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Passions Update Monday 5/15/00  

by Stephanie

Tabitha’s House

Timmy is practicing his dancing, when Tabitha comes in with a diving rod. Timmy asks what she is doing? She says it is a divining rod and it is used to find water. He asks why she wants to find water? She says she doesn’t, it is also a “witches stick” and it will point her in the right direction. Something is going to happen tonight to a prominent citizen of Harmony.  She wants to be there when it does! The diving rod leads her and Timmy out of the house.

Boston Police Department (Jail Cell)

Tina says she saw passion between Luis and Sheridan, no matter what he says. He says they shared a couple of kisses but that was it. Then it was over. Tina wonders what the misunderstanding was between them? Luis has no idea. Tina wonders if it is something to do with her family? He says it is possible but she is very independent and would do the exact opposite of what they wanted just to prove a point. 

Harmony Jazz Club

Eve sees Crystal’s picture and thinks back Eve “If you say one thing, my whole future will be at risk.” Crystal “Well, you know me, it’s hard to keep a secret.”

Eve (Back to reality) “I have to find her before she says anything that could be disastrous for my life.”

Julian is having a drink.  A young man approaches him.  Julian sees him and says, “What the hell are you doing here?” (Julian thinks back on when he had the young man impersonate Luis.).

A Table

Crystal, Chad and Simone are talking. Chad really wants to know who is parents are? Crystal says she can tell him who is mother and father are. Chad asks her to tell him everything.  

Crane Mansion (Julian’s Office)

Ethan suggests Sheridan call Pilar and tell her to have the maids clean the cottage. Sheridan does not want to wake her at that hour.  She is looking through the desk for a pen, (The “Luis” mask is sticking out of the drawer).

Credits Roll

Harmony Jazz Club

Eve comes in, looking for Crystal. She sits at the other end of the bar (and doesn’t see Julian). She asks the Bartender where Crystal is? He says she is over there but is talking to someone just now. She asks the Bartender to let her know when she is finished; she is an old friend of Crystals’. She has to find Crystal to convince her to leave town.

The Bar

Julian and the young man are talking. Julian tells him that they fooled Sheridan into believing “he” was Luis. The young man is surprised it worked. Julian says it worked so well, she left for Paris. The young man asks since everything is finished, what difference does it make, if he remains in Harmony. He asks where the mask is kept? Julian says it is in a “safe place.”

Julian sees “Dr. Eve” sitting at the other end of the bar, “all alone.”

Eve asks the Bartender if Crystal is finished? He says no, she is still talking to them.

(Julian makes his way towards her.) Eve “I have to talk to her.” Julian “Well Eve, I already know.” Eve “You do?” “You know why I am here?” Julian “Of course, to get away from your boring little life with TC for a while.” Eve “I like my life.” Julian “I know what you like…I remember.” Eve “Well, there is something you could do for me, and only you can do it.” Julian “What is it?” “Just tell me and I will do it.” Eve “Some privacy.” “You can help me by leaving me alone.” Eve asks the bartender where the telephone is? He says it is by the woman’s washroom. She goes over to use the phone.

A Table

Crystal says she wants a few minutes; just to be sure she gets it right and doesn’t make a mistake.  He pleads with her to tell him. Simone says you have waited this long a few more minutes won’t make a difference will it? She thinks Chad should give Crystal a few minutes to get her story straight for him, Chad reluctantly agrees. Chad asks Crystal what his mother was like? Crystal says she was under a lot of pressure. Chad asks why? Crystal is crying.  Crystal says his mother was in a lot of pain. Chad asks if she was sick? Crystal says no, it was emotional. A man comes to the table and tells Crystal that the manager would like to see her. There is someone from the radio station to interview her. Crystal tells Chad she will be right back. Crystal leaves. Chad thanks Simone for all of her help and support with finding his family.  She asks if this means he will be staying in harmony? He says he thinks he may. She says she has to use the washroom.

Tabitha and Timmy arrive. The divining rod has led them there. “This is the place where all the action will be tonight.” “Chad, Simone at on table.” “Dr Russell would blow a gasket if she saw Simone here.” “Well, well, Dr Russell and Julian Crane..”  “If Eve moves, just so, she will see Simone with Chad.” “All the pain and suffering will be here tonight.”

Tabitha and Timmy take a table. Tabitha sees Eve and Simone heading for the washroom at the same time “Eve is just about to run into her youngest daughter.”

Later, Timmy says he is tired and wants to go home. Tabitha says too many good things are going to happen here tonight to go home now! Tabitha notices the young man standing by himself and thinks he looks familiar. Timmy says he looks like the police officer “Luis Lopez Fitzgerald.” Tabitha calls the young man over and invites him to have his palm read. The young man agrees and she tells him that she can “see he is an actor.” “He recently played a police officer.” He says she is right and asks if she “sees” anything else? She says no, so he leaves. Tabitha “Julian Crane hired him to play a police officer, it has something to do with Sheridan.”  Timmy wonders why Tabitha hates the Cranes? She explains she has had several run ins with the Cranes “over the years.” and wants them to suffer.

