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Passions Update Monday 5/8/00

By Stephanie

Lopez-Fitzgerald Home

Hank arrives and Pilar is surprised to see him. He explains he has been away working. Pilar asks what kind of work? He says, this and that. Whatever he needs to do to earn some money to go to Paris. He wants to go because that is where Sheridan is. Pilar says she knows about Sheridan being in Paris. Hank says, of course you do, since you work for the Crane’s. He says he wants the money in order to court her in style. Paris is an expensive city. Pilar is surprised to hear he is thinking of courting Sheridan. Hank asks after Luis, wonders where he is? Is he upstairs? Pilar says no. Hank asks if he is still at work? Pilar says no, Luis is in Paris. Hank is shocked.

Boston Police Station

Sheridan is thinking back. Sheridan told Luis he thought he was being a hero, but really he is just a chauvinist who uses his badge as a club. Luis said “get me away from her before I do something.” Sheridan “Don’t worry, I will stay out of your way, far away.” (She signs the complaint against Luis.) But now, she says, “I should never have signed that complaint.” (A hand is placed on her shoulder). Sheridan says “Luis?”

Bennett’s Living Room

Charity “Why am I having these premonitions?” Miguel “I don’t know but nothing bad is going to happen.” “Nothing is going to go wrong, because I love you and you are the only woman for me.” Charity “This premonition showed you asking Kay to marry you but before that, someone was upset maybe the two are connected.” Miguel “Put it out of your mind.” “Concentrate on the good things.” Charity “That’s what I have to do.” Miguel “Lot’s of good things are coming up, the prom.” Charity “I am looking forward to it.” Miguel “You will have the best time.” “It will be perfect.”

Kay’s Room (Bennett House)

Kay “So you will help me?” Simone “I will so long as you help me win Chad.” Kay “I will.” Simone “You have said that before.” “I want you to swear on it.” Kay “I swear.” “We will each have the man we love.” Simone “It will take a lot of work to break them up.” “They seem so close right now.” Kay “I know it looks that way.” Simone “They are going to prom together and will probably end up King and Queen.” Kay “Don’t say that!” “I won’t let it happen.” “I have to figure out how to screw things up for them at prom, but how?”

Tabitha’s House

Tabitha and Timmy come in; Tabitha says, “Lady luck is shining on us.” Timmy “Because Charity is having a premonition of Kay and Miguel getting married?” Tabitha “Devious Kay will come up with a plan to have Miguel for herself.” Timmy “With that boy out of the say, then I can make Charity very happy.” Tabitha “We have to figure out a way of making sure the prom is a disaster.” Timmy is glad to see his Princess so happy again.” “But how?” Tabitha “By making sure the prom is a disaster like none Harmony has ever seen.”

Credits Roll

Lopez Fitzgerald Home

Hank asks how Luis ended up going to Paris? Especially since he never leaves Harmony. Pilar says it was a spur of the moment decision. He received a fax about Jean Luc and how drug dealers killed him. Hank says Sheridan used to date a man named Jean Luc. Pilar says she is not sure. Hank says Luis would have spent a bundle on a ticket. Pilar says Luis was afraid Sheridan’s life might be in danger. Hank asks where they are now? Pilar says she doesn’t know. Hank says he is sure they are having a terrific time in the city of light.

Boston Police Station

Tina, the police officer, asks what’s going on? Sheridan explains she could not get a car service to pick her up so she is waiting on the next one. Sheridan says she feels terrible about swearing out the complaint it could ruin Luis’s career. Tina says it could. Sheridan says Luis saved her life by rescuing her from the drug dealers. He rescued her from her hotel, from poisoned wine. Tina says Luis is a hero, saving her like that. She thinks Sheridan should thank him for rescuing her. Sheridan asks if Tina thinks Luis did the right thing, kidnapping her? Tina says they were dangerous situations and if he hadn’t done something, Sheridan would have been killed. Sheridan thinks she might be right. Tina says Luis is a cop; he is trained to save lives. Tina says she has a partner when she is out on patrol. She could look after herself, but the backup is great. She wouldn’t want to go through it alone. Sheridan says some people like to be alone. Tina says she wants a partner, a man, someone to share her life with. She thinks Sheridan is frustrated. Sheridan says Luis is one of the most frustrating men she has ever met. Tina says she is frustrated because Luis has not taken her to bed yet!

Prison Cell

Luis is dreaming, reliving the nightmare of rescuing Sheridan. In each nightmare he fails to rescue her and she is killed.

Bennett’s House Living Room

Miguel tells Charity the prom will be wonderful. Charity wants to know everything. He tells her he will pick her up, he will be wearing a tux and she will wear a beautiful dress. They will make a grand entrance at the prom and be named King and Queen of the prom. Then they will hit the dance floor. It will be a night where all her dreams come true. Charity says it sounds wonderful. Miguel assures Charity that she will love it. Charity says he always makes her feel better

Kay’s Bedroom

Simone asks Kay if she is going to prick Charity’s finger so she sleeps for a 1000 years? Kay says no, she will do something though that will make Charity’s time at the prom, the worst night of her life.

Tabitha’s House

Tabitha tells Timmy that chaperoning the prom is all part of her plan. Timmy asks if he can go too? Tabitha says of course he can, he will be able to help her. Timmy imagines himself dressed up like Tony Minero from Saturday Night Fever, white suit, and all, doing a disco dance. Charity appears wearing a red dress and kisses him on the cheek and tells him he is wonderful.

Tabitha says she should not have allowed him to watch it, as it was an R rated movie. Timmy says he loves watching movies, he learns a lot from them. Tabitha says, “That’s it, that is how we can ruin the prom!” (She hugs Timmy and spins him around).

