Passions Wednesday May 17, 2000


Passions Update Wednesday 5/17/00  

by Stephanie


The Russell House (Eve’s Bedroom)

Eve pulls a box out of the closet, she opens it up, inside is a cassette tape. She puts the cassette on it plays “My baby’s gone.”  She thinks back to singing the song at the club, while she was pregnant.  She says, “It seems like a lifetime ago.”

The Book Café

Chad asks Whitney what makes her think he would turn his life upside down for her? Whitney says he was staying for a woman. Chad replies he said a woman, not a girl. If he had feelings for her, he would tell her. She tells him to forget it. Chad “I get it, since you have feelings for me that means I must have feelings for you?” Whitney angrily tells him, she would not have feelings for him, if he were the last man on earth!

The Park

Theresa tells Ethan to close his eyes, imagine it is a beautiful spring day; the smell of fresh flowers is in the air. You are riding in the carriage, next to the woman who is now your wife. You are setting out on your life together. (Ethan pictures himself kissing Gwen.) Suddenly it changes from Ethan kissing Gwen to Ethan kissing Theresa. In reality, Ethan really is kissing Theresa. Ethan pulls away “My, God, Theresa!”

Crane Mansion (Julian’s Office)

Alistair tells Julian they must keep Sheridan and Luis apart. Julian says he knows what is at stake, if Sheridan were to find out what they had done. (Julian tries on the “Luis” mask) Alistair says it would be disastrous for the future; he would dig up all their family secrets.

(The door opens, Sam Bennett comes in.) Julian quickly hides the mask. Sam says he is there to discuss Luis.

Lopez Fitzgerald House (Back Yard)

Luis asks Sheridan what she wants? She says she came to see his mother. She didn’t know he was there. He asks if she expected him to be in Jail? She says that she is surprised to see him. Luis says he was able to “get sprung.” “So you didn’t get everything you wanted.” Sheridan says she wasn’t happy about him being in jail. Luis tells her she is a liar!

Credits Roll

Lopez Fitzgerald House (Back Yard)

Sheridan denies being a liar. Luis says he saved her life in Paris, and since things didn’t go her way, she had him arrested. Thanks to her, his family is now in serious trouble. Sheridan says she didn’t want things to go this far. Luis asks her what she expected to happen? They have taken away his job. “If you want to find my mother, she is probably at your house, scrubbing floors.” Sheridan thinks that Luis blames her for everything that has gone on. She says she has never lied to him about anything, which is more than he can say to her. Luis asks what it is he lied to her about? Sheridan can’t believe he is acting like he doesn’t know. Luis says fine, he doesn’t care.  Sheridan says she never meant things to go this far, but she was angry with him for what he did to her. Luis says he didn’t do anything to her. She says before she left Harmony, he lied to her. Luis has no idea what she is talking about.

Crane Mansion (Julian’s Office)

Sam asks Julian to drop the charges. Julian says it was Sheridan who laid them and he can’t do anything. Sam says Luis is a good man and his career could be ruined. Julian tells Sam, that if Sheridan had been in any real danger, she would have contacted him and the family would have taken care of it. Sam argues that Luis didn’t have time to call anyone; he had to get Sheridan out of there. Julian says Luis will have plenty of time, up to 40 years to consider his actions. Julian says he heard Sam used his house as collateral for bail. Sam says he did but doesn’t feel it is any of Julian’s business. Julian says it is his business since he owns the bank. He doesn’t think Luis was a good risk; after all, his father disappeared when the going got rough. Sam says Luis is a good man and that was Julian’s version of what happened to Luis’s father. Julian hopes he is right; after all, Sam could lose his house and his family. Sam feels he has wasted his time trying to talk to him and leaves.

Russell House (Eve’s Bedroom)

Eve says she would do it all over again, if she had to. She thinks back on talking to Crystal at the club the other evening. Eve wanted Crystal to leave. Eve “I hope you left town.”

