Passions Update Monday 7/12/99

Passions Update Monday 7/12/99


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Miguel goes over to talk to Jessica about the carnival and things in general. She says that things are really nuts at home for her right now. He says that Luis got Theresa a job at The Burger Hut and that is going to make things crazy for him at his house.

"Hello Miguel…" A beautiful girl arrives and flirts with Miguel. Jessica leaves them.

She goes to her sister and Simone. "You had better be careful Kay…" she says, pointing in Miguel's direction.

Kay looks over and sees that someone is moving in on Miguel.

Whitney begs her friend to stop dreaming about Ethan and living his life.

Luis comes over. Theresa tells that she will be going to her new job that day and that he shouldn't worry. He knew that she would come to her senses.

Sheridan is dressed and ready to leave the hospital. She calls aloud so Ethan can hear her while he talks to Gwen on the phone. He is so happy to hear that she is doing well. Gwen has to go now. "I love you," she says before hanging up.

Sheridan loves that Ethan and Gwen are getting closer. She approves of their relationship. Gwen tells how she has been pushing Ethan to meet with the locals and get involved with the community. "I know that he is the one for me," Gwen says. Sheridan says that she has Jean-Luc and she will never let him go. Gwen's smile fades.

Jean-Luc gets dressed while his 'bit on the side' questions him about Sheridan. He tells her again. "She is very wealthy and she has many foreign contacts for my business. I can't tell you more as it is too dangerous for you to know more. Don't ask me about this again," he warns.

Sam and Grace are having coffee and a special moment. Eve has come by to say that she has heard about the night before from Jessica. Grace can't help it. The girl seemed real to her and she knows that she say something that was real.

Grace answers the door. Tabitha is there. she is holding the doll in doll-mode. "I made a surprise for your girls," Tabitha says.

The night before she made the doll and it has the ability to be doll-like or real.

Gwen and Sheridan go out to eat. Sheridan tells that her love with Jean-Luc is so real. He and Ethan are the only ones that love her, she says. Her family has been cold to her all her life. She tells Gwen that she needs to make the most of her relationship with Ethan. "Be with the man that you love," Sheridan warns.

Kay hates that Miguel is with that other girl talking. Jessica calls her a loser and then walks off laughing at her sister's misfortune.

Kay is going to fight for her man.

Luis takes Theresa to The Burger Hut for her new job. She says that she is going to work very hard at her new job.

Eve tells Sam that it might be time to find out more about Grace's past, if it is bothering her.

Grace brings Tabitha in with her doll to the kitchen. Grace says that Tabitha has made a new doll. Sam and Eve look at the doll smiling. Grace loves this. "Maybe I can sell it at the carnival," she says. "No!" Tabitha says quickly. Everyone looks at her strangely.

In Paris, Gwen tells that Ethan and she are close but that he hasn't popped the question yet. She isn't sure if he loves her as much as she loves him. Sheridan can't answer that question. She has trouble knowing if Jean-Luc loves her as much as she loves him but she would say 'yes' if Jean-Luc asked her to marry him.

Jean-Luc has to leave his mistress now to meet Sheridan. She is very jealous and vows to find out if Sheridan means more to Jean-Luc than he says she does. He assures her that Sheridan means nothing to him.

Theresa is dressed in her ridiculous fast-food outfit and she is thrown into her job of serving a table of five right away.

She looks over to find that the table is full of her friends and they all want food. She smiles. They shout their orders at her.

Ethan comes up to the restaurant and peeks in the window.

Grace really wants to sell the doll and help the children charities. Tabitha offers to make another doll but Grace wants to sell this one. Tabitha offers to come with her to find the right spot at the carnival to sell the doll then.

Sam has to go to work now.

Tabitha says that she will have to watch her P's and Q's now that he is the new police chief.

Tabitha makes her way to the kitchen, just as Timmy is trying to get out of there. He doesn't want to be sold.

Grace comes into the kitchen and Timmy slides back into doll-mode. "This doll is so cute," Grace says picking it up and putting it over her shoulder. "I wonder what it would say if it could speak…" She walks out of the room with it. Timmy comes alive and whispers over Grace's shoulder to Tabitha…"Help!"

Sheridan is happy to have a good friend like Gwen to talk to. Sheridan is sure that Gwen will be married to Ethan before Jean-Luc will be married to her.

Jean-Luc arrives and Sheridan rushes to him.

Jean-Luc's mistress is outside the restaurant and sees Jean-Luc and Sheridan hugging. The smile leaves her face.

Grace props the doll up on a table at the fair. She is sure to get a good price for it.

Sam is at work and he looks at the newspaper clippings of Grace. He hopes that someone will be able to help him unravel her past.

Luis arrives for work. He tells that something weird happened to him. His sister dreamed about Ethan showing up at his house and then it actually happened. "He had a message for my mother and that freaked me out. The last person that I want my sister with is a Crane." Sam dislikes the Cranes too. He is sure that a Crane wouldn't mingle with the little people anyway, so Luis shouldn't worry.