Lopez Fitzgerald Home

Hank is having dinner and tells Pilar that he thinks they don’t have food like that in Paris. Hank says Luis has no interest in Sheridan. Hank explains he is interested in Sheridan and only went after her because Luis said he wasn’t interested. Pilar says Luis is a police officer and Hank thinks Luis went to Paris in “cop mode.” Pilar says love works in strange ways. Hank says Luis hates the Crane’s. Hank says Luis doesn’t like Sheridan, she should have heard some of the disagreements they had at the Youth Center. Hank says he should call Sam and tell him he is back in town. As he stands up a large sum of money falls out of his pocket. Pilar picks it up and asks where did it come from?

Boston Police Station

Sheridan says that is ridiculous. Tina says Luis is “sex on a stick.” She asks Sheridan if she has fantasized about him? Sheridan remembers seeing Luis as he came out of the shower at the Youth Center. Tina says she can tell by the look on Sheridan’s face that she has. Tina feels Sheridan is upset that Luis put her on a plane instead of making love to her in a hotel in Paris.

Tina hands Sheridan a romance novel and Sheridan imagines herself and Luis on the cover. Luis “We finally got rid of Roger and Pierre.” Sheridan “Luis, you are so wonderful.” Luis “We did it together.” Sheridan “How can I ever thank you?” Luis “I am sure you will come up with something.” (Luis kisses Sheridan). Sheridan comes back to reality and says “that is the last thing I want or need right now.”

Bennett’s Living Room

Kay and Simone come downstairs. Kay is surprised to see Miguel. He tells her he was telling Charity what the prom would be like. He says it is nice that Kay can go with Reese and he can go with Charity. If they weren’t with the people they loved, they would have been going together. Kay pulls Simone into the kitchen and says did you hear that? “If Charity weren’t around Miguel and I would be together.” Simone “If you say so.”

Tabitha’s House

Tabitha is digging around in a closet looking for something. She finds what she is looking for. She hands the video to Timmy and says this is the perfect way to ruin the prom. Timmy says he has never seen it before. Tabitha says it is just as well, it will turn prom into the prom night from hell.

Lopez Fitzgerald House

Pilar says that is a lot of money for not a lot of work. Hank says it is not his; he is just picked it up for someone. Hank calls Sam and after they are done, Hank tells Pilar that Luis is in jail for kidnapping Sheridan Crane! Pilar can’t believe it. Hank explains that Luis forced Sheridan on a plane against her will. He says he will head to Boston and she asks if to let her know when he hears anything. He leaves.

Boston Police Station

Sheridan tells Tina she regrets what she did, after all Luis saved her life. Tina says she should tell Luis herself.

Tabitha’s House

Tabitha tells Timmy they need to get this tape to Kay. She says that Kay is the perfect person; she will put her plans into action. Kay will do whatever she needs to, to break Miguel and Charity up. Timmy asks how they will get it to Kay? Tabitha says that Timmy can test his climbing skills. Timmy is not thrilled at that prospect. Tabitha promises to catch him this time.

Kay’s Bedroom

Kay is praying that God will help her split Charity and Miguel up. Simone says God would never answer a prayer like that.

Kay looks through a trunk to find something to use against Charity and Miguel. They have their backs to the window, so Timmy climbs into the room and hides unseen under the bed. Kay “What was that?” Simone “I don’t know.” Kay “It must have been the wind blowing something off the roof.” (Timmy under the bed thinks to himself “How do I get out of this?”)

Kay “Well, this might do.” (She holds a campground flyer for Simone to see) Simone “You want to take Charity camping?” Kay “We could kidnap her and leave her in the woods.” Simone “She would know it was us who kidnapped her.” (Timmy sneaks out from under the bed and leaves the video next to Kay.) Kay sees the video and says, “This is it!” “This is the sign I have been waiting for.” Simone “It’s just a video.” Kay “It’s Carrie.” “Now I know what I will do to ruin Charity’s prom night.”

Bennett House Living Room

Miguel tells Charity he hates to leave. Charity says she wishes they could spend all their time together. Miguel says some day they will. He kisses her, gently. He tells her to sleep well, and kisses her again, more passionately. Miguel tells her he will call her the minute he gets home and they can talk until she falls asleep. He kisses her again and then leaves. Charity closes the door and says, “I love you Miguel.” Once outside, Miguel says, “I love you, Charity.”

Boston Police Station

Hank arrives and says he is looking for Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald and Sheridan Crane. Officer Tina says they are both there. Hank explains he and Luis are best friends. Tina asks if he know how Luis feels about Sheridan? Hank says there is nothing going on between Luis and Sheridan. In fact, he is interested in Sheridan. Tina says she guesses she was wrong. Hank agrees with her, she is wrong about Luis and Sheridan!

Jail Cell

Luis is dreaming that he was unable to save Sheridan.

Sheridan is outside Luis’s jail cell and calls his name. Luis “Where are you?” Sheridan “I’m here.” (He sits up, stands up and crosses over to the jail cell gate, Sheridan is there and he kisses her passionately. (Hank walks in and sees Luis kissing Sheridan).

Lopez Fitzgerald House (Miguel’s Room)/Bennett House (Charity’s Room)

Miguel and Charity are talking on the phone. Charity asks him to tell her more about prom? Miguel tells her to close her eyes, imagine we are on the dance floor…Charity falls asleep.

Kay’s Bedroom

Simone “Where did that come from?” Kay “It must have been in the trunk.” Simone “It wasn’t there.” “Someone put it there.” Kay “So, I will get Miguel to myself.” Simone “I want to know where it came from!

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