Book Café (Front Counter)

Whitney asks Chad, what makes him think he has a chance with her? Chad says she is the one that is pining for him. She says he is dreaming! Chad says she thought he was staying for her. Whitney says he said he was staying for a woman, she assumed… Chad says if she wasn’t in love with him, then she wouldn’t have jumped to that conclusion. He wants her to tell him how she feels about him. She tells him she thinks he is conceited, cocky and an underachiever. He says those are a lot of words for someone she doesn’t care about. Whitney says he sees life as a joke, he has no goals. He thinks girls will just fall all over him. HE says he can’t help it if that happens. She says she won’t be one of them. Chad thinks she is in love with him. He says if he felt that about her, he would tell her, not hide his feelings like Ethan does for Theresa. Whitney says he should not encourage Ethan, he is marrying Gwen. Chad says if Ethan marries Gwen, he will regret it. Chad thinks Ethan should see what is right in front of him. Whitney feels he shouldn’t put ideas in Ethan’s head. Chad says you can’t put ideas in someone’s head about whom they love.  Either he loves Theresa or he doesn’t. He would do that for Whitney, if she would let him. Whitney assures him she has no feelings for him, and she never will. Chad says fine, whatever. She asks what made him decide to stay in Harmony? A girlfriend? He says no, it was his mother. Whitney is surprised to hear he found his mother. He says he hasn’t found her yet, but he will, he found someone who can tell him about his mother. She is the singer at the jazz club, her last name is Harris (the same as his) and her father’s name is Chad (the same as his.) She let his mother use those names for the baby, he believes. He hopes she will tell him everything today.

The Park

Ethan pulls away and apologizes for kissing her. He says she must think he is a jerk. She says not to worry about it; he got caught up in the moment. He says he admires her, she always sees the good in people. She says only in the people who are important to her. He is glad she considers he and Gwen to be some of those people. He says he feels bad about kissing her, here she is doing all this work, and he comes across like an old letch. He says he doesn’t know what got into him. She says it was Love.  He kissed her because he is in love. Ethan says that doesn’t make sense. Theresa says he kissed the woman you love.  He was caught up in the fantasy. Ethan says he closed his eyes, pictured he and Gwen coming out of the church in the carriage as husband and wife. He kissed Gwen, but when he pulled away it was you (Theresa.) He thinks it was because he heard Theresa’s voice. He says it is a good thing Gwen wasn’t here; she would have thought something was going on. Theresa agrees, she might think that. She asks what he thinks of using it for the wedding? He thinks it will be perfect. He thinks back on what Chad told him, that he might have feelings for Theresa. Theresa asks what he is thinking? He says he has an appointment and leaves. Theresa “He is falling for me, I’m sure of it!”

Lopez Fitzgerald House (Back Yard)

Luis asks why she left? She is about to answer, when Sam arrives. He apologizes for interrupting. She says it is ok, she was just leaving. Sam says it is nice they were able to talk. Luis says they were speaking two different languages. Luis says Sheridan thinks he lied to her about something, but she wouldn’t tell him what it was. Sam says he has more important things to worry about. Sam tells him everyone at the station is behind him. Luis thanks him for putting the house up for bail. Luis won’t disappoint him.  Sam knows that, he isn’t worried. Sam says he went to see Julian Crane, to try to get him to drop the charges, but no luck. Luis says the Crane’s probably want him to hang. Sam says the Crane’s have the mayor and anyone else of any influence in their back pocket. Sam says he has to ask Luis something and wants him to take his time answering it; it could affect his whole future. Sam asks Luis if he took Sheridan by force onto the plane, knocked her out and then pretended to be her boyfriend to bypass security? Luis says he did, he is guilty as charged. Sam asks if Sheridan said she didn’t want to leave Paris? Luis says she did on several occasions. Sam says in that case, it really is kidnapping. Luis says he saved her life. Sam says it doesn’t matter; for all intents and purposes he kidnapped Sheridan Crane. Luis says he saved her life. Sam says the Crane’s don’t care and will do whatever they need to, to destroy him!

