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  Hank’s Car

Hank is driving Sheridan back to Harmony.  She isn’t sure she did the right thing, by having Luis arrested.  She would like to go back and change it.  Hank says she shouldn’t blame herself; Luis brought her back against her will.  Hank feels when Luis is in his “Tarzan mode” nothing can stop him.  Sheridan thinks Luis saved her life, not once, but three times! She should be grateful to him; instead she had him locked up.  She tells Hank to turn the car around and go back to Boston!

Russell House (Kitchen):
Kay is planning how best to destroy Charity’s prom. She is upset she didn’t get the chance to finish watching “Carrie” because then things would have been perfect.  Kay blames Charity for destroying the tape.  Simone defends her by insisting Charity was sleepwalking and she didn’t know what she was doing.  Kay is not convinced. 

Russell House (Front Door):
Whitney looks in the window and sees her mother listening to music.  She is afraid of what will happen if her mother sees her, she wonders if Eve saw her with Chad?

Russell House (Living Room)
Eve is listening to music “my baby’s gone” it reminds her of the Blue Note Club

Blue Note Club

Eve is telling Crystal the “whole story.” How she has to leave Boston and never come back, for her sake.  Crystal is disappointed she won’t be coming back.  Eve needs to start a new life.

TC asks, “What is it?” Eve apologizes for not realizing he was there.  TC asks her why she looks like she has seen a ghost?

Harmony Jazz Club:

Chad asks the Bartender about Crystal (who is on stage singing “my baby’s gone.”).  Chad notices the song was dedicated to a friend.  The bartender doesn’t know anything about it.


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Hank’s Car

Sheridan insists on apologizing to Luis for filing the complaint.  Hank doesn’t think that is a good idea; Luis was in no mood to listen to apologies.  Sheridan says she tried to withdraw it but couldn’t since it was already “in the system.” Sheridan asks if Luis had a message for her? Hank thinks back on his conversation with Luis in which he told Luis that Sheridan was upset he had kissed her.  Hank had asked Luis why he had done it? Hank tells Sheridan that Luis left no message other than he wanted her to stay out of his life. Sheridan decides if that is what Luis wants then it is fine with her! (Hank looks pleased with himself). Hank wonders if she meant what she said about Luis, he was out of her life? Sheridan says if she ever sees Luis it will be too soon! She asks Hank if they can go somewhere, she doesn’t feel like going home right away? She asks him to show her Harmony.

Russell House (Kitchen):
Simone feels that Whitney has turned on her, going after Chad, when she said she wasn’t interested in him! Kay thinks Simone’s parents should be told what happened at the benefit “The dance, Whitney did.” Simone is not sure that is a good idea.  Whitney comes in and Simone asks why she came in the back door, avoiding mom and dad? (Kay and Simone exchange looks)  Simone asks Whitney why she is sneaking around? Whitney insists she isn’t “Sneaking.” Simone wants to know why Whitney is chasing after Chad, after she swore she wasn’t interested? Simone demands to know why Whitney is after her boyfriend? Whitney says she is not after Chad and he is not her boyfriend.  Simone says she saw that sexy dance she did with Chad on television.  Whitney wonders if mom and dad saw it? Whitney explains it was a contest and the Emcee made her do it.  She didn’t know Chad was going to be there.  She went with Theresa and Simone can ask her if she doesn’t believe her.  Simone doesn’t believe her and Whitney says she is wasting her time trying to convince her otherwise!

(Living Room) TC tells Eve he knows how sometimes a song can remind you of something from the past.  How that song is about losing a child, he wonders what it would be like to have a son, someone to carry on the “Russell” name.  Eve has a flashback on the Blue Note Club.  Eve told Crystal she was pregnant. Crystal congratulates her and then asks if she wants a boy or girl? Eve says she wants a boy. 

