Passions Update Friday 7/9/99

Passions Update Friday 7/9/99


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Luis tries to make his mother declare their father dead to help the family handle their financial affairs better. She will not do that. She knows that one day he will return to them. Luis is angry with his father but Theresa loves her father and knows that there is a reason for his not being there to help support them. Luis apologizes for hurting his mother but he just wants what is good for her and her future. "You can't depend on the Cranes to take care of you with that job. Pilar knows that her husband is a good man. She remembers the last time that she saw him. "He kissed me goodbye and told me that he loved me. He didn't report to work that day and has been missing ever since." Luis investigated his father's disappearance but he learned nothing about what made him suddenly disappear. Luis feels that the Cranes are responsible for this and he will not let them hurt anyone else in the family.

Ethan is alone thinking. His mother comes to him and he asks her again what is so important about Sam Bennett that it caused hero act funny. The woman blows the question off and starts talking about Gwen. "She is a lovely girl. When can we expect an engagement Ethan?" Ethan doesn't answer that, but asks for Pilar's address instead. He promised to tell her of any news about Sheridan. His mother gives him the address and sends him on his way. She seems tense to him but she says that she is just tired.

After he is gone, the woman removes a gold necklace from her bag and holds it to her heart.

Sam returns to Jessica telling that Grace isn't in their room. They split up to find her.

Grace is in the yard talking to the celestial being. "I have to take care of an uninvited guest before I tell you what I have to say," the little girl says. She raises her arms, and then blows into her hands.

Many bees appear and fly from her hands to the place where Tabitha is hiding.

Tabitha is hiding in the bushes trying to listen to Grace's conversation with the strange angel, but she is soon chased off by the little buzzers.

The little girl talking to Grace, now that things are finally safe. "Grace…listen carefully…be on your guard…pray and stay true to yourself…" Grace hasn't idea what she is talking about. "Be ready Grace. You haven't much time left…." Grace is mystified.

Sam is calling for her.

Grace turns to the girl wrinkling her brow at her. "Who are you?" she demands to know.

Pilar warns Luis not to be critical of the Cranes. "Mrs. Crane is very nice to me." Luis feels differently. Luis says that she has to face reality about the Cranes and the house needing to be refinanced. "Mama…please," Luis pleads. He and Miguel leave the room.

Miguel asks Luis to lighten up about the Cranes and the house. Luis will not.

Ivy is alone in the living room listening to sad music and hanging her head.

Her husband comes into the room asking why she is listening to this sappy song. He finds it God-awful. She says that she didn't notice what she had been listening to, and tells him to turn it off if he wants. He turns it off and wants to know where Ethan is as he has work to do with the boy. "He has to pay attention to his priorities and what is important." He finds the needs of the family business are more important than anything else. Ivy doesn't think that the family is more important than anything. "Remember we have a deal in this marriage, so don't you go back on your word…"

Sam finds Grace in the yard as if in a trance. She seems in a trance. Jessica and her father try to get her in the house but she will not go. "Where is the little girl? Little girl! Little girl!" Sam and Jessica stand back and watch Grace search the yard for the girl she says she has been seeing lately.

Tabitha is furious. She enters her house and sits with her doll, rubbing her soar from the bee stings. "That little brat sent a herd of bees after me," she says.

She hears a voice in the distance. "Little girl! Little girl!" It is Grace in the yard. Tabitha cackles knowing that things are well on their way.

Theresa tells her mother not take Luis's words to heart. Theresa knows that he means well. "He says that I waste my time dreaming of things that will never come true. I have a dream that I am sure will come true. I dreamed that Ethan Crane came to the house and that changes my life forever."

Luis and Miguel discuss his mood. Miguel knows that bumping into Ethan on the beach that morning has made him angry as hell for the entire day.

Someone knocks and Luis is at the door to find that Ethan is there for some reason. They both say, "What are you doing here," at the same time. Ethan has come to see his mother to deliver a message. Luis wasn't aware that Ethan even cared about his mother. "Pilar is a nice woman…it is too bad that her son is such a jerk," Ethan says.

Grace has to find that girl. Sam walks off to find her or see if anyone else is around like Grace says there is.

Luis jumps at Ethan but Miguel holds him back. Ethan just has a message. "Tell Pilar that there isn't any news about Sheridan yet." Luis slams the door in the man's face.

Luis goes to the kitchen and tells his mother that there is no word on Sheridan yet. "What?" Theresa shouts. He was here?" She goes running to the front door and rushes out but Ethan has just driven off.

Ivy tells Julian that he had better watch what he does and not mess with her … they have a deal and he better honor it. He leaves the room.

Ivy takes out her gun. "I am not kidding Julian. You had better watch it…"

Sam returns to Jessica and his wife and reports that he wasn't able to find anyone around the yard. "Let's go inside," he says. "Everything will be better in the morning…"

Grace has another look around before entering the house.

