Passions Tuesday May 9, 2000


Passions Update Tuesday 5/9/00  

Passions Update Tuesday, May 9, 2000


Russell House (Eve and TC’s Bedroom)


Eve is asleep; someone sits on the edge of the bed, Eve “TC?” She leans forward to kiss him, “What are you doing here?” (It’s Julian Crane).


Bennett House (Kay’s Bedroom)

Kay “This is a sign from God.” Simone “I hardly think a video like that, came from God.” Kay “Well, how did it get into my room?” Simone “That’s what I want to know.”  “Are you sure it’s not yours?”  Kay “I am sure I have never seen it before in my life.” Simone “Well, it didn’t appear out of no where.” Kay “Yes, it did just when I needed something, Carrie dropped into my lap.” Simone “But how did it turn up in your room?” (Timmy under the bed thinks about climbing into Kay’s room and leaving the video next to her.)


Miguel’s Room (Lopez-Fitzgerald House)/Charity’s Room (Bennett House)

Miguel “Charity?” Charity “Oh, I’m sorry, I must have dozed off.” Miguel “You should get some sleep.” Charity “I don’t want this day to end.”  Miguel “I know there will be others even better.” “Think about when I take you to the prom.”  Charity “Do you think we will be King and Queen?” Miguel “I hope so.” “I want it to be a night you always remember.”
Charity “Oh no!” She sits up, in a trance like state.  Miguel “Charity, Charity, are you there?”


Boston Police Station (Jail Cell)

Luis is dreaming that he is unable to save Sheridan, over and over again.  He calls Sheridan’s name.  “Luis, I’m here.” He gets up and goes to the cell gate, he kisses Sheridan (Hank comes in and sees the kiss.)


Luis pulls away and says, “Sheridan, I don’t know what came over me, I must have been dreaming.” Sheridan “I thought I heard you say my name.”  “Were you dreaming about me?”


Credits Roll


Boston Police Station (Jail Cell)

Luis says he doesn’t know why he would be dreaming of her? Sheridan says she was sure he called her name, he sounded upset.  Luis says it doesn’t matter it was only a dream.  Sheridan says maybe he was dreaming about saving her life just like he did in real life.  Luis is surprised she admits he saved her life. Sheridan does admit it.  Luis wants to know why she had him arrested?  Sheridan says she wanted to teach him a lesson but never wanted it to go this far.  Luis says since he just kissed her, he thought she would be off filling out another complaint. The way she twists things if she added it to the kidnapping complaint she could put him away for a long time.  Sheridan says she is trying to be nice. Luis says she should do him a favor and stop being so nice.  Sheridan says he is defensive.  Luis says he wonders why, after all, he is only locked up like a thug.  He says he will try to work on his attitude.  She says she thinks he should! He says he thought he was dreaming of someone else.  She asks who? He says Beth.  She says God help Beth, if she ends up with him! Luis says he is tired of looking at her and he wants her to leave.  She says she is tired of looking at him too and walks out.


Russell House (Eve’s Bedroom)

Eve “Are you out of your mind? Julian “Move over.” “You will wake TC.” Eve “If TC sees you, he will kill you.” Julian “Ah yes, TC and that hare trigger temper of his.” Eve “You must be drunk.” Ivy “Well, my husband can make an ass of himself sober or drunk.”  Eve “This can’t be happening, it must be a nightmare.” Ivy “Well, we could make a deal, my husband for Sam.” Julian “Now that sounds good, Eve is far more fun than a cold fish like you, Ivy.” Eve “The biggest mistake of my life Julian, was when I let you touch me for the first time.” TC “What the hell?” Eve “TC, I’m so sorry, if I could go back and change things I would.”

Flashback (Blue Note Club), Eve is the cabaret singer.


Bennett House (Kay’s bedroom)

Timmy is under the bed and thinking to himself “If the girls find me here, I am done for.”

Outside Tabitha says Kay is no ones fool and she will figure out what to do. No one will make love on prom night least of all Miguel and Charity.


Kay tells Simone she should stop being a detective, it doesn’t matter, the point is she has the tape and can use it. 

