Passions Update Tuesday 8/10/99

Passions Update Tuesday 8/10/99


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Sheridan is dreaming while she sleeps on her cot, in the prison cell.

She dreams of the man that saved her from Jean Luc who wanted to hurt her. She can't see the man's face who saved her but she knows instinctively in her dream that the dark figure before her is the man she is grateful to.  "Who are you?" she asks the strange man. He says nothing.  He wears a dark hat and clothes and turns to her for a brief moment, but that is all that he does.

Sheridan continues to sleep in her prison cell, Luis comes by to check on the sleeping woman.  She is moaning in her sleep.  He goes to her side.

She feels someone near him and she rushes into the man's arms, hugging him.

Charity doesn't want to leave town and never see Miguel again. Her mother insists that they have to go though.

Charity thinks how Miguel saved her. 

"Mom said that I had special powers and that I need to be away from here," she says to her image in the mirror.   She puts her hands on the table as her mother instructed her to earlier.  She insisted that Charity has special powers.  Nothing happens. "Mom was wrong and I knew it. I can't leave without saying goodbye to Miguel. If I leave now, I can get back before mom gets back home.  I have no information to find Miguel though.  I don't care. I have to try to find him." She leaves the room.

The table that she had her hands on starts shaking violently but she isn't there to see it.

Kay is Impressed with the fact that Miguel can cook. She watches him as he works in her kitchen.  She says that she has been trying to cook more herself and is interested in learning.

"Yeah right," Jessica says coming downstairs. She sees her sister is working at getting Miguel to notice her.  Miguel tells that he saw the girl that he has been interested in again.  Kay says that she doesn't thinks that Miguel will find this girl as he doesn't have any information on her.  Jessica is sure that something can be done.

Whitney and Theresa talk about Theresa's new job at the Cranes'. She picks out an outfit and has a wig to wear so that she will not be recognized by Ethan as the girl that keeps bumping into him everywhere and causing him trouble.  "I will be able to walk through the mansion without Ethan even noticing." Whitney worries that her friend will be put in jail for what she is going to do.

Ivy calls and asks Theresa to come over and talk more about the job.

Whitney sees that her friend is playing with fire.

Ivy goes back to her son and the Private Investigator who they have hired to try and find this menace to society who keeps causing trouble in Ethan's life.

Ivy hasn't seen this girl so she can't be of much help at this stage.  She leaves after learning that Sheridan is doing well in jail and that her court appearance has been delayed.

The Private Investigator turns to Ethan now.  "How would you describe this girl that I will be looking for?" Ethan says that she is attractive.

Theresa and Whitney get ready to create the disguise.  They go through all the outfits at hand and come up with a mousy, librarian look.  Whitney likes it.

Sheridan realizes that she was sleeping and that the man that she is hugging isn't who she thought it was.

She gets angry when she sees Luis is the man that she is clinging to.  He leaves when he sees that she is upset.

Miguel tells how he missed getting information on the girl who he would like to meet again. "It was damp and I gave her my jacket."  Jessica loves hearing this. It is so romantic. 

Jessica makes the sign of 'loser' on her forehead over Miguel's shoulders at her sister.

Simone drags her off and tells that she shouldn't upset her sister.  "She really likes Miguel."  Jessica knows that but can't understand why the girl just doesn't tell him.

Miguel tells Kay that he really hasn't any idea where to start to look for this girl.  Kay is sure the girl is long gone.

Jessica pipes in suggesting that the first place to look is the bus stop.  Miguel never thought about that. "That is a great idea!"

At the bus stop that goes into town, Charity gets on the bus. "Where to ma'am?" She smiles and offers her ticket.  "Take me to Miguel," she says without thinking. When she realizes her mistake, she smiles embarrassed.

Miguel will go and check out the bus station. He hurries to leave.  He can't eat right now.  He leaves.

Simone is sorry that her friend missed her chance to get Miguel for herself. She will have to try something else.

Charity is on the bus.  She asks a boy beside her how long it will take to get to Harmony.  He says that is will feel like forever the way that the driver is driving.

Ethan has his meeting with the investigator.

Someone is at the door.

Ivy looks at the woman before her strangely. "Can I help you?" Theresa tells who she is.  Ivy didn't recognize her.  Theresa removes the scarf over her hair and her short do is revealed.  "I cut my hair."  She doesn't know it but a curl of her hair is hanging below the wig and hangs freely about her shoulder.  Ivy looks at it strangely.

Ethan at that very moment is in the next room describing Theresa's cascading brown hair so that the investigator can sketch it.

"The next stop…Harmony!"

Charity knows that soon she will be with Miguel.

She thinks back to walking and talking with Miguel. 

She knows that her mother is going be angry when she realizes that she has taken off.

"You can't go looking for Charity at the bus stop now," Kay reminds.  "We have the baseball game today.  They need us."

Simone thought that her friend was going to start acting more lady-like and stop the baseball to get Miguel's attention.

Miguel thinks it over and decides that he is going to go and look for Charity anyway.

Luis works at his desk.

Sam comes over and asks his officer why he didn't tell that he had something going on with Sheridan.

Luis's boss has a take and puts it in.

The monitor shows Luis hugging Sheridan, and Sam now turns to the man for an explanation.

The investigator explains to Ethan that he works freelance and that it really pays off for him.

