Passions Update Monday 8/9/99

Passions Update Monday 8/9/99


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Charity's mother searches for Charity outside.

Tabitha and Timmy also search for Charity on the grounds, and want find her before her mother finds her.

Tabitha can seer that they have a lot of trouble.  She and Timmy's lives are at stake.  Tabitha doesn't want to go any further.  She has a bad feeling. 

Timmy points.  "Oh no!" Tabitha says.  Not here!

They can hear someone calling for Charity.

Charity has been with Miguel and they start saying goodbye. 

She tells Miguel that she has to go when she hears her mother calling to her.  She walks off. 

Grace comes up to Miguel and learns that he has found the girl that he has been looking for.  He would like to see the girl again, but her mother is very protective of her.  Charity's mother offers to go with him and try to find her and her mother.

Jessica has been out late and she returns to the room at four in the morning where Simone has been waiting.  She knows that her friend has been up to something and she worries what that is.

Ethan and Gwen are together and he says being with her is perfect except for one thing. 

Gwen thinks about what that could be.  Her mind turns to her conversation with Sheridan and how they were discussing marriage. 

Ethan tells that he is concerned about where that strange girl is.  He gets up and stands before Gwen now.

Theresa tells her friend that she was at the mansion and that she has a terrible Filipino that Ethan turned the dogs on her. She can't believe it.  Whitney can see that it would be suicide to go back there.

Tabitha is near the church and the priest there senses a presence. 

Tabitha panics and tries to get out of the area. 

"Who is out there?" the man calls out.

Charity's mother finds the girl and they talk about the town and the boy that Charity has met. Charity is told that they have to leave this place and never return.  Charity will have to forget about this boy that she likes.

Whitney tells Theresa that she has to quit.  She can't ever return to the house. 

Theresa takes the phone and calls the house. 

Ethan answers.  He says that his mother was very pleased with Theresa's work and looks forward to having her there working for them.  Theresa can't believe her ears.  She is happy now and doesn’t quit the job as she originally intended. 

Whitney waits.  "He wants me there!" Theresa says to her.  Whitney doesn't believe it.  She is sure that Ethan wants her there so that eventually he can end up putting her in jail.

Timmy does the dishes alone in the kitchen standing on the chair.

Tabitha comes in with the kill of the day. She will be making breakfast for she and the magic doll.  Tabitha has a cold from being out all night looking for that Charity.

It is morning and Charity sleeps.

She dreams of the boy that she likes.

The girl's mother comes in and sees her daughter sleeping with a big smile on her face.  She is sorry that Charity has to leave Harmony.

Miguel is at the wharf.

He thinks about saving that beautiful girl from drowning.

The guy that Miguel works with can tell that Miguel is thinking about some girl.  "What is her name Miguel?"

Kay has Simone down at the wharf.  She has brought her friend down there so they could stare at that beautiful Miguel while he works.

Ivy worries about the stalker. They have to find a way to get that girl some help.

Theresa meets with her friend Whitney and Theresa is happy as ever.  "Ivy crane is my ticket in.  I can grab this opportunity to be in the in-crowd."  Whitney knows that this has a lot less to do with being rich and famous, and more to do with Ethan Crane.

Timmy isn't feeling well and wants to lay around going nothing, but Tabitha will not have that.  She tells Timmy that he will be working with her to deal with that Charity creature.

"We're moving," Charity's mother tells her.  "We have to be as far from Harmony as we can."

Kay and Simone watch Miguel secretly while he works.  Simone has no idea why they bother with Miguel for Kay.  He doesn't even know that Kay exists.  Simone wants to go back to bed.  The girls turn to leave.

"Is that you Kay?  Simone? What are you two doing here?"

The girls turn to find Miguel looking at them.

Ivy suggests that Ethan get a Private Investigator to check into this girl that he is looking for.  Ethan tells that her secretary called and will be in for work.  Ivy says that she has a feeling that girl is going to make a huge difference in her life.

Theresa wants to be a part of the lifestyle at the Crane mansion.  Her family has suffered for a long time and she will be the one to help them.  Whitney reminds her that she can't go to work at the mansion as the second that Ethan sees her, he will be all over her and her dreams will be dashed.  Theresa disagrees.

Theresa wants her friend to help her get her dream. Whitney agrees to help but knows that she will regret it.  Theresa has a plan.  Whitney is unhappy to hear that Theresa hasn't told her mother about not turning down the job offer.

