Passions Update Wednesday 7/14/99

Passions Update Wednesday 7/14/99


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

The twin who looks like Grace is alone. The doorknob turns. She panics and runs to hide around the corner, peeking out. A blonde girl enters. She sees her mother is hiding" Mom, are you okay?" She tells how she was just nervous, that's all. "I was looking for a job on the Internet, she says. Her daughter sees that her mother has been in the chat rooms and knows that she is being lied to. Her daughter senses that she is scared of something and she wants to know what that is.

Grace goes to Rosie and they talk about siblings. The little girl asks if Grace has brothers and sisters. Grace says that she has no idea if she has any siblings or not.

Timmy is getting scared. He wonders where that old witch is. She is the only one that can save him.

Sam reconnects with TC and Eve and they discuss his trying to find a way to get the terrified look off Sam's wife's face. Eve has no answers. This time being a doctor doesn't bring answers.

Tabitha tells the girls to sit down. Theresa is all for it. Tabitha says that they can pay what they want for the reading. Theresa wants to know her future and not the past, but Tabitha tells that the future is based on the past and so the reading should involve both. Theresa wonders now if the woman is full of mumbo-jumbo. Tabitha can prove that she tells what is true. Tabitha tells that she knows about the fire and the barbecue sauce all over a certain young man. Theresa is suddenly convinced when Tabitha gives details of the fire. "That young man you were with is in bed with a young woman right now…" Tabitha reveals.

Ethan jokes with Gwen, telling that the girl that made an impression on him was the girl that dropped things all over him, and not someone that he is enamoured with. Gwen laughs getting his little joke, after thinking that he might be in love with someone else. Ethan says that he was thinking they could see Sheridan when they go to Paris for their honeymoon. Gwen hears what he has said and she jumps into his arms, happy to hear the word 'honeymoon'.

Sheridan and Jean-Luc walk together arm-in-arm and discuss their relationship and how honest it is. She wishes that her family were honest like she and Jean-Luc are with each other. Her nephew Ethan is so different from the rest of the family. He is the only one who she really feels cares about her.

The mistress sees Jean-Luc and Sheridan kissing. "Sacre blue! That will be the last time he kisses her!"

Sheridan and her fiancé are in a horse-driven carriage. Jean-Luc hears something.

He and Sheridan turn and see a woman running towards them waving her arms and shouting for them to stop. It is Jean-Luc's mistress. "Stop!" she shouts running after them. Jean-Luc has the driver drive faster to get away from that woman. Sheridan wonders what the woman wants, she wants the carriage stopped but Jean-Luc will not allow that.

Ethan and Gwen hug. She thinks that she has just had a proposal, but Ethan has to correct her. She is so disappointed and throws herself back on the bed heavily. "You have a hang up about marriage it seems. What is standing in the way? Both our families want us to marry so what is it then?" He needs more time. She understands that if that is the case… "It is just…sometimes I am scared that the dream that I have of a future with you will only be a dream." He kisses her and they make up. He feels she is worried about nonsense.

Tabitha tells how the man that Theresa was with at The Burger Hut is at this moment in bed with someone else. "Let's go Theresa," Whitney says. "Tell me something Whitney…why do they use the word love in tennis? You are a tennis player…what does love have to do with it? You are an excellent player…You better keep it up…" Whitney will keep it up. "Nothing will get in her way. "Murder can get in the way," Tabitha tells… "A killer in your family…"

Charity apologizes to her mother for upsetting her when she first came home. Charity wishes that her mother would smile more and laugh. She knows that something has to be bothering the woman. Charity wishes that she could go to school with the other kids instead of being taught at home. Her mother reminds her that they move a lot and this is a better option. It isn't better for Charity. She wants to have friends and meet people. "You too mom…you don't have any friends and you panic when people come to the door. Tell me what is going on." The woman says that she is preparing her daughter for what is to come. "It's like with Grace!" Charity doesn't understand. "Who is Grace?" The girl is shocked to hear that she has an aunt.

Sam promises his wife that he will continue searching for info on her past…"As long as it takes."

The girl that has Timmy is still at the carnival. She has the doll at her feet as she eats an ice cream cone. Some of the ice cream drips on the head of the doll. Timmy swats her arm, causing the ice cream to slam into her face.

The girl is startled and looks strangely at the doll.

TC and Eve are curious as to where they children are. They have disappeared and the parents get uneasy not having seen their children in such a long time. One can only hope that they are staying out of trouble.

Tabitha tells that Whitney's dad is going to kill someone and that the man that Theresa is smitten with has the name Ethan… "Ethan Crane…"

Sheridan is mystified by the woman who was chasing their carriage. Jean-Luc says that it is clear that the woman who was chasing them was a reporter and he wanted to protect her from that. Sheridan's face relaxes. That has to be it. She did think for a minute that the woman was a girlfriend of her fiancé.

Mimi gets to the door and bangs on it. "Open up! It is Mimi! I have something important to tell you!"

Mimi will not leave as she is sure that Jean-Luc is on the other side of the door avoiding her. She shouts threats but no one answers her. She realizes that she has a key to the apartment and quickly gets it out. She enters and he isn't there. "You can run Jean-Luc but you cannot hide!"

Jean-Luc has a surprise for Sheridan. He makes her wait for him while he rushes off.

Jean-Luc's cellphone starts ringing while he is out of the room. Sheridan answers it.

