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Lopez Fitzgerald House (Back yard)

Whitney arrives and talks to Theresa.  She asks Theresa if she has seen Luis in Boston? Theresa says no, he wouldn’t allow any of them to see him in jail. Theresa doesn’t know when Luis will be released.  Whitney is sure it will all work itself out. Theresa can’t believe Sheridan had Luis arrested. He would never hurt anyone. She hopes Sheridan and Luis get everything worked out before she and Ethan are married. Whitney can’t believe what Theresa is saying. Theresa insists today is the day Ethan realizes he is in love with her (Theresa) and not Gwen.

Recreation Center

Ethan is talking to Gwen on his cell phone. He says it is her fault he lost his squash game. She says she wasn’t even there. He tells her he was thinking about her instead of the game. He says he will pick her up at the airport tonight when she arrives. She says she needs to stay in New York for a few more days. Her career is important to her and it will be important after they are married. Ethan knows it and offers to come and see her there. She says she would love too but is far too busy. He is disappointed. Gwen says they have the rest of their lives to be together. He tells her he loves her, and will see her soon. He hangs up and heads for the Book Café.

The Book Café

Chad is looking at a poster of Crystal at the Jazz Club.  Ethan comes in and sees him staring at it. Chad tells him he went out last night to hear some jazz and ran into her. She can help him with his family. She will be able to lead him to his past.

Harmony Hotel

Crystal is thinking back on her conversation with Chad. She told him she knew his mother and his father. Crystal comes back to reality and says, “Yes, I can tell you but should I?” Boston Police Station (Jail Cell)

Tina comes to see Luis; she tells him she has good news for him. He is being released. He wonders who put up the bail? She suggests Sheridan Crane, since she has money. Luis says if that is the case, he will wait in jail rather than take her “Guilt money.” Hank shows up and tells him Sam put the money up and he is here to take him home.

Crane Mansion (Julian’s Office)

Julian is talking to Alistair. Julian tells Alistair to calm down. Alistair says he doesn’t like to see the Crane name splashed across the front page. “Sheridan mixed up with drug dealers”

Julian says he has control of the local press. Alistair says it is too little too late. Sheridan and Luis are both back in the US. Julian says Sheridan will never learn what he did to her. Alistair says if she finds out, all could be lost. (Sheridan walks in)

Credits Roll

Lopez-Fitzgerald House (Back yard)

Whitney asks Theresa what she is up to? Theresa says Ethan will realize he is in love with her. Whitney reminds Theresa Ethan is marrying Gwen. Theresa says she will tell Whitney that when they are at the “rehearsal dinner for her marriage to Ethan.” Theresa says even Chad agrees with her. Whitney says Chad doesn’t know anything about love, the only thing he has had, have been one-night stands. Whitney says she is glad Chad is leaving. Theresa says at least she won’t have to fight her feelings for Chad any more. Whitney says there are no feelings to fight. Whitney says when she falls in love it will be someone like her father. Theresa says if Whitney gave Chad the slightest hint she was interested, he would respond. Whiney says she is not interested in giving Chad a “hint” of anything! Theresa and Whitney head out for the Book café.

Book Café

Ethan is surprised to learn that “Crystal’s” father’s name is “Chad Harris.” Chad says she allowed her friend to use her father’s name. Chad says he doesn’t expect his family to welcome him with open arms but it would be nice to know who they are. Ethan says maybe his family is looking for him. Perhaps they weren’t able to keep him. Chad thinks his old man split when he found out his mother was pregnant. Ethan says perhaps one of them was married. Imagine what it would be like to know you married the wrong person. You would be tied to them forever, knowing the person you loved was someone else. Chad asks if he is talking about Chad’s parents or himself? Chad asks if it is possible Ethan is marrying the wrong woman? Ethan says he is marrying Gwen; he loves her, no one else. He feels Chad doesn’t know what he is talking about! Chad apologizes. Ethan says he doesn’t know any other women. Chad asks about Theresa, could Ethan be in love with her? (Whitney and Theresa walk in,) Ethan asks Theresa why she wanted to see him? Theresa says she has an idea for the wedding. He asks her to tell him what it is. She says she wants to show him, she leads him off. Whitney tells Chad she thought he was leaving. He says he was but that was until I realized there was a woman who he couldn’t walk away from. Whitney “You are staying for a woman?” Chad “I was so excited, I could hardly sleep a wink.” Whitney “Listen, I am sorry if I hurt your feelings, but I am not interested in you that way.” Chad “You have an ego the size of a house, I said I was staying for a woman, not a girl!” “I an not like Ethan, who can’t admit his feelings.” “If I had feelings for you, I would tell you.” (Whitney walks away, clearly embarrassed.) “You think since you have feelings for me, I must have them for you?”

Boston Police Station (Jail Cell)

Luis wonders where Sam got that kind of money? Hank says he used the house as collateral. Luis says he wished it weren’t necessary and if it hadn’t been for Sheridan, he wouldn’t be in this mess. Hank says he and Sheridan have been getting along well lately. They were out last night to the jazz club, when he brought her home; she gave him quite the kiss. Luis says he wishes him luck. Hank hopes Sheridan really is out of Luis’s life for good. Luis says she is. Tina comes to get Luis out of his cell. She tells him that when two people have feelings for each other, like he and Sheridan do…he needs to know what went wrong. Luis is released from jail and leaves.

