Passions Update Wednesday 8/11/99

Passions Update Wednesday 8/11/99


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

At the station, Ethan stands by Luis's desk where Theresa's picture is. He doesn't notice it.

Ethan and his Private Investigator discuss finding Theresa.

Ethan remembers all the trouble that girl has caused him.  He caught her on the estate and now he knows that she has to be trouble.

Pilar tells Theresa that she shouldn't try to work for the Cranes. She will be found out.  Theresa wants this job and is sure that her disguise will keep her identity hidden.

Ivy comes in and asks Theresa to rewrite a letter. She tells Pilar that her daughter is just wonderful.

Theresa feels her point has been made.  "See mama!  She loves me!"

Luis and Sheridan are at the station and Sheridan makes it clear that she doesn't like him.  "Just stay out of my life!"

Timmy and Tabitha talk about Charity.  Timmy likes her but Tabitha knows that she is someone to be feared.

Timmy does remember that Charity has some powerful powers.

"We have to find her Timmy, and put her out of commission…PERMANENTLY!"

Miguel has his friends with him at the station. They are looking for Charity.

Charity is at the station too and she holds a newspaper up to her face for a minute to see what is going on in town.

Miguel and Reese walks by and don't realize that she is right before them.

Charity sees nothing interesting in the paper that could help her with her search for Miguel.

Simone and Kay walk together at the station and they really don't want to find this girl that Miguel is smitten with.

"Oh my God!" Kay says.  "There she is."

Tabitha is tired of waiting for the Ouija board to tell them where that nasty Charity is.  She goes to bed with instructions for Timmy to call her if the board tells something they want to know. She walks off. 

Timmy is bored and he jumps off the chair and puts on his earphones to start dancing.

While he is dancing, the Ouija board starts reacting by moving the hand piece to some letters on the board.  Timmy sees nothing.

Charity asks the girls if they know Harmony and a boy that she is trying to find.  Kay and Simone send her six blocks away to see if he is there.

Simone and Kay pat themselves on the back in reward for their quick thinking, in getting Charity out of their hair.

Reese and Miguel come over to the girls and the girls say that they have no idea where that girl could be. 

Simone and Kay really have won some points and Miguel is none the wiser.

Charity is out walking and she bumps into Jessica.  The girls start talking.  "Oh maybe you can help me," Charity suggests.

Ivy has an event and she has to find something to wear.  She hasn't any idea what to choose.  Theresa goes into her closet and picks out some items that go together well.  "You will be a smash in this outfit.  You will be the best dressed thirty-something at the party!" Ivy laughs.  "Thirty-something?" She really likes this girl.

At the station, Sheridan is about to be released.  She tells Luis that she hopes that she never sees him again.  He assures her that she will be seeing him again…IN COURT.  He rattles off her charges. 

Ethan appears.  Sheridan goes running to him and they hug.  "Take me out of here!" she cries.  They both leave.

Luis smiles to himself when alone.

Theresa works and finds that Ivy is right. She is good at her work.  "Now all I have to do to be successful is stay away from Ethan."

Sheridan and Ethan arrive at home and Pilar is there to greet them.  Sheridan hears that there is a new secretary working at the house for ivy and she can't wait to meet her.  Pilar rushes off.

Sheridan finds it funny that someone as nice as Pilar could have a son like Luis.

Ethan and Sheridan go to Ivy's room to see her.  Ethan knocks but no one answers. He opens the door.

Theresa sits at the desk with her back to the door. She doesn't move.

Timmy is dancing away with his earphones on.

Tabitha arrives and gets angry that Timmy hasn't been paying attention to the board. "The thing is spinning out of control! That means that Charity is in town!"  Timmy fears that she is going to put him in the dryer again.  "I am not going to do that," Tabitha assures. She is going to put him in the microwave this time!

Jessica talks to Charity for a minute, and then leaves.

Charity sees that Jessica has dropped something and she picks it up and chases the girl that she has just met.

Jessica meets up with her sister and Simone, and Kay is mean, as usual. Then she and her best friend trot off without Jessica.

"Excuse me," Charity says coming up behind Jessica.  "You dropped this."  Jessica takes her ring and looks gratefully at Charity.  Charity asks her if she could possibly help.  "I am looking for this boy but I have no idea what his name is."  Jessica can't believe her luck. This has to be the girl that Miguel has been looking for all along.

"You are looking for Miguel."  Jessica takes Charity to Miguel.

"I have what you are looking for," Jessica says.  Miguel and Charity face each other smiling. They walk slowly to one another.

Tabitha does a spell.  "Where is Charity? I must know, where is Charity?"

Timmy comes in the room covered in soapsuds. He asks for a towel but she has a better idea and so she picks him up and places him in the washer.

The Private Investigator shows Theresa's sketch to an officer but the man has no idea who that girl is.  "Go ask Luis."

Luis looks at Sheridan's mugshots and vows to protect his sister from these people.

Ivy does business over the phone.

Pilar arrives and announces that Sheridan has returned to the house.  Ivy is concerned about Sheridan, ever since that night.  Pilar is sure that Sheridan will be fine.  "I have never told anyone," Pilar says.  "I never will." Ivy is grateful for the woman's confidence. "If anyone ever found out about that night it would be a disaster.

Ethan enters the room and introduces himself.  "You must be Theresa."  Theresa doesn't turn around to meet him. She keeps her face forward. She knows that she can't let him see her as he will have her thrown in jail for sure.

All watch while Miguel and Charity catch up. 

