Hank wonders why Julian would help Luis?


Crane Mansion (Ivy’s Bedroom)

Ivy and Julian are talking. Julian tells Ivy everything is taken care of between Luis and Sheridan. Julian offered to drop the charges if Luis agreed to stay away from Sheridan.  Julian says Luis jumped at the chance. Ivy is surprised and says that when two people have feelings for each other, there is no way to keep them apart.  Julian wonders what she would know about that, does she have prior experience, he asks?


The Wharf

Grace and Sam are meeting Eve and TC for dinner. Grace is glad Eve is going out, it will be good for her.  Sam agrees, saying Eve has been under a lot of stress. 


Lobster Shack

Eve is looking at an ad for Crystal at the Jazz club She says, “I am so glad you are gone, Crystal, no one will ever know my secret.”  TC arrives and wonders whom she is talking to? Eve says she was thinking aloud. She asks TC what they are doing tonight? He says Grace and Sam are meeting them for dinner and then they are going some place special, it is a surprise. 


Credits Roll


The Book Café

Kay wants Simone to help her get Miguel. Simone agrees.  Chad tells Simone he is ready to go. Simone wants to go home to change. Chad is not sure he wants to take her. Her parents don’t like him and she is too young for the club.  Kay defends her saying Simone is her own woman and they can do what they want.  Simone says the last place her parents would ever go is a jazz club.  Chad says if she is sure, he will take her.  Chad leaves.  Simone is wondering what to wear.  Kay says she will help her find the perfect thing


The Jazz Club

Theresa meets Crystal. Theresa wants Crystal to sing a song for the man she loves.  Crystal is surprised that this young man doesn’t know he is in love with her? Theresa says deep down he does but he is afraid.  Theresa asks her to sing the song.  Crystal agrees.  Theresa introduces Whitney to Crystal.  Theresa says this is Whitney Russell.  Crystal asks if she knows Eve? Whitney says that is her mother. Whitney asks if Crystal knows her mother? Crystal says she is an excellent Doctor. Whitney says she is the best. Crystal asks if Eve will come into the club? Whitney says no, her mother would never come to a place like this. Whitney says her mother had a very sheltered upbringing and has never set foot in a club. Crystal is surprised to hear it. Crystal says she has to get ready, she leaves, she says to herself, “Eve you did it”  “No one knows anything about your past”.  She thinks back on Eve telling her about the baby.  Crystal says there is so much they don’t know, so much she (Eve) has kept locked inside of her.


Chad arrives and looking at the poster of Crystal says, “I am back and this time I am not leaving until you tell me who my mother is.”


Theresa sees Chad arrive and Whitney hopes Chad leaves them alone. Theresa wonders when Whitney will stop denying her feelings for Chad. Whitney says she doesn’t have feelings for Chad. Chad comes over to them to talk and tells them Crystal is going to tell him about his family tonight. Chad says he will talk to Crystal before the first set.

Theresa tells him to come back later.  Chad agrees and leaves to find Crystal.  Whitney chastises Theresa for asking Chad back later. Theresa says if she didn’t have feelings for Chad it wouldn’t bother her. Theresa sees Ethan arrive.  Simone and Kay arrive, Simone says Chad is wonderful. Kay says she is not the only one who thinks so; Simone is surprised to see her sister talking to Chad.  Whitney sees Simone, Simone asks her why she is here with Chad. Whitney says she is here with Theresa and Ethan.  Kay says it is the same foursome from the cabin and the benefit.  Whitney says she came with Theresa.  Whitney tells Simone she shouldn’t be there, she is disobeying her mother.  Simone asks what happens if dad finds out? She (Whitney) is supposed to be getting her rest. Simone says it is unlikely her mother would ever find out, as her mother would never come to a club. Whitney finds Theresa and tells her she wants to leave, Theresa tries to convince her to stay. Ethan would like her to hear the music, what would be nice for the wedding.  Whitney agrees to stay.  (Whitney goes to get a table). Ethan says it will be great when Whitney realizes her feelings for Chad.  Theresa says she is sure someone will realize their feelings for each other tonight.


The Lobster Shack:

Grace has said she didn’t think she could ever give up a child. Eve is clearly affected by this.  Eve thinks back on her baby, how she will never hold him again, crying over never seeing her son again.  Crystal tries to comfort her.  Grace says she was afraid of losing her child, while she was under anesthesia.  She was afraid someone would take one of the girls. Sam is surprised to hear it.  Grace says a child being given up for adoption sends the same fear through her.  Watching a patient suffer like that has upset her (Eve).  TC tells her not to worry about anything tonight. Eve’s cell phone rings.  Ivy is calling. Ivy tells her we have a bargain. She wants a progress report? Ivy wonders if Eve cares if TC sees the photos? Ivy threatens to show them to TC tonight. Eve asks her to wait a moment, Eve tells TC it is the hospital calling.  She moves away from the table to speak with Ivy. Ivy says Eve works for her now. Eve says she has nothing to report. Ivy asks where Sam is? Eve says she doesn’t know. Ivy says she had better tell he the truth or she will blow her out of the water. Eve hangs up.  TC wants to put a blindfold on her so where they are going will be a surprise. She agrees, he blindfolds her.


