Passions Friday May 19, 2000


Passions Update Friday 5/19/00  

By Stephanie

Crystal decides to stay in Harmony long enough to give Chad the crucial information he needs to unlock the secrets of his past. 

Inspired by an offhand remark from Chad, Theresa explains to Whitney how she’s going to set Ethan’s passion ablaze with help from the perfect romantic song. Tabitha reminds Timmy how the upcoming prom offers them the perfect opportunity to drive Charity to murder. 

At the hospital, Eve’s heart goes out to an unhappy young woman who has just given her newborn baby up for adoption. While hunting for just the right song, Theresa and Whitney unearth an old tape of Eve’s nightclub performance, along with a box of baby clothes, which have never been worn. Ethan makes a Freudian slip while talking with Chad about his upcoming wedding, mentioning Theresa’s name as his intended.  Charity is distressed by a frightening premonition about a seafaring disaster on prom night.

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