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Russell House (Kitchen)

Kay and Simone are talking. Kay tells Simone she will come up with a plan to help Chad find his family.  She believes if Chad finds this family, then he will stay in Harmony.  Simone feels its hopeless and there is nothing they can do. Kay tells her not to be so negative.

Harmony Jazz Club

Chad and Crystal are talking.  Chad says since he has Crystal’s father’s name then she must know something about his family.  Crystal is reluctant to tell him, but he pleads with her to tell him who his family is?

Russell House (Eve’s Bedroom)

Eve is thinking back on Blue Note Club, singing on stage, Julian Crane is watching her.

Crane Mansion (Julian’s Office)
Julian is listening to music “all alone in the world.”

Ethan and Ivy are outside talking.  Ethan tells Ivy that Luis rescued Sheridan. But now he is in Jail.  Sheridan had him arrested, for kidnapping. Ivy is surprised to hear this and thinks Pilar must be very upset.  Ethan says he is going to talk to Sheridan and find out exactly what happened. (He leaves, and Ivy enters Julian’s office.)

Julian is singing along to the music. Ivy wants to know who the singer is? Julian tells her he doesn’t know.  Ivy does not believe him and says “I know exactly who is no the tape, Julian.”

Crane Mansion (Sheridan’s Cottage)

Sheridan is kissing Hank and believes she is kissing Luis

Credits Roll


Harmony Jazz Club

Chad tells Crystal she has to tell him. Chad’s cell phone rings “Hello, who is this?” It is Simone and she tells him she heard he was leaving.  He says he may not be after all as he has a lead on his family.  Simone is very happy to hear this.  She asks where he is as there is a lot of noise in the background? He tells her he is at the Jazz Club. He tells her he has to go and hangs up. Chad apologizes to Crystal for the interruption. Chad says, “You have to tell me!” Crystal says, “I don’t have to tell you a damn thing!” Chad apologizes but he just wants to know about his family.  Crystal says she understands, he can talk to her. Chad asks her again to help him. Crystal says you have to know where you came from in order to know where you are going. She agrees to tell him. Crystal is just about to tell him everything, when the bartender tells her to get ready for the next “set.” She tells Chad she will talk to him after the show. He says he will wait right there. Crystal gets up on stage and dedicates her song to “new friends.”

Simone arrives and Chad asks her why she came? She says she wanted to help him find his family. She asks him to tell her everything.  He says he has found someone who can lead him to his family. Simone asks who it is? Chad indicates that it is Crystal (She is on stage singing). Simone is worried her mother will find her at the club. Chad says, “Prim and proper Dr Russell would never be caught in a place like this.” He doubts she has ever set foot in a club.

Russell House (Kitchen)

Simone tells Kay that Chad is at the Jazz club. Kay wants her to go and see him. Simone says she couldn’t go. Her mom would never let her go and she isn’t old enough to get in.

Kay says she can fix that, don’t worry about a thing. Simone doesn’t look convinced.

Russell House (Eve’s Bedroom)

Eve is thinking back on the night at the club, she told Crystal she was pregnant. Crystal asked her if she wanted a little girl? Eve said she would like a son. Eve comes back to reality and says it is good that Crystal is gone, if she were to tell anyone her “secret”, it would destroy her whole world. Eve is thinking about Crystal, she can’t seem to get her out off her mind. Eve says Crystal was a good friend, but she knows what happened and her secret has to stay buried. No one can know, ever! Eve decides to head downstairs to have a glass of warm milk. That will help her sleep.

Russell House (Living Room/Kitchen)
Simone is wearing a tight leather jacket, long black wig and lots of makeup. Kay says it will be ok, Simone’s mother will never know so she won’t get caught. Kay puts more makeup on Simone. Kay drops the makeup bag with a crash. Eve comes in (The girls hide). Eve sees the makeup bag on the floor and puts it back in her purse. Eve goes back to the kitchen and the girls sneak out. Eve reads the newspaper (the ad for Crystal appearing at the Jazz Club is on the other side of the paper.) Eve sees the ad for Crystal and says “What it god’s name is she doing in Harmony.” “I have to find her and convince her to leave town.” “One word to the wrong person and my whole world is blown apart.” “I have to get over there and talk to her.”

