Passions Update Thursday 7/15/99

Passions Update Thursday 7/15/99


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

At the carnival… Kay decides that she will get Miguel to think of her as a woman to get his attention. She has a plan but just has to tell Simone about it. They have been pals for years and she feels that he only looks at her that way. She wants to find a way to get him to look at her differently.

Whitney comes up upset asking where their mother is. Simone has no idea where their mother is. Simone sees her sister is angry. "What is the matter?" Simone asks.

TC gives the fortuneteller a piece of his mind for what she has done by upsetting Whitney. "No one upsets my daughter the way that you did."

Luis and Miguel talk. Luis is angry that Theresa is still playing up and screwing up her life. She isn't focused on anything but Ethan Crane and the high life.

Theresa is heartbroken at what she sees. She sees Ethan with Gwen and she cries from the pain of it all. She is the one that really love Ethan… "I am!"

Sheridan and Jean-Luc are going to the ball in style. They are dressed formally. "I want this to be a night that I will never forget," she tells Jean-Luc.

Mimi arrives in a cab in front of the location of the Ball. "Sheridan Crane! Soon you will know what it is like to be betrayed," Mimi promises.

Whitney doesn't tell her sister what is wrong with her; she just needs to get to her mother. She just has to find her mother. She walks off.

Simone tries to follow her sister, but Kay holds her back as she need her more, she feels. Kay wants Simone to help her figure out how to get Miguel. They need to make sure that whatever they do, Jessica doesn't find out and screw it up. "He has to think of me as a woman," Kay says.

Jessica is hiding and she hears that her sister is up to something to do with Miguel. She follows them at a safe distance to avoid being detected.

Luis denies that he enjoys being hard on Theresa. "I just want Theresa to see that she is dreaming, thinking that she can be with someone like a Crane. She needs to work and I have found her a job. She will work at the Cannery cleaning fish." Miguel is horrified at that.

Ethan and Gwen are still kissing as Theresa watches. Ethan finds it funny that Gwen was crying at Sheridan's good news just now. Ethan knows that Gwen is upset that they are not getting married themselves, so he tells her that he really does love her though and that she shouldn't worry.

Theresa hurts. "He should be in my arms."

She dreams that one-day she will be able to tell him that she really does love him. She knows when that happens; he will love her too.

Sheridan and Jean-Luc have an evening to remember…

They drink…

They kiss…

They dance…

She feels like she is dreaming and doesn't want to wake up. "I feel truly loved and happy and I want this evening never to end."

Mimi walks to the Ball thinking about Jean-Luc.

She remembers buying things for him…

Finding out that he lied to her… It makes her angry.

Mimi puts the last touches of her makeup in order… "I will tell Sheridan what a rat you really are. We will see if she will marry you then…"

Miguel finds his sister crying. She says that she has something in her eye, but Miguel sees Ethan with Gwen and knows what is wrong.

"The Cranes are not like us. We come from a different world Theresa…" Theresa feels that she can be with Ethan if given the chance. Theresa knows the way that it will be. "He will look at me and we will fall immediately in love. I feel like I know him. Mama says nice things about him and if I had the chance, I could make him happy. I know that you think that I am pathetic because of my dreams." Miguel can't bear to see his sister like this. "Forget about Ethan Crane…" She takes another look at the man of her dreams.

Sam tells Eve that the little girl showed up again and Grace is a mess over it. Grace says that the girl told her that someone was coming. Grace is torn. This might be part of the life that Grace can't remember. Sam tells that he found someone who seemed to know about Grace but then the person signed off the computer. Sam took Grace home to lie down alone. "She says that she is okay but I know that she is upset and confused." Sam has to go back to work now. Eve will look in on her friend while Sam is at work. He leaves.

Whitney finds her mother and wants to talk about her father. Eve turns to her very concerned.

Tabitha tells TC to calm down but he will not.

Timmy is hiding and wonders what TC would do if he knew who he were talking to right now.

Tabitha offers to return Whitney's money but TC doesn't want that and he tosses the money to the floor.

Lucky for Timmy. The cash is within his reach, and he takes it easily by sliding his hand under the curtain.

TC leans over the table to drive home his point. "No one! No one…hurts my daughter…"

Whitney tells that a fortuneteller upset her just now and her father is angry over it. She has no idea what he might do.

Whitney thinks back to the horrible woman and what she said about TC being a murderer.

Whitney will not tell what the fortuneteller said but just wants her mother to go find her father and keep him from getting upset with the fortuneteller. Eve says that she will handle it.

TC finds something familiar about this woman and tries to think of where he has seen her before.

Tabitha thinks to how she disguised herself that morning to hide from the citizens. The very last thing that she wants is for one of the good citizens to find out who she really is

TC is going to call the police. "No!" she says. "I will give you a reading and you decide if I am a fake or not…You are a father of two girls…you are a coach…what about your father? You didn't always love him… He worked for those white people and you thought that your father was weak. He had to say, 'Yes sir' and 'No sir'. He had to be thankful to them for everything." TC knows that no one knows of this. "He sacrificed for us," TC says. Tabitha tells how the old man died of a broken heart because of TC's leg. "It wasn't your fault TC, it was someone else's fault. That is where the blame lies. That is why your father died." TC demands to know who this person is that did this to his father.