Grace and Pilar talk about Theresa and if she will be able to get a job or now.  Pilar noticed that Theresa went out early, so she figures that is a good sign. 

Kay and Simone tell that they are out early as Kay's mother wanted some fresh fist for dinner that night.  She has been making these outlandish requests.  Miguel offers Kay some of his wares.  "I really feel bad about last night," Kay says.  Miguel tells her that things are great and that he found the girl that he was looking for.

Charity doesn't want to leave town.  She can't see why they have to move.  "There is evil in that town," her mother tells her.  "I don't want to go away," Charity says.  "Miguel makes me feel safe.  Maybe you believe that there is evil, but it is ruining my life and it isn't fair."  Charity needs proof that she really has these powers and maybe it is time that her mother showed her what those powers were all about.

Tabitha has just finished her rooster sausage, and now it is time to get to work.  Timmy isn't happy about this.  "We need to find Charity today," Tabitha says.  Timmy notices that the cat hasn't been around.  Timmy is greatly afraid of the cat.  Tabitha tells Timmy to stop being silly about the cat and to go and get the spirit board.  Timmy hopes off his chair and heads out.

Tabitha hears growling and Timmy shouts for help but Tabitha ignores the cries.

Soon Timmy returns with the spirit board.  "I am going to call the SPCA," he threatens. She knows that no one will listen to a talking doll.  "Sit down," she orders. "You don't like the way that I do my business Timmy?" He keeps complaining, mostly about being wet.  She picks him up, screaming and kicking and tosses him into the dryer.  She hits the button and Timmy starts spinning.

"We were told that a time would come when our powers would be tested," Charity's mother tells.  "I need my sister to properly protect you Charity.  Evil is out there and that is why you and I can only trust each other.  You are the one Charity with powers strong enough to go up against evil."  It is apparent that Charity needs to be shows her powers. "Close your eyes and concentrate. I want you to will the table to rise."  Charity does as she is told.

Miguel tells how he saved the girl.  "I got her name.  It is 'Charity'.  It is a beautiful.  She left and I don't know where she lives.  It was late and she might be staying in Harmony for now.  If I can find the girl once, I can find her again."  Kay tells Miguel that he should come to her house and they will find a way to find this girl.  Miguel likes that idea and will meet her at her house later.

Simone can't believe that Kay ii going to help Miguel find this girl.  Actually, Kay is going to keep these two far, far apart.

Pilar and Grace still talk about their kids.

Theresa and Whitney arrive at the shop and Pilar is in the back.  "Oh Theresa!" Grace starts.  "I am so glad to see you.  I need someone part-time.  Theresa says that she would take the job but she already has one."

"On Theresa, you have a job?" her mother asks from behind her.  "What is it?"

Theresa turns to find her mother behind her waiting for an answer.

"You will be put in jail the moment that the Cranes lay their eyes on you Theresa."  This is what Theresa wants.  Her mother can't interfere anymore and hopes that God will be with her daughter.  Theresa assures her that things will be fine.

Kay has invited Miguel for lunch and she can't even cook.  Kay isn't worried.

Miguel arrives, thanking the girls for helping him find this girl.

Pilar feels like she doesn't know her daughter at all.  She wasn't like that as a young girl.  Grace can't remember how she was in your youth.  Grace feels however, that soon she will get some answers to her past.

The table doesn't move, and her mother explains that Charity's powers haven't developed yet.  Charity worries that her mother needs to talk to someone about the things that she keeps saying.  The woman will not talk about this and she wants her daughter to trust that her mother knows what is right for her daughter.  Charity will try to do as asked. They hug.  Charity wants to at least go back to Harmony and tell him that they are leaving.  That isn't possible.  Her mother wants them out of town by sundown.  She leaves to go and talk to the landlord. 

A Private Investigator comes to see Ethan and assures him that he will find this girl that he talks about.

Charity sits sadly on her bed.  "Mom is wrong.  I have no special powers and there is no evil in Harmony.  I have to see Miguel one more time."

Tabitha takes Timmy out of the dryer now.  His hair stands straight up.  "Charity isn't going to come back to Harmony," Timmy says.  Tabitha still wants to be ready to pounce when Charity gets to town.  Timmy is more afraid of Fluffy than anything else.

"When is your next bus to Harmony?" Charity asks into the phone…

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