TC says a boy would be wonderful for the girls, they would love him. TC wonders what she thinks of having another child? Eve says a few years ago it would have been fine, but now…(Voices can be heard from the kitchen.) TC says, “Whitney must be home.” Eve and TC head for the kitchen and find Simone and Whitney arguing.  Whitney “Just don’t tell mom and dad.” TC “Don’t tell Mom and Dad what?” Whitney “That I had an essay I forgot about.” TC “You must keep up with your schoolwork.” Whitney “Don’t worry, I will get an extension and I will get an A.” Eve asks how the benefit went? Whitney says it was very successful and raised a lot of money.  TC says it is good for her to get out now and again.  Eve and TC head for bed.  Whitney tells Kay it was good she kept her mouth shut or else. Kay says she wants Whitney to promise she will stay away from Chad Harris? Whitney says she has no feelings for Chad at all. Simone wants to know if her feelings are just for tonight, if they may change tomorrow? Kay says Chad is a good looking guy who doesn’t have a girlfriend. Whitney says her feelings for Chad will never change. She says it doesn’t really matter, since Chad is planning to leave town. (Simone looks devastated). Simone can’t believe Chad is thinking of leaving.  Whitney says since he couldn’t find his family, there is no point in staying.  Whitney is sorry he wasn’t able to find them.  She heads upstairs to go to bed.  Simone “Chad is leaving town?” “What am I going to do?” Kay “We can come up with a plan so he will stay.” Simone “What?” Kay “We will help him find his family.”

Russell House (Living Room) Whitney “I am glad Chad is leaving.” “It will be better for me, and for all of us, if he just leaves.”

Russell House (Eve and TCs’ bedroom). Eve is singing softly to herself.  TC asks her about the song? He says he often hears her singing and it is too bad the girls don’t have her love of music. He wonders why she always stops singing when he interrupts her? He knows she led a sheltered life with her Aunts, they probably gave her all kinds of lessons, including music lessons.  TC says maybe their son will appreciate music (He hugs her) Eve “Our son.”

Later, TC says he is happy with the family as it is, with out without a son.  TC is lying in Eve’s arms and asks her to sing that song for him. She softly sings, “My baby’s gone, and I’m all alone….”

Harmony Jazz Club

Chad offers to by Crystal a drink, she says it isn’t necessary.  He tells Crystal about how he loves music, he writes songs.  He knows that song means something special to her, the way she was singing it, and it was obvious.  Crystal says it reminds her of her friend, who was an amazing singer.  Chad asks who it was?  What happened to them? Crystal explains she thought her friend could have been a star. She was talented.  Chad asks what stopped her? Crystal says she became pregnant. Chad thinks she could have had a career after the baby was born.  Crystal thinks back on her conversation with Eve, all those years ago.  Eve told her about the baby. Crystal asked about the father? Eve said she couldn’t tell her. Crystal wanted her to stay but Eve felt she couldn’t, there would be too many problems, if she stayed.

Crystal tells Chad her friend had a lot of bad breaks.  Chad says he knows all about bad breaks.  He explains about working in LA and trying to get credit on the song, looking for his family, finding a clue about them, and coming to Harmony to find them.  Crystal says the music business can be rough and wishes him luck in finding his family.  She says the business can be tough. He agrees completely but he is determined to make it.  She asks what his name is so she will know him when he is successful? Chad “My name is Mr. Harris.” Crystal “Are you kidding?” Chad “No, why?” Crystal “Well, I always use my first name for my act, Crystal, but my last name is Harris.”  Chad “No way!” “Maybe we are related?” Crystal says she doesn’t think so since she is not from around Harmony. Crystal asks how long he has been looking for his family? He says about a year, he tells her about Orville, how he was hit by a car and now can’t tell him anything.  Crystal asks him what his first name is? He says “Chad.” Crystal “Your name is Chad?” “That’s impossible.”  Crystal “Chad, it can’t be.” Chad “Do you know who I am?” Crystal “About 19 or 20 years ago, someone asked if they could use my maiden name (Harris) and also borrow my father’s name.” Chad “Which is?” Crystal “Chad.” “My father’s name is Chad Harris.”

Hank and Sheridan arrive, they take a seat at a table and Sheridan says she loves Jazz music. Hank says he wants to show her a wonderful time.  Sheridan says she likes him but is not sure she is ready for another man in her life right now.  She says she has had bad luck with men.  Hank says it isn’t her, it’s just she hasn’t met the right guy. 

Later, Hank takes Sheridan home. She says she is suffering from jet lag and she will have trouble sleeping tonight.  Hank offers to stay but she turns him down.  He says this is the best time he has had in a long time.  She thanks him for not being upset with her for taking out the complaint against Luis.  He says she did what she had to do.  He tells her to get some sleep and to put Luis out of her mind. Sheridan thinks back to a night when Luis brought her home, they shared ice cream cones and he kissed her on the cheek. He apologizes for mentioning his name.  Sheridan says not to worry about it “it will just take time.” Hank “It will take more than that.” (He kisses her.)

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