Kay is going to hold a contest at the carnival and all the men have to wear bathing suits. "The prize with be a date with me," Kay tells and she will make sure that Miguel wins. She can see it all now. "They will dressed fancy and they will sip champagne…well maybe not champagne… we are too young." Kay cautions Simone again to keep this from Jessica.

Jessica has heard everything that has been said. She continues to follow the girls smiling.

Miguel gets his sister an ice cream cone to lighten her mood somewhat after having her heart broken.

Ethan makes a decision and turns to Gwen. "The two of us are going to Paris Gwen." She loves that idea. Ethan really wants to meet Jean-Luc. Ethan worries about Sheridan as she has had a really rough life. Gwen hopes that Jean-Luc will make Sheridan happy.

In Paris, Sheridan and Jean-Luc dance. She wants to remember this night for the rest of her life. The song is over and he seats her. "I am going to order more champagne he says. He starts leaving but she pulls him into a kiss. "I couldn't bear to lose you Jean-Luc…" He tells her that she shouldn't say things like this. "I love you little one," he says before walking off.

Mimi enters the room. "Where are you Sheridan Crane? I can't wait to tell you about Jean-Luc…"

Tabitha tells TC that he will find out in due time who is responsible for his father's death in good time. He warns Tabitha that she had better stay away from he and his family if she knows what's good.

Timmy comes out of hiding after Coach Russell leaves the tent. Tabitha sees that man has a terrible temper. "Who knows what he will do when he learns the truth…" She whispers to him what is coming for TC and Harmony. Someone is coming. Tabitha hides Timmy again.

Eve comes in. "TC?" Tabitha turns to her smiling. "Come in… Dr. Russell… I am ready for ya…" ---

Whitney finds her friend and Miguel and learns that Theresa is ready to get over Ethan as she is sure that she has lost him forever.

Ethan and Gwen ride the carousel and talk of the future. Ethan is glad that he is there "I am having a good time." Ethan wonders what Sheridan is doing. Gwen tells that Sheridan and Jean-Luc are going out to celebrate.

Sheridan and Jean-Luc toast…He leads her to the dance floor now and they dance.

Mimi finally finds them and she watches them from afar… "Gotcha…" she says smiling in their direction.

Luis tells Sam how he has been trying to make his sister see sense. Sam wants to know the secret if he finds out. Sam warns his friend to keep his sister away from the Cranes if he can.

Kay and Simone ask Luis to help out with the contest they are having the next day. "Just bring your bathing suit they say," giggling.

Sam sees his friend TC and says that his face looks very angry. "What is up?"

Eve is surprised that the fortuneteller knows her name. The fortuneteller knows a lot more. "You have two girls," Tabitha says. "Whitney and Simone…" Eve isn't impressed. "You were worried about TC and what he might do to me… He loves the truth…he expects the people that he loves to be honorable. Your husband would be crushed if he found out that he had been lied to…especially if his wife lied…" Eve is getting her back up now. "I know the truth about you Eve…all of it. If your husband and children and the church knew about you what I knew, you would be horrified…"

Timmy listens from his hiding place.

Miguel tells Whitney that Luis got Theresa a job that she will not like. Miguel says that Theresa won't find out about it for a day or two. Whitney hates that news. Theresa is going to hate that Whitney confirms.

Whitney goes to her friend now. Theresa tells that she doesn't care about the money that Ethan has…she only cares about him. Doesn’t matter now though…

"Theresa… Did Miguel tell you?"

Theresa and Whitney turn to find Luis standing behind them. Whitney runs to Luis. "Not now!" He ignores her. "I got you a job at the cannery. You start tonight." The smile leaves Theresa's face.

TC tells Sam that the fortuneteller upset his daughter. TC wanted to tear the woman apart. "That woman scared me and said the strangest things to me. She bore a hole in my soul. She was strange and she was evil. I want no one going near this woman."

Eve denies that she has anything hidden from her husband. "You know nothing!" Tabitha can tell that she is afraid. "I know what you are hiding… I know what you did…I do and I can prove it."

Timmy listens.

"I will tell you every horrible detail that you have done in the past…right now…"

Theresa promises to find a job herself as long as she doesn't work in the cannery. Luis says that he is doing this for his sister's own good. "Thing about the money that you can save for college." He walks off.

Whitney is sorry that this has happened. Theresa remembers making fun of the fish women on the bus, now she is going to be one. "I need to go for a walk alone…"

Kay finds guys to be in the contest. Miguel has agreed to be in the contest and so she has to bring other men in to make the contest real.

Kay goes over to Ethan and Gwen and asks him to be in the contest. Gwen pushes him to do it. He gives Kay his contact number and she leaves with it.

Gwen is sure that Ethan will win this contest as he is the best looking guy in Harmony. He reads his fortune cookie. 'The woman of your dreams is thinking of you always…' Gwen reads hers. The smile leaves her face. "What does yours say Gwen?"

Mimi knows that Sheridan will not be smiling when she gets some special news…

Sheridan and Jean-Luc return to their table. He leaves her for a moment.

Mimi tells the waiter to tell Sheridan that someone wants to talk to her out on the terrace for a moment. The man does as he is told.

Mimi laughs. "Smile Sheridan Crane. This is going to be your last moment of happiness…"

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