Ladies Washroom

Simone is standing in line talking to someone who says she looks like she is having a good time.  Eve is using the phone (She has her back to Simone). When Eve hangs up the phone, the line has moved and Eve just misses seeing Simone. Eve heads back for the bar.

The Bar:

Eve sits down again, Julian is still there, he won’t leave her alone, and she picks up a knife and threatens to do surgery on “little Julian” that not even Viagara would fix!

Later, Simone comes back to the table. Crystal comes back and says that she is going to be longer than she thought. She asks Chad if they can talk tomorrow? He agrees and gives her his number. She promises to call him tomorrow.  Chad and Simone get ready to leave.

Simone realizes she has forgotten her keys at the table, if her parents have to let her in at home, she will be “grounded for life.” She and Chad go back to the table to find them. Chad checks his pockets and realizes he has her keys. He offers to drive her home.  They leave.

Meanwhile, Eve has found Crystal. Eve tells her she wants her to leave town. Crystal can’t believe it. She says she has so many things to tell her (Eve). Eve doesn’t want to hear it; she is married, with a family and is a doctor. She doesn’t want Crystal to do anything to disrupt that life. Eve “If you remember being my friend, all the risks I took for you, you will do this for me.” (Eve walks out.)

Crystal “Sorry, Eve, I don’t think I can do that.” (Julian sees the whole thing)

Eve leaves the club, walks past the picture of Crystal and says, “Once you are gone, I will be safe.”

Boston Police Station (Jail Cell)

Tina says she saw Luis kiss Sheridan on the security camera. Luis says he was ½ asleep and didn’t know what he was doing.  He thought she was dead, then realized she was alive and that’s why he kissed her. She wonders how he would kiss Sheridan if he were awake? He thinks back on kissing Sheridan.  Luis says something happened but he doesn’t know what it was.  Tina says maybe she was afraid of getting hurt, so she backed off. Luis agrees it is possible. Tina thinks he should ask her what happened. Luis says forget it. Tina thinks Sheridan is the woman for him. Luis says it all worked out for the best, since his father left, he is responsible for his family.  He doesn’t have time for relationships. He says out of all the women he has met, Sheridan was the one he considered having a future with. Tina wants him to tell her everything that happened leading up to Sheridan slapping him. She wonders if he said something. Luis insists he didn’t say anything. They had a nice time, they kissed. Later he left a message on her machine telling her how much he had enjoyed himself and he wanted to see her again. Tina asks what happened? Luis says they got together, she came in, told him she never wanted to see him again, slapped him and that was it. Tina says she is going to call Sheridan and find out exactly what happened. She calls Sheridan’s number, the phone rings. Luis takes the phone and hangs up. Luis feels if Sheridan has something to say, she can come to him, he is not going to her. Tina says he is being stubborn, they make a great couple. Luis says they are not a couple. They never will be and they will never have “true love” together. Tina “So, you are not in love with Sheridan.” Luis “No, and she is not in love with me.” Tina “Well, I don’t believe it.” “I have seen the passion between you two.” Luis “Sheridan is the reason I am here, in jail.” Tina “I know but I still believe I am right and one of these days you two are going to realize it.” “Then, watch out…”

Crane Mansion (Julian’s Office)

Ethan says he has a pen, he found one in her purse.  Sheridan says when she was little she used to think that room held all the Crane secrets.  Now she is an adult and she still doesn’t know anything. Ethan says he has never been in here, without father and grandfather. Sheridan says she has, once. She tells Ethan how Julian caught her in there, kissing Luis. Ethan can’t believe it. She brought Luis here into “the sanctuary.” Sheridan says they were snooping for something to prove that the Crane’s were not involved in Luis’s father’s disappearance. Ethan “You trusted him enough to bring him here.” Sheridan “I trusted the wrong man in the past and now too.” “I trusted Jean Luc and he turned out to be a drug dealer.” Ethan “What if you are wrong about Luis.” Sheridan “I am not wrong.” “I heard him say he was using me.” “And it really hurt.” Ethan “I know, I’m sorry.” Sheridan “He was lying to me.” “Maybe if things…” “I doubt I will ever find true love.” Ethan and Sheridan tidy up the office so Julian won’t know they were there. She thinks Julian will not be pleased to know she is back. Ethan wonders why? Sheridan says Julian wanted her to go back to Paris. Sheridan closes the drawer on the desk (containing the mask). Sheridan says one day this will be his “domain.” Ethan says perhaps it will be. Sheridan says there is no doubt about it, after all Julian won’t live forever. She thinks that all the Crane secrets are hidden in the safe.

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