Passions Update Tuesday 7/13/99

Passions Update Tuesday 7/13/99


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Whitney begs Ethan not to be mad at Theresa. Ethan tells her that Theresa dumped stuff on him the day before as well as now. "That was you too?" Whitney asks. She heard about the incident.

Theresa gets barbecue sauce thinking that it is water and she accidentally drops it on Ethan.

"I am sorry Ethan!" Ethan realizes that Theresa knows who he is and feels that this was planned all along.

Theresa's boss comes out and fires Theresa for what she has done. Ethan is furious. Theresa realizes that she has ruined things for her chances with Ethan!

Tabitha is dressed like a gypsy. "The people of Harmony have no idea what they are in for today… No idea at all…"

Timmy is still on the table for sale and he panics thinking that some stranger is going to buy him. "Tabitha…where are you?"

Simone and Kay ride the Ferris wheel at the carnival as they discuss Miguel. Simone wants her to tell Miguel how she feels. Kay can't do that. She wants to figure out a way to get the boy to kiss her instead. It will be the greatest time of her life. She is even willing to lose her virginity to him.

Eve wonders where the girls are. Not seeing them for a while makes her nervous. Grace hears nothing of what she says.

She remembers the angel warning her to be true to herself and to trust in the angels to help her when she needs them most.

"Do you believe in angels Eve?" Grace asks. Eve isn't sure.

In Castleton, not far from Harmony… the woman who looks like Grace goes to the Internet and finds a message. "'Desperately seeking information on a woman named Grace'"

Luis and Sam are ready to head out now. It seems that no one is going to answer their posted message.

The woman on the computer sends a message. 'I am looking for a woman named Grace…could this be the same person?'

Kay demands to know what Jessica has been talking to Miguel about. Jessica tortures her by not answering her question. "Look," Jessica says smiling. "There is Miguel now… Do something for me and I will give you information and keep your secret…I want your new beeper." Kay will not give it up. Jessica says that she is going to go to Miguel and tell him about the breast exercises that Kay does every morning…"I must…I must…I must increase my b…"

Miguel walks up. "What is going on?"

Grace and Eve talk about Grace's latest episode. She wants to keep it quiet.

TC comes over asking what the ladies have been talking about. Eve only says that she is really scared for Grace…really scared.

Grace goes to a kid and asks if he would like to try to win that doll that he has been staring at.

Timmy panics inside. "Tabitha…help!"

Tabitha has her facial makeup on now and she is ready to make a little disharmony, in Harmony… Her nose seems distorted and she really doesn't look like herself at all.

The woman who looks like Grace waits to see if someone will answer her message.

Sam sees that someone has sent in a message about Grace…He sends a message back.

She sees it. 'I hope that you have the same person that I am looking for."

Sam says that Grace has two moles…

The woman types that the moles should be on Grace's left shoulder.

Sam can see that he has hit pay dirt!

Sheridan calls Ethan while Jean-Luc stands over her with his shirt off. Sheridan is deliriously happy and wants to know when Ethan is going to marry Gwen. Ethan wonders if Gwen put his aunt up to this call. Sheridan says that Gwen has gone actually and is probably gone on a date with some sexy Frenchman…

Jean-Luc kisses Sheridan and is on his way out. Ethan asks if Sheridan is sure about this guy Jean-Luc. She is. "I finally have gotten things right with a man." She will not bring Jean-Luc home to meet her family though, as she is sure that her father will screw up the relationship. "Finally, someone loves me for more than my name and fortune."

Jean-Luc leaves Sheridan's place and his mistress is there waiting for him outside the door. She hits him. "Liar! You told me that you didn't love her…" Jean-Luc assures her that he doesn't.

Sheridan wants to hear about meeting the locals. Ethan tells her that he keeps meeting a girl who has been dumping things on him every time that he bumps into her. He hopes that he never sees that girl again.

Theresa is near tears. She has lost the man that she loves.

Theresa's boss comes to Theresa telling that Theresa has ruined his business. "The Cranes own this land that the restaurant is on…You are fired!" she is fine with that. "I didn't want to work here in the first place," she shouts.

She runs into the back room and starts taking off her ridiculous burger outfit with the french-fry hat. She tosses item after item to the side, not realizing that she has tossed her hat onto the grill and has in fact started a fire.

The woman types how she has been searching for Grace…

Sam wants to know the woman's name…

She stops typing as she has no idea who this is. "It might be them trying to trap me!"

Sam gets upset. "Why isn't she answering Luis?"

The woman is torn.

Sam promises that he can be trusted and isn't someone who wants to hurt her. The computer shows that the woman has left the chat room.

Tabitha comes over to see Grace at the carnival. She is in disguise and Grace doesn't recognize her.

Tabitha goes to Timmy and asks him if he is okay. Timmy looks at her strangely. "Who are you?" he asks.

Jessica does the breast exercises movements but Miguel has no idea what she is doing. "That is weird," he says.