Crane Mansion (Julian’s Office)

Alistair asks Julian what he is doing? Julian tells him Sheridan just walked in and surprised him. Sheridan is sure they were talking about her, the latest scandal she has brought down on their good family name. Alistair says the details of her “affair with a seedy drug dealer” made the paper. She says she didn’t know he was a drug dealer.  She does say that since it was Luis who saved her life, it was nice to know someone gave a damn about her. She knows neither her brother nor her father do! (She walks out.) Julian hopes she didn’t hear their earlier conversation. Alistair says if Sheridan and Luis are ever in contact again, it will only be a matter of time before they figure it out and she realizes he was never using her at all! Julian “They won’t, I will make sure of it.” Alistair “Don’t make promises, you can’t keep Julian!” (Julian is looking at the “Luis” mask) He says Sheridan will never learn the lengths he went to, to keep them apart. Sheridan comes back (Julian quickly hides the mask); she wants to apologize for her rudeness earlier. Julian tells her not to worry about it. He wants to talk to her (She isn’t sure if Alistair is listening). Julian says Alistair hung up a while ago (He is really listening in on their conversation.) Julian says he and Alistair do care. Sheridan doesn’t believe him. He says he is worried about her, she wonders why? Julian says she seems to get involved with the wrong men. He wonders if she is softening towards Luis? Sheridan says he saved her life, several times. She thinks Julian should appreciate what Luis has done for her. Julian says he does but she shouldn’t treat him as a hero, he did kidnap her after all. Sheridan says he has paid for his actions, many time over. She regrets pressing charges against him. Julian says, “Luis is a user and a liar.” He says he tried to warn her. Sheridan wonders how he knew Luis was using her before she knew it herself. She only told him about the telephone call after he told her Luis was using her. So how did he know? Julian says Luis has had a vendetta against the Crane’s for a very long time. Sheridan says the problem between the families go way back. Julian says Luis was never able to get close enough until now. Sheridan says she and Luis got to know each other and he admitted he was wrong out the family. She wonders why he would bother saving her life, if he wanted to hurt her? Julian says it was the perfect scheme and it worked because she fell for it. Sheridan says he followed her all the way to Paris! Julian believes if she hadn’t had him arrested for kidnapping he probably would have asked for ransom. Sheridan says he would never have done that! Julian reminds her she never expected him to use her either! Sheridan says if she hadn’t heard Luis on the phone and seen him with her own eyes, she would never have believed it. Julian says she must believe it and never forget it!

Later, Julian “If Sheridan is softening towards Luis, it’s over now.” “I did a good job of destroying her self esteem.” Alistair “If you believe that, you are an even bigger fool than I thought.” “She is not as gullible as you believe she is.” “She has romantic feelings for her Latin lover.” “We have everything to be afraid of and everything to lose.” “If your sister tells Luis what she thinks she saw…” Julian “I will keep them apart.” Alistair “Once Luis unearths a secret, he will keep going until he has unearthed them all!”

Lopez Fitzgerald House (Back Yard)

Later, Hank and Luis arrive home. Luis says he has got to get to work. Hank tells him he has been suspended from work, without pay. Luis wonders how his family will make the mortgage? Hank offers Luis money, but Luis refuses to take it. He wonders where Hank got the money? Hank says he earned it. Luis asks if there is a job going? Hank says he wouldn’t like it. Luis says, “No good deed goes unpunished.” He wonders what he did to Sheridan that would make her act this way. He says he saved her life and this is how she repays him, by having him arrested for kidnapping? He asks Hank if she said anything? Hank thinks back on his conversation with Sheridan “I am so confused, I wish I knew why he kissed me.” “Could you talk to him, Hank?” Hank agreed to talk to Luis.

Hank comes back to reality and tells Luis he has no idea, but she was angry with him for bringing her back to the States by force. Luis wonders if he should talk to Sheridan and try to get it straightened out? Hank says Luis already knows how she feels.  He should get himself a lawyer. Luis thinks maybe Hank is right. Hank offers to take him to lunch, but Luis says he has work to do. Hank leaves, shutting the gate behind him. Luis “I just don’t get it.” Luis is thinking about the time he has spent with Sheridan, going out, ice skating, dancing.

The Park

Theresa shows Ethan the horse drawn carriage. She says it will be perfect for the wedding day. He says he pictured them leaving the ceremony by limousine. She says it will be very romantic, leaving by carriage. She tells him to imagine he is with the woman he loves, they are just setting out on married life. Theresa says imagine it is a beautiful spring day; you have just married the woman you love and are starting out on married life together. (Ethan imagines he and Gwen together in the carriage rose petals falling softly.) (He imagines kissing Gwen.) Suddenly it changes from Ethan kissing Gwen to Ethan kissing Theresa.)

Back to reality, Ethan is kissing Theresa passionately.

The Crane Mansion (Sheridan’s Cottage)

Sheridan is thinking about the time she spent with Luis, going out, dancing, and “Acting like he cared.”

Harmony Hotel

Crystal wants to tell him but people will get hurt. Later, Crystal is thinking back on Chad, “I have this hole inside me.” “This emptiness.” Crystal “Poor kid, he deserves to know.” “Do I have the right to tell you?” (She picks up the phone) “I would like a bus ticket out of Harmony.”

Lopez Fitzgerald House (Back Yard)

The back gate is closed; Luis is working in the back yard. A voice is heard “Pilar, I really need to talk to you.” (The gate opens; Sheridan slips through the door and sees Luis.)
Sheridan and Luis stare at one another.


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