Timmy decides to climb out the window and leap into Tabitha’s arms.  He jumps and after he lands Tabitha asks how things went?  He says mission accomplished.  She is very happy and hugs him.


Kay is sure Charity has never seen the movie.  Simone says even if she had, she wouldn’t remember because of the amnesia. 


Charity’s Room

Charity gets up; she walks towards the door in a trance like state.  Miguel “Charity are you there?” Charity, as she walks away says, “Prom night, evil must be destroyed.”


Boston Police Station (Jail Cell)

Alone in his cell, Luis wonders why he kissed Sheridan? He says it was a dream, he was afraid she would die.  He wonders if it was worth risking his life for her? He says the next time she is in danger, she can handle it herself.


Sheridan on her way out of the holding area says what Luis did was rotten.  She bumps into Hank outside.  Hank tells her he heard Luis had been arrested and heard about the run in they had with the drug dealers.  Sheridan says Luis took her on a plane from Paris to the States, against her will.  Sheridan admits Luis saved her life.  Hank wonders why she had him arrested?  He says he thinks there is more to it, having him arrested was payback and that it is personal. 


Bennett House (Charity’s bedroom/Living Room)

Charity is in a trance.  Miguel is on the phone “What’s wrong?” “Something is wrong and I have to get over there.” Kay is watching the movie; Simone is hiding her eyes she doesn’t want to watch. 


Tabitha and Timmy are outside the window watching the whole thing.  Timmy wants to see the movie so Tabitha lets him have a peek.  He looks and then says, “Oh, Timmy is scared.” Tabitha tells him to stick to Mary Poppins.  Timmy wonders why Tabitha wants Kay to see the movie? Tabitha explains that Kay will get ideas to ruin the prom for Miguel and Charity.  Kay will prevent them from making love, ever! Timmy asks “for ever?” Tabitha says, yes, for good!


Kay and Simone watching the movie Kay says they underestimated Carrie. Kay feels Carrie is just getting her own back.  Charity comes down the stairs and into the living room, still in a trance.  Timmy sees her and says “uh oh!”


Blue Note Café (Eve’s Dream)

Eve is singing “my baby is gone.”  Julian is watching the performance and when she finishes, she steps off stage and walks past his table.  He grabs her arm.  She asks him to let go.  Eve says she wishes she had never met Julian.  Julian says they did meet and them being together was “wonderful.” Eve says it was a mistake, one she won’t make again.  Julian says he always gets what he wants, and he wants something permanent with Eve.  Eve asks if he wants to marry her? Julian says no, she will be his mistress.  She isn’t interested, she wants a normal life, a family, everything.  Eve is afraid, since his family is powerful, his future wife could blackmail her.  She says she won’t do it.  Ivy “Nice try, Eve, but you can’t change the past.” Eve asks them both to go away and leave her alone.  Ivy says she already has the photos of her and Julian together.  Sam, Grace and TC arrive at the club.  Grace sees the Crane’s and says, “Look, it is our friends, the Cranes.” TC “They are no ones friends and I should get rid of them while I have the chance.”


Boston Police Station

Sheridan tells Hank there is nothing between her and Luis.  She says he kidnapped her.  Hank says she would be dead if he hadn’t rescued her.  Sheridan says she was so angry when she got back and she swore out the complaint against Luis, but now she regrets it.  Hank asks if she has told Luis this? She says she tired but they didn’t get that far.  Hank asks why? Sheridan says because Luis kissed me. Hank asks her how she feels about Luis? She says she doesn’t know, she is so confused.  She wonders why he kissed her? Sheridan asks if Hank could talk to Luis for her? Hank says he would do anything for her. (He leaves to talk to Luis)


Bennett house (Living Room)

Kay “Cool.” Simone “Sick.”(They are watching the movie).  Charity comes in

Timmy “I feel sorry for Charity.” Tabitha “Your sympathies are skewed.” Timmy “Skewed?” Tabitha “ Misguided.” “If Charity blows Kay’s plan..”


Simone “Kay, there is something you should know.”  Kay “What?” Simone nods her head towards Charity.  Charity walks towards the video machine, takes out the video, drops it on the floor and says “Evil.”  “Evil.” “Evil.” Charity picks up a fire poker and begins to hit the video.