He shows Ethan the picture of Theresa and Ethan finds it perfect.

Ivy says that her son is in the next room and that it is time that they met.  Theresa is only too happy to meet him. She starts to follow Ivy to go into the next room but then gets a glance of herself in the mirror.  She sees that her hair has fallen out from under the wig. 

"Wait! I have to fix my hair," Theresa says.  Ivy understands.  She comes over to Theresa now. "I remember you having the most beautiful hair when we met last, so can you explain to me why you are wearing a wig today?"

Sheridan sleeps on her cot.

She dreams of telling Ethan that she will never find a man that loves her and not her money.  Ethan tells her in the dream that she deserves to be happy and that she will.  He never lies to his favorite aunt.

Sheridan wakes now comforted by the thoughts of Ethan.

Luis tells Sam that all he did was check on Ms. Crane and she was agitated. "I went to her and then she had her hand all over me."  Sam is suspicious of Luis's behavior but he knows that Luis hates the Cranes.  Finally he believes his man.  He knows better than to get involved with the Cranes.  "They have no clue about making it in the real world," Sam says.  "I have no sympathy for any of the Cranes."  Luis wonders sometimes if the Cranes have something to do with his father's disappearance.  Luis knows why he hates the Cranes but why does Sam?

Theresa is upset that Ivy has figured out that she is wearing a wig.  "It makes me look more professional," Theresa says.  Ivy is fine with that.

They peek in the living room of the mansion and see that Ethan is meeting with the investigator trying to help them find someone.

Theresa looks through the horned rimmed glasses listening to every word that Ivy says to her.

Sam says he hates the Cranes as they feel that they own Harmony.  "They boss people around and no one should go near them."  Sam knows that Luis had to bring Sheridan in but he wants her out of there fast.  Her brother Julian is a tyrant and they don't need the headache.  "The Cranes leave nothing but total devastation in their wake."

Luis goes to his desk now and returns to his work.  He looks at the picture of his baby sister on his desk.

He grabs the phone.

"It's me mama," Luis says.  "Where is Theresa? I called her at home earlier and she wasn't there.  Is she going to get a job?"

Pilar remembers her daughter telling that she is going to work for the Cranes.  Pilar pleaded with her daughter not to do this but Theresa wouldn't listen.

"I am sure that getting a new job is very much on Theresa's mind," Pilar tells her worried son.

Theresa tells Ivy that she doesn't think that this is a good time to meet Ethan.  She wants to know more about this woman who they are trying to find.  Ivy fills her in and then takes her upstairs to talk more about the job at hand.

Ethan knows that the new secretary is in the house and he wants to meet her.  Actually, the Private Investigator tells that Sheridan is being released from jail now.  Ethan decides to go and pick her up.  The men leave the house together.

Charity talks to an elderly woman on the bus. She tells how she is trying to find a friend but she knows nothing about the boy.

Miguel and Kay are talking.

Reese arrives.  He is the nerdy friend of the kids.

Jessica enters welcoming Reese.  They were to apparently have lunch together.  Miguel can't keep that appointment as he wants to go and finds Charity.  Simone finds that Miguel should come with them and forget about looking for this girl.  Jessica knows that Miguel might be able to find the girl as she looks like no other girl, according to what Miguel says about her.  Miguel agrees and feels that he has to try to find Charity.  Miguel walks out with Reese.

Kay turns to Simone.  "Whatever it takes, I cannot let Miguel find that girl!"

Ethan and the Private Investigator arrive at the station and they have the sketch of the girl.  They think that maybe even one of the officers will recognize the picture.

Sam admires Luis's sister in a picture on his desk.  Luis tells how he has to work overtime to keep her out of trouble.  Sam leaves.

"What are you doing here?" Luis asks when he sees Ethan before him.  "I am here to pick up my aunt."  Luis goes to get Sheridan.

Ethan is left standing by Luis's desk where Theresa's picture sits on a desk.

Ivy leaves Theresa to her work now.

Theresa looks around the room now that she is left alone.  She goes into the closet and sees the beautiful dresses. 

She envisions herself dressed in the beautiful gowns.

Someone knocks.

Theresa comes out of the closet.  "Oh I am sorry," Pilar says. "I was looking for my daughter."  She starts walking out.

"Mama!  It is me!" Theresa shouts.  Pilar gets very upset now.  She sees her daughter is being foolish again.  "Everyone is looking for you."

Sheridan is in her cell thinking about being in love but then she shoos the idea. She is independent, strong and doesn't need a man. 

Luis comes to Sheridan and gives her an envelope with her things in it. "You are free to go."  A photo drops from his hands and they both stoop to get it, their faces getting close.  Luis picks up the picture and reads that is from Jean-Luc.  Luis asks if that is her boyfriend.  She won't tell, but then again she might.

Charity is at the bus station looking for Miguel.

She goes to a man who works for the bus station.  "Do you know someone named Miguel?" The man says that he does know that person and he points to the man in the janitor's uniform who cleans the station.  The man isn't Miguel, but someone much older.

Miguel and his friends have arrived at the station to see if they can find Charity.  It is going to be difficult but Miguel is sure that if they fan out across the station they will be able to find the girl.  Miguel really has a good feeling about this.

Kay and Simone are together now and they wonder if Miguel is really going to get to see the girl again.

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