Book Café (Patio)

Theresa comes running in, and wants to talk to Whitney.  Whitney is talking to Chad and asks if it can wait? Theresa says no, it is important. Theresa drags Whitney off to talk. Theresa tells Whitney Ethan kissed her. Whitney asks “on the cheek?” Theresa says no, it was a kiss like Pacey gave Joey in last week’s Dawson’s Creek rerun. Whitney says Ethan probably thought he was kissing Gwen. Theresa he told me that at first he thought he was, but then he realized it was I. Whitney says she knows why Ethan kissed her. Theresa says it is because Ethan loves her. Whitney says if Ethan loves her, it is because Chad put the idea in his head. Theresa says people don’t fall in love because someone put an idea in their head. She says Ethan kissed her and he meant it! Whitney says he kissed a pretty girl but that doesn’t mean he is in love with her. Theresa says she knows what she knows. Whitney says Ethan is marrying Gwen and that’s all there is too it. Theresa says since Whitney is hiding her feelings for Chad that means Ethan is doing the same thing? Whitney says she is tired of hearing about Chad. Theresa says she can’t live without Ethan and when Whitney has experienced a love like that, she will understand.

Book Café (Front Counter)

Eve comes in; she doesn’t see Chad at first, because he is working below the counter, putting something away. He stands up, he sees her looking around. He talks to her, asks if she hates him that much that she can’t order a cup of coffee from him? He says he never meant her or any of her family any harm. She doesn’t answer. He asks her if she is all right? She asks if he said something? He says when he first arrived, he was all attitude, expecting everyone to take him at face value but he has learned. There is more to it than that and he knows it. She says it was never anything personal about him associating with Whitney and Simone. Chad says he understands that, and hopefully today, he will have some issues resolved for him. She tells him to be careful, not to get his hopes up too high. Because then when things don’t work out, it hurts too much. He says it won’t happen for him, things will work out this time, he is sure of it. She says she was thinking about something earlier and the pain from all those years ago is still there, it never really left. He asks if there is anything he can do to help? She says no, but thank you.  She says no one can help her.

Later, Eve is sitting at a table, having a coffee.  Chad is staring at her. He goes over to her and says, “I got it.” “I know what’s bothering you so much.” “I figured it out.”

The Crane Mansion (Ethan’s Room)

Ethan calls Gwen. She asks how the wedding plans are coming? He says they are coming along well; today they were looking into a romantic carriage ride after the ceremony. Gwen thinks that would be wonderful. Ethan says he misses her and wishes she were there. Gwen says he has Theresa to help with everything. Ethan tells her to quit her job and come home. She doesn’t have to work. He says he needs her. Gwen asks if something happened? Ethan thinks back on kissing Theresa. Gwen says she knows what’s going on. She says instead of being with the woman he loves, he was with Theresa, an employee. Ethan says he longs to be with her, because he is with someone he doesn’t love. He says that’s it exactly! He wants her to come home. She says she can’t she has to finish her work, but she will be home soon.  Ethan says everything is fine; he loves her, misses her and wants her home as soon as she can. Gwen says she loves him too and hangs up.

Crane Mansion (Julian’s Office)

Julian says he is sorry that Alistair gave her such a hard time over the bad publicity. Sheridan says she doesn’t want to talk to him or Luis or anyone else about it any more! Julian is surprised to she was talking to Luis. Sheridan says she went over looking for Pilar but ended up talking to Luis.  She hoped they could get this whole mess straightened out. Sheridan says she would like Luis to know that she knows he lied to her.  He didn’t get the chance to pull the wool over her eyes this time. Julian says what’s the point, she knows how Luis feels. Sheridan says she would like to tell him to his face. She thinks she will go and talk to him again.  Julian says he will go. He hurries out of the office.

Later, Sheridan is staring out the window “I thought you cared about me.” “How could I have been so wrong?” “One of these days you will tell me, Luis.”

Lopez Fitzgerald House (Living Room)

Luis says the case will be heard in Boston, not Harmony. Sam says the Crane’s have influence there too. Luis says he is not afraid of Julian Crane, bring him on. (There is a knock at the door.)

Luis opens the door; Julian Crane is standing there.


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