Sam and Grace come down the stairs Sam asks what’s going on? Grace calls Charity’s name but she doesn’t answer.  Charity begins to cry and sinks down to the floor.  Grace asks Charity what’s going on?


Timmy “Poor Charity.” “I feel bad for her.” Tabitha “I hope Kay can get her self out of this one.” “Hide quick.” (Miguel arrives and walks right past them.)

Miguel knocks on the door, Sam lets him in.  Sam asks him how did he know to come? Miguel says he was on the phone with Charity, when he heard her say “Oh no.” He says he called her name but she didn’t answer, so he came over. 


Sam asks Kay what they were doing? Kay says she and Simone were watching a movie; Charity came in, acted like she didn’t see them, took the video out of the machine and began to pound on it.


Miguel picks up the video and asks if that was what they were watching? Kay says the Sound of Music is her favorite movie. (Kay had earlier switched the tape Carrie for the Sound of Music in the confusion.) Sam doesn’t understand why the movie would upset Charity.  Miguel says it must have been something else. Kay says they have been talking a lot about the prom, maybe its bothering Charity.  She thinks Charity shouldn’t go to the prom.  Sam doesn’t agree.  Kay feels since they were talking about being King and Queen maybe the pressure got to her.  Miguel asks Kay if she is sure Charity was saying “evil?” Kay says she is sure.  Miguel says he thought Charity was doing better.


Grace and Sam look after Charity. 

Simone tells Kay “You are the only evil thing here, Kay.”  “Charity sensed what you were doing watching that movie!” Kay says “So what?” “It isn’t as though any of her premonitions ever deal with real life.”


Blue Note Club (Eve’s dream)

Eve sees her bed in her dream and asks what is it doing here? Julian says 3 guesses and the first two don’t count.  He starts to take off her dressing gown.  Eve asks what he is doing? Julian says he is trying to make love to her and they had better hurry as they only have 10 minutes to the next set.  Eve says he should stop, his wife is there. Ivy says, “don’t let me stop you.” Grace is there (glass of milk in hand), saying TC would not like this at all.  Eve says, “It isn’t the way it looks.” Ivy says, “A picture is worth a thousand words and I have the photos.” TC asks if he can see them? Eve says no, don’t, Ivy is trying to blackmail her.  Ivy’s scheme involves getting Sam for herself. To take him away from Grace.  Sam says this is the first he heard of it.  Eve says Grace has to believe her.  She wants Grace to forgive her.  Ivy says it is too late for apologies, far too late.


Boston Police Station

Sheridan is sitting at Officer Tina’s desk.  Tina asks how things went with Luis? Sheridan says she didn’t get the chance to tell him how sorry she was because he kissed her.  Tina is surprised to hear it but she knew there was something going on between them.  Sheridan says there is nothing going on, Luis was dreaming.  Tina says Luis is full of baloney, and so is she, they are made for each other.  Sheridan says Luis hates her, at least she thinks he does, she is confused.  Sheridan says Luis’s best friend is talking to him now and maybe he can help.


Jail Cell

Luis tells Hank to stop gawking at him.  Hank says he never thought he would see Luis behind bars.  But he did take Sheridan against her will so what did he expect? Luis says he saved her life.  He doesn’t understand why she is doing this to him? Hank says Luis kidnapped her.  Luis says it is more than that. Hank asks what he is talking about? Luis says he and Sheridan can’t seem to communicate.  Luis asks Hank if he saw Sheridan? Hank says he did for a minute.  He tells Luis that Sheridan wasn’t too happy with him kidnapping her.  Hank asks Luis why he did it? Is Luis in love with Sheridan? Luis “Me in love with Sheridan?” “You have got to be kidding.” Hank says he doesn’t want any BS, he wants the straight story.  Luis says he told Hank how he feels about her.  Hank says Luis realized things would never work between him (Luis) and Sheridan.  Hank says he came in here and found Luis making out with Sheridan.  Luis says he was half a sleep and didn’t know who he was kissing. Hank says he knew who he flew to Paris for.  Luis says her life was in danger, would you have preferred I did nothing? Hank says of course he doesn’t.  Hank wants to know if he has a clear field with Sheridan or if he will be competing with his best friend? Luis says Hank can go for it, but he thinks Hank is crazy. Sheridan is a Crane, something he forgot.  He let his guard down and look where he ended up.  Hank asks Luis if he has a message for Sheridan? Luis says to tell her to stay the hell out of his life!