Charity recognizes Kay as the girl that just sent her off elsewhere to find Miguel when he was here at the station all along.  "I came to say goodbye," Charity tells Miguel. Kay smiles.

"He should be done by now," Tabitha says.  She opens the microwave.

Timmy jumps out.  She is still angry that Timmy didn't pay attention to the board game as he was ordered to. She decides that he needs to be put in the blender now. She chases him but the sees the board game is moving again.  Tabitha watches the pointer.  "Charity! It is either you or us!"

Ethan tries to get the young girl to talk to him but Theresa will not say anything. 

She remembers now how she was concerned about her disguise not working. 

She takes a chance and gets up, being sure to keep her head down.  She knocks things off the desk and stoops quickly to pick it up.  Ethan helps her and takes a glimpse of her face while facing her.  "Oh my God!" he says.  Theresa freezes.

Luis sits at his desk still. 

An officer comes to talk to him briefly and when alone again, Luis takes out Sheridan's file and reads it.

The Private Investigator enters the area and introduces himself to the cop.  "I need to see if you can help me," he starts.

Tabitha can't understand the board game.  "We have to finish Charity off as she is very powerful and will get stronger as she gets older.  You Timmy will become pillow stuffing and I…  I don't want to think about it." The pointer starts moving again.  B-U-S ?  Bus station! Charity is at the bus station!"

"My mom and I are moving away."  Kay and Simone fake feeling bad about this.  Jessica asks if the girl could take a later bus.  He wants to show the girl around and maybe Charity can tell her mom what a great place Harmony is.  Kay checks the bus schedule.  Jessica and Reese try to convince Charity to stay for a while.  She would love to stay but absolutely has to catch the last bus home.  Miguel and Charity walk off.

"Maybe you and I can make some memories of our own Kay," Reese says. 

Kay drags her sister to a corner and warns her to stay out of her way.  Jessica isn't afraid.  Simone and Kay walk off.

"Are you sure that your sister likes me?" Reese asks.  Jessica assures him that Kay is smitten.

Ethan wipes something off Theresa's face and doesn't recognize her.

The phone rings and Theresa answers it.

Sheridan has met the girl and now she leaves.

Ethan stares at Theresa as she talks on the phone.  "There is something about Theresa…"

Theresa finishes her call and returns to the desk; careful not to let Ethan have a direct look at her face.

Pilar enters the room and turns to quickly leave.  "Wait Pilar," Ethan orders.  "There is something about her face," he says pointing to Theresa.  Theresa and Pilar stand very still and quiet while Ethan thinks of what he wants to say.

Tabitha and Timmy head out on their bike to stop Charity from meeting that boy.

Miguel and Charity are alone at  the wharf and they talk of the sea. They have a lot in common.  He tells her that Harmony is beautiful at Christmastime. She would love to be there at Christmas and thinks that jmaybe there is a way to make that happen.

Simone and Kay watch the two and Simone feels that maybe the kids are in love.

Luis will not help the Private Investigator once he learns the man is working for Ethan.  He will not help the Cranes.

He remembers stopping Sheridan one night and she flashed her name at him to get him to back off treating her like everyone else. 

the Private Investigator leaves now with nothing to continue his investigation with.

Another officer sees that Luis got riled up just now.  Luis assures him that nothing happened.

Sheridan is in the house and she tells herself that she is over the incident.

Ivy comes down and finds Sheridan worried looking.  Ivy tells her that she will be fine and that she has to get over that night.  Ivy leaves.

"I can do this," Sheridan says. 

Her minds wanders.  It wanders to that time.  She remembers being very young and finding the blood on her hands. 

Sheridan shouts out now. The memory is too much.

Ethan knows what it is that he is remembering now.  "You look just like your mother!" Theresa and Pilar smile.  Ethan tells Theresa that he is looking for a girl that is similar in stature to her.  He explains the trouble that he has been having with this girl.  "I wouldn't know any stalker,"  Theresa says.

Theresa is talking too much.  her mother worries that she will be found out.

Timmy sits on  Tabitha's bike basket in doll-mode.

A kid comes by and thinks that Timmy is a really great looking doll.

"Get out of here!" Timmy shouts at the nosey kid. 

The boy runs off shouting.

Tabitha comes over to say that she hasn't found Charity in the bus station.  "Try the beach!" Timmy suggests.  Off they ride.

Miguel and Charity walk alone and talk.

Kay and Simone watch Miguel and Charity from afar.  Simone can tell that the pair want to be alone.

Jessica comes up and Kay is immediately angry with her for meddling and screwing up her chances with Miguel.  They start arguing. 

Grace arrives and tells the girls to stop fighting and try getting along for a change.  "I would do anything to have a sister," Grace says.

Charity says that she would like to stay but her mother is on this never-ending quest to find her sister. "They have been separated for years.

Kay and Jessica tell how Miguel has found the girl that he had been looking for.  Kay and Jessica stop their fighting now and run off, leaving their mother alone.

Ethan and Theresa talk as Pilar watches.  He has to get back to work now. He looked right in her eyes and didn't recognize her.

Pilar finds that her daughter is playing with fire and tells her so when they are alone.  Pilar leaves.

Theresa calls Whitney and asks her to meet for a treat at the snack bar down at the harbor.

After the call, Theresa takes off her glasses and smiles to herself.

Ethan talks with his Private Investigator over the phone and they decide to meet…at the snack bar down by the harbor.

Ethan gets off the phone and sees his aunt is in the room.  She can't stop thinking about that night and it shows on her face.

She remembers the blood on her hands.

She just can't stop thinking about that night.

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