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by Stephanie

The Park

Whitney tells Theresa she has no feelings for Chad. She also tells Theresa that Ethan will marry Gwen, not her.  Theresa doesn’t believe her, not after the way Ethan kissed her. Whitney feels she is living in a fantasyland. Theresa thinks Whitney is living in denial. She picks a daisy and plays “Whitney loves Chad, she loves him not…” with the petals.

The Book Café

Chad tells Eve he knows why she is crying. He knows what has her upset her so much. She asks what he thinks? He tells her it was a loss and she has every right to feel sad.

Crane Mansion

Sheridan and Ethan are talking. Sheridan feels terrible that Luis was arrested and has now lost his job, because of her. She was angry at the time she laid the charge, but now wishes she hadn’t.

Lopez Fitzgerald House

Luis asks Julian to leave. Julian asks Sam if he updated Luis on what could happen to him, if he goes to prison. Sam asks if Julian is there to “rub Luis’s nose in it.” Julian says no, as much as he would love to, they need to talk. Julian believes Luis kidnapped Sheridan and as much as he would love to see Luis put away for along time, he is has come with an offer.

Credits Roll

The Park

Theresa wants Whitney to admit she has feelings for Chad. Whitney denies it. Theresa says it is fate that kept Chad in Harmony. He was going to leave until he ran into Crystal and she has information about his family. Whitney says Crystal may know something or she may not. Theresa says he could be talking to his family right now.

Whitney says she is happy for Chad about finding his parents. Whitney says maybe her parents know his parents. Maybe they could become friends. Theresa says maybe Whitney’s feelings for Chad would change too. Theresa thinks if Whitney doesn’t do something soon, it may be too late. Whitney wonders why? Theresa says Chad could have a girlfriend. Whitney asks who that would be? Chad wants a woman, not a girl, like Simone. Theresa says maybe like you, Whitney. Whitney tells Theresa she is not going to throw herself at Chad, like Theresa does with Ethan. Theresa says she almost forgot, her plan to make Ethan realize he is in love with her. Theresa drags Whitney with her, when she goes running off. Theresa leaves her scarf behind.

Book Café

Chad is talking to Eve. Eve asks how he knew about her lost child? She asks if someone told him? He says no, it was written all over her face when she was listening to the song. The song reminded her of something. Eve says it must have been the music. Chad says sometimes music has that same effect on him. Eve thinks he is reading too much into it. Eve thinks back on telling Crystal she was pregnant and then thinks about telling her to leave. Eve tells Chad that everyone suffers losses, but sometimes digging around in the past is not the way to get answers. She thinks it is best to just leave things as they are. She gets up to leave, just before she does, she looks over her shoulder at him, Chad has a confused look on his face.

Crane Mansion (Living Room)

Sheridan admits she is worried. Ethan asks if it is Luis she is worried about? Sheridan says it is Pilar who will suffer in all of this. She says she went to talk to Pilar to explain why she had Luis arrested. But Pilar wasn’t home and she ran into Luis. Ethan thinks if it went to trial, Luis’s lawyer would argue there were extenuating circumstances and Luis saved her life.  She was in imminent danger. Sheridan is concerned that Alistair and Julian wanted her out of Harmony, now she is back, and she knows they are determined to keep her and Luis apart. She is worried what Julian might do, after all, he hates Luis. Ethan says he understands her being worried about Luis, since she cares about him. Sheridan says she doesn’t know why she is worried about him, after what he did to her, by lying to her. Ethan can’t believe that Luis doesn’t know that Sheridan overheard him say he was using her. Sheridan says she was about to tell him, when Sam Bennett showed up. Ethan asks if she told Julian this? Sheridan says she did and she hates to think about what might happen. Sheridan says she may go back to Paris. Ethan says she can’t there are people there who want her dead. Sheridan says once she testifies it will all be over. Ethan wants her to stay for his wedding, besides she is safe in Harmony. Sheridan asks about the wedding plans. Ethan says Theresa has been taking care of everything. He wishes Gwen were more interested in planning it then she is. Ethan wishes Gwen was there, he misses her. Sheridan says since Theresa is taking care of things, it isn’t necessary for Gwen to be there. Ethan says he misses her. Ethan looks concerned. Sheridan asks what’s wrong? He says he is afraid he is losing his friendship with Theresa. Sheridan asks why? If it is because of her and Luis? Ethan says no, it is because he kissed Theresa. Sheridan is stunned. Ethan says he didn’t mean to kiss her; he was listening to her voice, imagining he and Gwen riding in the carriage after the wedding.  The next thing he knew it had changed from Gwen to Theresa.  He says it is because he was hearing Theresa’s voice so naturally he would picture himself kissing her. Sheridan is not convinced. Ethan tells Sheridan he loves Gwen, he is going to marry Gwen, he doesn’t love Theresa. They are friends, period. He says he needs some fresh air, so he leaves, Sheridan goes after him.