Blue Note Club (Eve’s Dream)

Julian and Eve are on the bed, Timmy and Tabitha pop up, Tabitha says we all make mistakes, my dear.   Grace tells Eve she thought they were best friends, but Eve is a tramp.  TC asks Eve how she could do this? Charity says no wonder she didn’t want me to say anything about my premonitions of Eve and Julian Crane! Kay says “Simone I didn’t know your mom went to bed with Julian Crane.” Simone “You always told me to be a good girl, mom.”  “You wanted me to be just like you.”  “Well, guess what, I will be, I will be a tramp, just like you!”  (She runs off).  Eve says this is all a bad dream.  Ivy says most of it is, except she really is blackmailing her (Eve).  Eve says she doesn’t know what to do? Ivy says it’s a real Sophie’s Choice, either she is helping her to get Sam back or she isn’t? Eve says she will either lose her family or her best friend.  Ivy says she will have to pick one

(Eve Screams)


Bennett House (Living Room)

Simone “Charity had better not remember what you were watching.” Miguel “She didn’t say anything else, Kay?” Kay “No, nothing else.” Charity comes around.  Miguel “Charity, are you ok?” Charity “Miguel, what are you doing here?” “What happened?” Grace “We were going to ask you that?” Miguel “You and I were on the phone, you said Oh no.”  “And then you didn’t answer me.”  Sam “Grace and I heard you scream so we came down.” Kay “Simone and I were watching a movie, you came in, took it out of the vcr and began beating on it with a poker.” Charity “You are kidding?” “I don’t remember any of it.” Grace “Well, you probably fell asleep on the phone and were sleep walking.” Miguel “That’s it.” Grace “Are you ok?” Charity “I feel fine.” Miguel “All the talk of prom night upset you.” Charity “No, not at all.” Kay “Sometimes when people are feeling pressured, they sleep walk.” Charity “I feel fine, really.”  “Can I still go to the prom?” Grace “I don’t see why not.”


Tabitha “I don’t like the fact she is having premonitions again.” “We may have to trust Kay to keep Miguel and Charity apart for good.”  Timmy “For good?” Tabitha “For all eternity.” “Prom night will be a night from hell.”


Russell House (Eve’s Bedroom)

Eve wakes up, TC “What’s the matter?” Eve “TC, just hold me.” “I had a terrible night mare.”  TC “Tell me about it.” Eve “I can’t” TC “This is about black mail isn’t it?” “I am right.” Eve looks shocked.


Boston Police Station

Hank comes back from seeing Luis.  Sheridan “Did he say why he kissed me?” Hank “It was a bad dream.” “Do you know what it was about?” Sheridan “I don’t know.” “Did you tell him how sorry I am that I put him in jail?” Hank “I didn’t get that far.” “He is still pretty steamed.” “He does have a message for you but I am not sure you will want to hear it.” Sheridan “What is it?” Hank “He said he is sorry he went to Paris in the first place and he wants you to stay out of his life.” Sheridan “Well, if that’s the way he feels, that’s fine.” “If I ever see Luis again, it will be too soon.” Sheridan walks away, Hank looks smug.


Jail Cell

Luis “Get a grip.” “It was only a dream.” “Get over it.”


Bennett House (Living Room)

Timmy “Timmy is tired, can I go to bed?” Tabitha “Ok, the excitement is over here now anyway.” “Let’s hope that wicked smile on Kay’s face means she hasn’t given up.”


Simone “What are you so happy?” Kay “I saw enough of the tape I know how it ends.” Simone “Gore and violence.” Kay “You think that prom was bad, wait until you see Charity’s!” 


Charity’s Bedroom

Charity is dreaming about the prom. She and Miguel are dancing.  Suddenly the mirror ball begins to glow and break apart.  Charity screams and wakes up “Dear God, help me, I have just had a vision of evil.”


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