Crane Mansion (Julian’s Office)

Julian says he doesn’t know what she is talking about. She says it is one of his “harem.” Julian says that’s right, just one of my “concubines.” He asks her what she wants? She says she needs the Governor’s telephone number and she knows it is in his desk drawer. He tells her to get it herself. She opens his desk drawer “Julian, why do you still have this?” (Luis Mask). “Are you keeping it as a souvenir?” (She waves it in the air.) She says he ruined his sister’s life. Julian insists he was protecting her. Ivy says he came between Sheridan and her “true love.” Julian scoffs at the idea of “true love.” “What would she know about it any way?” Ivy is furious and throws the mask at him. Julian asks Ivy to leave him alone. Ivy says she is sure that him wanting to keep Luis away from the Crane’s has to do with Luis’s fathers’ disappearance. Julian says he was protecting the family, her and especially Ethan. Ivy tells him to put it away before someone sees it. Julian says this is his private sanctuary and no one comes in here. (Julian puts the mask in the desk drawer). Ivy says love is strong and she wonders what will happen is Sheridan ever finds out what he has done. Julian asks her to leave him alone! Ivy says he shouldn’t get too comfortable as head of the Crane family because it won’t last forever. (She leaves). Julian says no wonder he never gets any peace with her around! Julian goes to play the tape but it won’t play, it has been “chewed up” by the tape machine.  He says, “Destruction follows Ivy, wherever she goes.” Julian reads the paper and sees the ad for Crystal appearing at the Jazz Club. He decides to go and see live jazz instead of listening to it on a tape. He leaves for the club.

Crane Mansion (Sheridan’s Cottage)

Sheridan and Hank are kissing. Sheridan pulls away “Hank?” Hank says it was fabulous. Sheridan makes excuses about being tired, after everything that has happened. Hank says she regrets pressing charges against Luis. Sheridan says she does, she wished she hadn’t done it. Hank is sure Sam can straighten it all out. Sheridan hopes he is right. Ethan arrives and Hank makes his excuses, he tells her he will call her in the morning, and leaves. Ethan asks, “Did I see, what I think I saw?” Sheridan “No, there is nothing there between Hank and I.” Ethan “No bells?” Sheridan “No, you know how there are people that you know there is just nothing there…” Ethan “Well, that’s because your heart belongs to Luis.” (Sheridan looks stunned). Sheridan admits she was thinking of Luis when she was kissing Hank. He has been on her mind. Ethan asks if she has feelings for Luis? Sheridan says only anger. Ethan can’t blame her since Luis “kidnapped” her. Sheridan wonders how he knows.  He says Pilar told him. Sheridan is sure Pilar is very upset. Ethan says she is. Ethan says none of this makes any sense. Luis went to Paris at considerable expense to himself, to save her life, then she overhears him on the phone “saying he is using her.” Sheridan thinks back on overhearing Luis’s telephone conversation “Using that little princess.”  Ethan wonders what would happen if she found out she was wrong about Luis? She says that would change everything.

Boston Police Station (Jail Cell)

Tina brings Luis something to eat. She tells him Sheridan is gone. His best friend took her home. She wonders if that bothers him? Luis says it doesn’t, Hank can have her, if he wants. He says he never wants to see her again! Tina says she saw them together and there were sparks. Luis says there is nothing between them. Tina thinks the two of them are in love. Luis says there relationship didn’t get off to a great start. Sheridan ran into his police car, not once, but twice.  Then she was sentenced to 100 hours of community service at the Youth Center where he is manager. Then things got worse between them.  Tina asks if things got better? There was a time they were getting close but something happened and she ended up slapping him across the face. He says it doesn’t matter since he would never fit in with that family. Tina says they seem ok; they give a lot of money to charity. Luis says it is all an act, they are two faced. Tina says Sheridan didn’t seem like that. Luis says he used to think so too, but there is no future for them. Tina says something happened and they need to figure out what it is. If they could then he and Sheridan could work things out. Luis says it won’t happen for them, ever.


Hank is walking, his cell phone rings “Hello.”  “How did you get this number?” “No, I am not into that any more, that part of my life is over.” “Don’t bring her into this.” “Don’t call me again.”

Crane Mansion (Julian’s Office)
Sheridan and Ethan go into Julian’s office. Ethan says no one goes into the office; Julian is very protective of it. Sheridan says she wants to leave a note for the maids to clean the cottage. (She opens the drawer). Ethan says when he was little he used to think all the secrets of the world were in that desk. Sheridan says she wonders what secrets of Julian’s it holds (The mask can be seen peeking out of the drawer.)

Harmony Jazz Club

Julian arrives and says the club brings back memories. He goes in and sees Crystal on stage.  Her set has just finished and she goes to where Chad is sitting at the table with Simone. She is not sure if she should speak in front of Simone.  Chad says it’s cool; Simone is trying to help him find his family too.  Crystal says she can tell him who both his parents are.

Eve arrives and is trying to find Crystal “I have to get to Crystal before she says anything to any one..” “One word to the wrong person could be devastating.”


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