The Jazz Club

Eve, TC, Grace and Sam arrive. TC removes Eve’s blindfold and she is stunned to be at the nightclub. Eve asks TC why he brought her here? He heard her listening to the music, thought it would help her relax. Eve thinks back on calling the club, how Crystal was gone.  Eve decides to stay.  The four of them head for the bar.  The bar tender offers Eve a white wine.  TC wonders how he knew that Eve liked white wine? (Eve shakes her head “no” at the bartender.)  The bartender says she looks like a white wine kind of lady.  Sam says he heard that Crystal is a good singer. Eve says she is but she isn’t performing here any more.  The bartender says she is and she will be on in a few minutes. (Eve is stunned.) Chad tries to talk to Crystal; he wants to know whom his mother is. Chad says he knows she is getting ready to perform but he has to know who is mother is! He wants to know who she is and where she is. (Crystal is looking around the club, she sees Eve with Grace, Sam and TC.)


Kay and Simone talk. Simone says Whitney said she wasn’t interested in Chad. Kay says they gave her the benefit of the doubt the last time and look where it got them. Kay says Whitney is after Chad.  Simone says Whitney won’t get him.


Recreation Center

Hank wonders why Julian would help? What does he get out of it, he wonders? Luis says he agreed to stay away from Sheridan in exchange for dropping the charges (Hank can hardly hide is excitement at this news).  Luis says it isn’t worth losing his job.  Luis says he is ready for a commitment.  Hank asks him what made him decide on this? Luis says it does have something to do with Sheridan. Hank asks Luis if he has feelings for Sheridan? Luis says he wants more out of life. He doesn’t want someone who plays with his emotions, like Sheridan. Luis is thinking about going out with Beth. Hank says Sheridan was never Luis’s type. Hank thinks Beth is perfect for him (Luis). Hank wants to go out with Sheridan.  Luis tells him to be careful. Hank tells Luis to go after Beth; she is the kind of woman who can make him happy.  Luis is not sure. Hank tells him Beth is perfect for him. Luis thinks back on saving Sheridan’s life, he wonders what made her turn on him


The Crane Mansion

Ethan thinks Sheridan has feelings for Luis. Sheridan says she did, she was angry with him when she had him put in jail.  He has now lost his job, all because of her.  Sheridan says she owes Luis, risking his life and all the while be using her. Ethan says it doesn’t make sense.  Sheridan agrees.  Ethan says he will make some phone calls and try to have the charges dropped. Sheridan and Julian talk.  Sheridan says Ethan is checking into having the charges dropped.  Ethan comes back and says someone beat them to it.  The charges have been officially dropped.  Sheridan asks by whom? Ethan says “my father”.  Sheridan is shocked. She demands to know why Julian did it! Julian says he was following his father’s orders, hates publicity, a trial, wants it done and over with. He tells Sheridan she has nothing to feel guilty about.  Julian tells her that Luis wants nothing more to do with her.  Julian says it is a waste of time to pursue a man… Sheridan says she isn’t pursuing him..  Julian says to stop before she makes a fool of herself again. Julian leaves.  Sheridan doesn’t know whether to believe him or not.  She is confused about Luis one moment he is saving her life, then telling her brother he wants nothing to do with her.  Sheridan decides she is going to confront Luis


Crane Mansion (Ivy’s Room)

Another man? Ivy says he is jumping to conclusions.  Julian wonders about that. Ivy says not everyone is like him. Julian says if she tries to keep something from him, it would be foolish, she would lose everything. Ivy says she has lived this charade for so long it is second nature to her now.  This is a business relationship pure and simple, nothing more. Julian says she had better not be up to something. (He walks out.)  Ivy is not sure how much longer she can deny her feelings for Sam. Ivy calls Eve.

.  .

The Wharf

Sheridan sees Luis; she tells him tells she heard the charges were dropped and he is back on the job.  She is glad.  He wants to leave. She asks him to wait; they need to be straight with each other.  They need to get things out in the open.


Crane Mansion

Julian is on the phone, “Sheridan bought it all” he tells his father.  Since all the charges were dropped, the situation is under control.  The two will never meet. Julian hangs up and is ready to leave, Ivy comes in.  She asks if he is going out? He says no, he asks her to go to bed with him? She turns him down and he leaves.


Ivy finds a matchbook with the Jazz Club on it.  Ivy decides to go since it has Julian so interested.


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