It is Mimi on the line but she says nothing when she hears Sheridan's voice on the line.

Charity gets all the information on her mother and her twin that her mother chooses to give her. She sees a picture. The only thing that is different about them is the placement of a couple of moles. "Something happened and Grace couldn't deal with it. I haven't been able to find my sister for a long time. She is alive. If she were dead, I would feel it. I am going to find her…"

TC is limping and Eve notices. He shouts at her that he is fine and he walks off.

Sam sees that TC is upset and has walked off. He makes Eve feel better about him being angry.

Rosie sits with her doll for a while and then she drags him with her to look at some other toys that are sitting on a table. When Rosie isn't looking, Timmy talks.

The girl didn’t know that he could talk and wants him to say more. She grabs the doll and shakes him trying to make him talk. He won't. She throws him to the ground and starts looking at the toys on the table again.

Timmy reaches out a hand when Rosie isn't looking and he overturns the table causing everything on it to go crashing to the ground. Rosie knows that she didn't do anything to topple the table, but she apologizes to the person in charge of the table anyway, hoping that she will not get in trouble.

Whitney gets angry with the fortune-teller for telling that her father will become a murderer. The teller tells that Whitney hurts her father and that is what causes him to become a murderer. Whitney rushes out.

Theresa tells the fortune-teller that she shouldn't have hurt her friend. Tabitha cares nothing about that. "Tell me," she asks… "Would you like to hear more about Ethan?" Theresa pauses for a moment and then decides. "I don't want to hear anything more out of your nasty mouth!" She rushes out of there.

Tabitha smirks. "Oh…she'll be back…"

Charity is thrilled that she has family and wants to go find them but her mother says that is too dangerous.

TC comes to see Grace about her problems. He seems uncomfortable. "I have just been thinking about some old baggage. It is funny, you want to find out your past and I want mine long gone."

Whitney is upset. "How did that woman know about us Theresa?"

Ethan and Gwen have made their way to the carnival and Ethan only hopes that they don't bump into Theresa there.

Rosie tells the doll that she doesn't like him. Timmy comes out of doll-mode… "I don't like you either." Rosie freaks out and tosses the doll into a nearby river. She runs off. Timmy can't swim and calls out of help!

Tabitha thinks that she hears something. "Is that Timmy?"

Sheridan tells whoever is on the phone that she can take a message for Jean-Luc if one needs to be left.

Jean-Luc returns to the room and panics when he sees that Sheridan is on his cellphone. He grabs it from Sheridan.

Mimi freaks. "You told me that you were going to marry me! I will not be put off." Jean-Luc hurries off the phone, hanging up.

"Sheridan…we are going to the ball tonight to celebrate our engagement."

Mimi destroys the apartment. "I will make him pay!" She sees an invitation to a ball. "I bet that he is taking his rich American heiress to the ball. You are not the only one who can make surprises," she says smiling.

Gwen walks with her arms full of stuffed toys that Ethan has won for her.

She gets a call from Sheridan. "Remember that bet that we made about who will get married first? I won. Jean-Luc proposed today and I am getting married." Gwen is thrilled for you. "Here tell Ethan…"

Ethan takes the phone and gets the news. "That is terrific. If he ever treats you badly though, he will have to report to me." Sheridan only warns him not to let Gwen down.

Theresa tries to calm her friend about hearing that her father is a murder.

TC comes over and asks what is wrong with his daughter. Theresa tells that a fortune-teller upset her. TC tells that there is no fortune-teller there.

Sam and Eve talk. He asks about TC and if he has some kind of problem lately. Eve only wishes that TC had a better temperament. "TC is great but then he snaps if he thinks that his family is being threatened."

Timmy enters the tent. Tabitha is glad to see the soaking imp. He is upset that she didn't come back to get him. She dries him off and laughs at his misfortune.

Charity wants more information from her mother about their family. Her mother can't tell her more. "You have to trust me Charity…" Charity hates being lonely. "There is a whole world out there and she can't be a part of it. I need a chance to have experiences. I need to go out and be a part of life. I want to go to a carnival in Harmony. It isn't that far. I need to go somewhere and see something new…"

The angel whispers at Grace's back as she sits at the carnival… "It is almost time…"

Grace jumps up looking behind her quickly.

Only Sam is there. He sees the horrific look on her face. "Grace…what is it?"

Grace tells that she heard the little girl again. "She was here…"

Charity can't see how going to a carnival could cause them trouble. Her mother finally gives in to her daughter's whim.

Ethan promises that he will not let Gwen get away from him.

Jean-Luc enters the room and Sheridan ends her call.

She loves the way that Jean-Luc looks dressed formally for the ball. "I am so happy…"

Mimi too is dressed for the ball. "If I can't have him, then no one will…"

Whitney turns on her friend now. "None of this would have happened if you hadn't wanted to go and see the fortune teller.

Tabitha loves it. She has caused trouble in Harmony and no one knows that she has done it. Someone is coming and so she hides Timmy.

The curtain is drawn. "Game's over lady," TC shouts. "I know exactly who you are…"

Ethan can't get over his aunt being married. Gwen is lost in her thoughts. "Gwen what is it?" She says that she is just fine.

Theresa is alone at the carnival and she sees something that makes her freeze in her tracks. It is Ethan…the boy of her dreams, and he is kissing Gwen.

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