Tabitha has finished her work. The doll is all sewn up. "Grace is going to be in big trouble," Tabitha says. "…isn't she Timmy?" Tabitha stares at her doll. "ISN'T SHE?" Something strange happens. The eyes on the doll fly open…the foot of the doll twitches…the hand moves…the mouth twitches. The doll sits up now. "She is! She is! She is!" he smiles. Tabitha is thrilled.

The next day, Tabitha sits with her new companion. She brushes his hair one-hundred times. "You are no Leonardo Dicaprio, but you will do nicely for my purposes." She bounces Timmy on her knee as she stares into his blank little eyes. "You have to look nice for Grace's girls Tabitha tells." Timmy will have no part in that plan and he runs from the room as Tabitha chases him.

Sam gets Grace back into bed and soothes her telling her that he loves her and she is the best wife that a man could have… "Go to sleep and everything will be clear in the morning. I will be right here all night for you."

Sam wakes and turns to Grace's side of the bed… She is gone.

Luis and Miguel jog on the beach. Miguel knows that his brother has to be concerned Ethan coming to the house. It was just like in Theresa's dream.

Whitney plays tennis to practice.

Theresa watches her.

Kay arrives and sits with Theresa until Simone and her sister finish playing.

Simone and Kay walk off so that Theresa and Whitney can talk.

Theresa tells that her dream came true. "Ethan was at my house. It was destiny." Whitney remembers that Theresa's true destiny is the Burger Hut… Theresa isn't going there." Whitney can hear Luis shouting about that even now. Theresa has to worry about how she is going to get to be with Ethan and how it will be when she lives with him in the mansion. Whitney is serious now. She knows that will never happen.

Miguel asks if Luis is afraid that Theresa and Ethan are going to get together. "How would that happen anyway? What would old man Crane say if his son came home with the housekeeper's daughter?" Luis just doesn't want his sister getting hurt by the Cranes. "I am sure that they have something to do with our father's disappearance…"

Whitney tells Theresa to forget this stupid dream. "He doesn't even know that you are alive Theresa…" She can't help it. She has this feeling that her life is about to change.

Ethan talks to Gwen who is with Sheridan in Paris. Sheridan is still unconscious. Ethan tells how his family is incredibly cold about Sheridan getting hurt. She is sorry to hear that but wonders if he managed to get the paint out of his hair.

Ethan remembers the carnival and Theresa knocking paint on him.

He laughs about it now. As he is talking to Gwen, Sheridan moans.

Gwen drops the phone and runs for a doctor.

"Gwen! Gwen!" Ethan calls.

Sheridan wakes and continues to moan…

Grace remembers the night before.

The little girl appeared to her and warned her about the future and being prepared as it is time…

Sam finds his wife in the yard, and Grace snaps out of her dreams.

She is standing in the yard. Sam hugs her. She can't stop thinking about the little girl. She just can't!

TC and Eve are working on the carnival again. They see their daughters in the distance.

Jessica comes over and talks to the Russells. she tells that there was trouble with her mother the night before.

Kay and Simone talk about Miguel and how it is only pure luck that Miguel hasn't discovered that Kay is crazy for him. Kay sees Miguel in the distance. "He will be mine," she vows.

Whitney and Theresa talk about dreams and fulfilling them. "We are not kids anymore Theresa. You have to grow up and face reality. Forget about Ethan Crane!"

Ivy finds her son in a tizzy. He is worried that Sheridan may have died as he hasn't spoken to Gwen for a while since she dropped the phone.

Sheridan has been taken for tests.

There are no broken bones or internal damages. Sheridan knows that Lady Diana was looking out for her.

Sheridan tries to sit up and Gwen helps her. Sheridan will be checking out as soon as she can. Gwen advises that she stay put. Sheridan will not. Gwen thought that Ethan was stubborn but Sheridan is worse. "Go get the papers from the front desk for me so that I can go… Lady Di died in this very same hospital you know. I heard about the accident and I was too late to see her. When I was unconscious, Lady Di came to me and I have to tell you that she died too soon. I won't let that happen to me. I will live life to the fullest. I will love and be loved starting now. Get me the phone. I have to call Jean-Luc and tell him that I love him. I have found the right person and I will enjoy every moment that I can with him. Now hand me the phone Gwen." Gwen does as she is told. Sheridan will also call Ethan to tell him that he is okay.

Sheridan calls Jean-Luc and tells him that she is okay. He is laying in bed talking to her. She wants to meet him at their café. "I will do that Sheridan as soon as I am finished up here…" He hangs up.

Jean-Luc turns over and starts making love to the woman in the bed with him.

Sam tells Grace that she shouldn't worry about the night before. She can't stop thinking about the girl. "Something terrible is going to happen Sam," she says. She can't take this anymore. "I want to know about my past and who I really am…"

Tabitha chases her doll until she catches him. She has plans and Timmy figures into them. "If Grace thinks that last night was confusing, then she is really going to be crazy when she sees what is going to happen tonight!" Tabitha promises.

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