Lopez Fitzgerald House

Luis says he is not interested in anything Julian has to say. Sam wants him to hear Julian out. Luis reluctantly agrees. Julian tells him he will make the charges go away. Luis asks how that will happen? Sam says the charges are in the system. Julian says he will take care of it, not to worry. Sam asks about Sheridan, she laid the charges. Julian says he and his father will take care of her.  They want to avoid the publicity a trial would cause. Luis says he won’t be indebted to the Cranes. Julian says it will be hard on Pilar; after all, she will have her pay docked every time she goes to visit him in prison for the next 20 years. Sam asks what happens if Luis accepts his offer, what does he want in return? Julian says a simple thank you. Luis doesn’t believe him. Julian says he wants to protect his sister. So in exchange for dropping all the charges, Luis must stay away from Sheridan. There is to be no contact whatsoever. Julian says he needs Luis to promise he will not say anything to Sheridan about their agreement. Sam encourages Luis to accept the offer. Luis is reluctant because of what the Crane’s have done to his family. Sam reminds him what will happen if he were in prison, how would the family survive without him? Luis asks if this is for real, he doesn’t speak to Sheridan and the charges will be dropped? Julian says if Luis cuts off all contact with Sheridan then the charges will go away, but if he finds out that Luis ahs gone back on his word, the charges will be reinstated and he will spend the next 20 years in jail.
Later, Julian tells Luis he has made a wise decision. All the charges will be dropped. Julian says there is one condition. Luis asks what? Julian says Sheridan must never know about this conversation, ever! Sam wonders how Sheridan will be told? Julian says he and his father will handle Sheridan and not to worry. Luis says it is fine by him. Julian agrees and leaves. Sam tells Luis he can now get on with his life.  Luis says the whole thing is strange, he thought he and Sheridan were building something, but he was wrong. Sam says it doesn’t matter, he has now told Julian he will stay away from her. Luis says he won’t chase a woman who doesn’t want him. Sam tells Luis to stay away from Sheridan or risk having the kidnapping charge reinstated. Luis says he will stay far away from her, from now on, she is on her own!

Paris, France

Roger and Pierre are talking.  Roger says they must get rid of Sheridan, or she will testify against them.  Pierre says she and “the cop” have returned to the United States. Roger says it won’t be a problem getting rid of Sheridan.  Roger assures Pierre that “the cop” will not want to save Sheridan, according to his sources.

Book Café

Theresa and Whitney come in. Whitney is anxious to go, she doesn’t want Chad to think she is chasing him. Theresa says she needs to find a book on love and romance. She picks up a book “The Idiot’s Guide to Love and Romance.” Whitney says her passion is Tennis and nothing else, not even Chad.  Theresa teases Whitney about the look she gets in her eye when she says his name.  Chad comes along and asks how things are going? Theresa thanks him for playing cupid with Ethan. Whitney says she is wasting her time. Theresa says sometimes people don’t realize they are in love. Chad says you can’t put an idea into someone’s head about whom they should love.  They are either in love or they aren’t. Chad says you never know what drives a person. “Like your mom, Whitney.” Whitney “My mom?” Chad says she was in earlier and they actually talked to each other.  He could see that she was upset by something.  He thinks it has to do with the song she was listening to. It made her sad. The song reminded her of something from the past, a loss.  Whitney says her mother has never experienced any losses that she knows of and she never listens to music. Chad thinks it was something that happened a long time ago. Whitney wonders what it would be? Chad says it must be something she doesn’t know about. Whitney can’t believe her mother is hiding something. Her mother is her role model. Chad says all he knows, is she seems so sad, when she heard the song. Whitney looks concerned when she hears this.  Chad notices her eyes, how they sparkle. He says she has her mother’s eyes. Chad says the eyes are the windows of the soul. Theresa says Whitney’s eyes reveal a lot about how she feels. Chad says that’s true and he can tell she is still afraid to let anyone in in case she gets hurt. He says he got her mother to open up. Whitney says he had one conversation with her. Chad says it was the song, and when he was at the club and opened up to Crystal, after she sang, how her music had stirred something in him, he was able to learn about his past. Whitney wishes him luck for tonight. Chad says he has to get back to work.

Theresa is thinking and tells Whitney she knows how to reach Ethan, to show him how much he loves her. She tells Whitney if she is smart she will show Chad that she cares for him. (Whitney and Chad look at each other from across the room.)

Russell House (Eve’s Bedroom)

Eve takes the box and opens it; she pulls out the baby clothes and cries.

Later, Eve calls the Jazz club to find out if Crystal is performing tonight? The manager says he doesn’t know, she didn’t show up for rehearsal.  She packed them in last night but may have left for a better gig.  She thanks him and hangs up. Eve “I am so glad you are gone, Crystal.” “Thank you for leaving before you could tell anyone about my past.”

The Park

Sheridan and Ethan are out for a walk. Ethan notices Theresa’s scarf and picks it up. He says if she knew he had it, she would say it was fate. Sheridan asks if Theresa is on his mind because he kissed her? Ethan says Gwen makes him happy, he is marrying Gwen. He is not in love with Theresa. Sheridan says she just wants him to be happy. He says he is happy, with Gwen. Sheridan tells Ethan she was wrong about Luis and now she is on her own.

The Harmony Jazz Club

Crystal comes in; the manager is surprised to see her. He thought she had left. She says no, this is too good of a gig and she isn’t going anywhere no matter what happens.

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