Theresa has dressed and left the back room to go home. She tells Whitney that she is so embarrassed by the things that happened that day and all the mistakes that she has made. Her brother is going to be furious with her.

The manager goes to the back room and sees that a fire has started.

"Fire!" the man shouts running from the back room. He looks at Theresa. "You threw your uniform on the grill and it started a fire…"

Sheridan and Jean-Luc spend time together touring Paris and being together…

They take pictures…

Ride the carousel…

Walk together…

Visit the Seine…

"Where are you taking me?" Sheridan asks Jean-Luc as he leads her blindfolded. He brings her to a horse-drawn chariot and removes the blindfold.

They are whisked off for a lovers' ride.

The mistress follows them and sees that she really can't trust Jean-Luc…

Ethan tries to work.

Someone sneaks up on him and covers his eyes. "Guess who?" He guesses that it must be Hilary or Jackie. Gwen fakes upset over his bad guessing. He was only joking. "You smell like barbecue sauce she tells him. He will tell her the sordid tale later. "Shut up and make love to me," she orders. They fall to the bed.

The manager tries to get all out of the restaurant before the fire gets out of hand. ***

Timmy finally realizes that the woman before him is Tabitha. He orders her to get him out of there. She can't do that right now. "I have more important things to do." She rushes off.

Timmy is not happy.

He goes into doll-mode when he sees that kid that wanted him earlier return.

"This time I am going to win that doll," the kid tells Grace.

Jessica is still torturing her sister by doing the breast exercises but not telling that Kay is the one that does them.

Miguel sees that The Burger Hut is on fire and he rushes over there.

TC and Eve arrive and see that Theresa and Whitney are safe. TC rushes off to make sure that no one else has been hurt.

Theresa tells Eve that her life is going up in smoke right before her eyes.

Tabitha is ready to strike and perform her evil act!

Sheridan and her boyfriend enjoy champagne as they ride the horse-driven carriage.

Jean-Luc's mistress watches them and follows them as they ride.

Ethan and Gwen have finished making love and he wants to know why she returned so soon. She wanted to see him and talk about love. "I…forget it…well, you are going to think that this is really stupid. I thought that you might fall in love with someone else while I was away…" Ethan wonders why she is being so insecure… He figures that she sent him to meet the locals and that he might have met a bonny lass out there. "All I did was meet that girl who spilled things on me."

Theresa returns to his wife and daughter.

Luis comes over and asks what happened.

Theresa's ex-boss comes over telligj that Theresa was the one that started the fire.

The woman who looks like Grace doesn't know what to do. "How do I know that this is really about Grace and not about trapping me? What do I do?"

Jean-Luc says that when he thinks about how Sheridan almost died, it bothers him. "I bargained with God and I promised him that if you lived, I would devote the rest of my life to you forever… Let's get married so that I can love you the way that you deserve to be loved for the rest of your life." He produces a ring. "Marry me…" She answers his question with a kiss.

Jean-Luc's mistress watches with binoculars from afar.

Ethan says that the girl that he had his accidents with isn't dangerous, just accident-prone.

Theresa apologizes for starting the fire. Luis saysthat she will have to get anotehr job, maybe at the cannery. Theresa panics "No!" Luis's word is final.

Theresa is upset. She sees the fortune-teller's tent and wonders if she can find out what her fortune will be after all.

Grace talks to a girl who guesses the wrong amount for the amount of jelly beans in the jar. She gives the child the doll anyway. Timmy panics. The little girl says that she will let her twin play with the doll too. Those words alert something in Grace, but she doesn't know what.

The woman who looks like Grace wonders if she is in any danger now that she has contacted someone over the Internet.

Kay gives in and gives Jessica her beeper to buy her silence.

Jessica has her fingers crossed when she agrees to keep her sister's secret about Miguel.

Theresa gets Whitney to go over to the fortune-teller's tent. Whitney doesn't feel right about this.

Tabitha comes out of the tent, in disguise and tells the girls to come on in and she will tell them all about their fortunes. Whitney and Theresa cautiously enters the tent.

Sheridan is with Jean-Luc and they discuss their wedding and how lavish it will be. She doesn't care what it costs.

The mistress fumes from up the street as she watches them.

Ethan and Gwen lounge around the bedroom together. She hated being away from him, even for a few days. He is glad that she was able to meet Jean-Luc. Gwen tells that Jean-Luc is very French and handsome. "Sheridan adores him like I adore you. I love looking into your blue eyes…and being in your arms… but my old nanny wouldn't forgive me for letting you know my deepest feelings…" Ethan doesn't understand keeping secrets. He tells her everything. Gwen wonders if he would tell her if he had met a girl that made an impression on him. He says that he would tell her that.

Theresa smiles at Whitney's fear of the fortune-teller. Theresa says that her aunt is very religious and wouldn't like this at all.

Tabitha knows that Whitney's aunt was right. "You shouldn't trust people like me," she says quietly.

The little girl clutches her doll to her chest as she stares up into Grace's eyes. "What's wrong Mrs. Bennett? All I said was that I was going to let my twin play with this doll too…"

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