At the restaurant, Jessica jokes with Miguel that she knows of someone that is interested in him. He turns to her smiling wondering who that could be. She doesn't tell who though and she walks off.

Kay knows that her sister can blow everything if she wants and that irks her.

Whitney talks to Theresa as she works her new job. She knows that her friend didn't want to take this job but she is glad that the girl did. "Luis just wants the best for you Theresa…."

"Theresa! Customer on table two!" her boss shouts. Whitney takes off.

Theresa goes to her customer at table two and almost drops the tray in her hand. She recognizes that face. "You!" Ethan looks up at her strangely. "Do I know you?" Ethan asks.

Jean-Luc says that one night away from Sheridan was torture.

His mistress watches from the window.

She remembers Jean-Luc telling her that Sheridan was very plain.

She can see that Sheridan is anything but plain.

Jean-Luc rushes off for a minute.

Sheridan wonders if she might just make it to the altar after all.

Ethan thinks that the waitress looks familiar.

He remembers that she was the one that dumped paint on him at the carnival.

She remembers him too now that he reminds her where they met. He starts moving to get out of there but she tries to stop him and ends up accidentally dropping her tray of food and drinks on him.

Sam and Luis try their best to figure out how they can get into Grace's past.

Grace has a vision where she is running through a forest and calling for someone to save her.

She is really hyperventilating. Eve rushes to her.

"I feel like I am running from something," Grace says. "Evil! Evil is after me…"

Tabitha watches coyly when she hears what Grace is saying. Timmy peeks at Tabitha out of the corner of his eye at Tabitha. He says nothing and continues to sit very still.

Sam puts messages up on the Internet but there hasn't been any answer to his query of anyone knowing Grace, or anything about her past and what the details are about it.

Grace seems to be running through the forest …"Grace! Where are you? I need you…" Grace seems to be running through the forest and calling for herself. It is all happening in her mind's eye.

Eve gets her friend a chair. Her pulse is racing. "Just relax…you are going to be okay…"

Tabitha can see that Gloria has become undone. Timmy wants to get home but Tabitha isn't ready to leave yet.

Jessica gets a pink panther stuffed doll from Miguel. He would do anything for Kay's little sister.

Kay is worried that Jessica is going to tell her secret.

Sheridan is kissing Jean-Luc, and Gwen watches.

She dreams of Ethan kissing her that way.

Sheridan apologizes for being rude in front of Gwen. She is fine with that. Jean-Luc can't understand how Ethan could let Gwen out of his sight as she is very beautiful.

The mistress continues to watch the group.

She remembers the lies that Jean-Luc told her while they were in bed.


Theresa tries to make things better but she only makes things worse. Ethan orders her away from him.

Whitney comes running up to her friend. "What is going on?" Theresa tells that the guy over there that she drops food and drinks on is really Ethan Crane. "I have ruined everything Whitney…Help me!"

Someone sends a message that he knows Grace, but the man was only joking. Sam is getting frustrated. "Someone has to be wondering where Grace is." Luis remembers that Grace was found in Boston. Sam found a partially burned piece of paper in Grace's pocket with her name on it and that is how he knows her name is Grace. Sam feels that Grace is scared of something in her past. "It is frustrating watching the woman that you love go through something like this. Sam knows that there are cases that go unsolved and he hopes that this isn't one of them.

Grace is running through the forest and she falls. "No! No! Don't hurt me," she says.

Grace suddenly gets up out of bed. "It wasn't real…" She goes to a picture and grabs a picture of herself and someone else who looks just like her from the table…"Grace… I miss you so much…"

Eve decides that she should call an ambulance but Grace feels fine now. She stops Eve from calling the hospital. Her pulse is better now. "I have a million things to do and I want to go now. I promise that after the carnival, I will get some rest." Eve will let hr off this time but makes Grace promise to tell if she feels bad again. Grace says that when she was having her episode, she felt like her soul was in danger…

Timmy asks Tabitha to make sure to come and get her out of there. She will be back but warns him to stay put and not to get into trouble.

Jessica and Miguel talk about her their siblings and how they are unbearable.

Whitney begs Ethan not to be upset with Theresa for her causing trouble.

Theresa goes into the back room and grabs a vat from the cook thinking that it is water. She doesn't ask for it, she just grabs it and rushes out of the room.

She leaves before she learns that the vat is really full of barbecue sauce and not water.

Theresa rushes to the table with the vat and tells Ethan that this will help to clean him off. He sees her coming and orders her to stay away from him. She rushes towards him and the liquid come flying out of the vat before she can stop it. It is then that she sees that the vat has been filled with brown barbecue sauce and not water like she thought when she picked it up originally. Nobody moves, and all eyes are on Ethan…

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