Passions Update Thursday 7/8/99

Passions Update Thursday 7/8/99


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

In Paris, France Gwen arrives at the hospital. She introduces herself to the nurse, but can't see Sheridan yet as she is having work done on her right now.  A man overhears Gwen talking to the nurse and becomes interested in her… When alone, the man introduces himself as Jean-Luc…Sheridan's boyfriend. The man tells that Sheridan was alone at the time of the accident. Sheridan got hurt, Gwen learns, at the same place where Diana met her fate. Ethan calls and gets an update from Gwen on Sheridan's condition.  The staff work on Sheridan.

In some other place, Sheridan is in the presence of a bright light, talking to her friend Diana. "I want to be with you Diana," Sheridan tells her friend.  "We're losing her!" The doctor shouts when his equipment levels drop suddenly.

Miguel and Luis play basketball in the yard.  Theresa is in the house with Whitney talking about missing her chance to meet Ethan that day. Whitney finds her over-obsessed about Ethan and the lifestyle he lives. Theresa finds her friend obsessive about tennis. Whitney focus on the sport is different, as she knows that her dream can come true and is attainable. It just needs hard work. "I think that Luis is right Theresa. You are too focused on the Cranes." They hear Theresa's brothers talking outside and they smile.

Grace has TC and Eve over and they talk about the little girl that Grace thinks she saw and whether it could have really happened or not. Tabitha is listening outside and she smiles as Grace really did see a little girl.  Tabitha met with that girl herself. They are enemies.  Eve has pills for Grace. They will get her a good night's sleep.  "Something wrong?" Tabitha asks.  The two couples turn to find that Tabitha has entered the house and has treats on a plates for the group. She just appeared out of the blue. She leaves them and goes out of the house. They all find the woman strange. "How old is she anyway?" She has been around forever. Sam looks out the window. He sees Tabitha looking at the window as she walks over to her house next door. Sam waves at her. She waves back.  Tabitha knows that the night isn't going to be a good one.

Theresa finds her brother a pitbull. He is forcing her to work at the Burger Hut. Whitney will be working at the country club this summer. Theresa is so jealous. Theresa wants to meet the kind of people who go to the country club. Theresa wanted to work at a high-fashion store but the people hiring won't hire her. They think that she is only good enough to be a maid like her mother. Pilar arrives home with magazines that Mrs. Crane was going to throw out. She tells that Sheridan was in a car accident in Paris and no one knows yet if she will be alright. "She has had such a painful life…"

Sheridan is still critical. Gwen tells Ethan over the phone that there has been no news yet on Sheridan.  The medics work frantically to save Sheridan.  She is talking to her friend Lady Di, under the bright light. Diana tells her to go back. Sheridan wants to stay with her friend but Diana orders her to go back. The bright light slowly go away…

Eve tells Sam that Grace should sleep soundly through the night with the pills that she has been given.  Grace calls for her husband. "Are you two talking about me?" Eve peeks out the window but sees nothing.

Over at Tabitha's house, she has a needle and thread and she works sewing up her little doll. "Won't be long now Timmy. There is going

Sheridan is with Jean-Luc and Gwen. She calls Ethan to tell him that Sheridan has stabilized but has to get up soon as the longer that he is out of it, the worse her condition will be. Ethan offers to come there but Gwen tells him to wait until morning. Jean-Luc kisses Sheridan. He has a very important appointment and Gwen finds that strange.  Ethan overhears that Jean-Luc is leaving and he is furious that the man has found something more important than the matter at hand. Jean-Luc has left the room and makes a call. "I am your tonight…All night my love…"

Sam, TC and Eve discuss this mysterious girl and whether she is part of Grace's past. Sam worries that he is going to lose Grace sometimes. Eve knows that nothing could come between he and Grace…. Nothing!

Grace is in bed sleeping on her back. The curtains rustle in the wind. Grace starts rising out of her bed. She stays asleep but she slowly gets higher and higher in the air…levitating…now she just hovers.

Tabitha is next door still sewing up her little doll. She feels something in the air. She holds the doll up, smiling into it's face. "It's starting," she smiles.

Luis and Miguel enter the house and greet their mother. She is late getting home as she missed her bus. Luis wonders if Mrs. Crane made her stay late to kiss the house. "No Luis," Pilar says. "Mrs. Crane is very nice and she even sent home magazines and nail polish for Theresa." Luis is angry that they are getting handouts from the Cranes. "Why are you cooking dinner mama?" Luis asks. "Theresa forgot again didn't she? Where is she?" he demands to know. He rushes off.

Theresa and Whitney are doing their nails and reading about the Cranes. Theresa pretends to dance with Ethan. Whitney smiles at her friend's folly.

The door flies open and Luis is standing there glaring at his sister.

Ethan is on the phone with Gwen.

His parents arrive and he gets off the phone. He tries to talk to them about Sheridan but they are too concerned about themselves. "Will you listen to me? I have terrible news about Sheridan," he says.

Jessica comes in looking for her mother. Sam tells her that she is sleeping and needs her rest.

Grace is hovering and she flies slowly out the window.

Tabitha looks out the window. "It is a bird? No! Is it a plane? No! It's my neighbor Grace Bennett!" Tabitha tells her little doll. "A lot of lives are going to be destroyed…"

Grace, who is still sleeping, continues to float like a cloud in the sky…

Luis tells that their mother got stuck making the inner that she was supposed to cook. Whitney leaves quickly seeing that Luis is not happy and that Theresa is going to get it.

She tells him that she doesn't like him yelling at her all the time. He tells that he only cars for her but she has crazy dreams. "I am not going to be a maid like mama." He wants her to go to school and have a better life and to forget about the Cranes. "I have had dreams. I wanted to go to college and study law but it wasn't the right time…" Theresa knows that this has to do with papa. The family needs money and they needed more money than mama was able to get. Being a policeman isn't that bad, he says. "I make money and the family has benefits because of that job. Theresa forget about the Cranes or you will get hurt!"

Ethan tells his parents that Sheridan was in an accident in Paris. "Was she drinking," Ethan's father asks. Ethan can't believe that is the first question that the man asks. "I am going to Paris tomorrow," Ethan says. His father tells him that he isn't going anywhere. "I put you on the Hotchkiss deal and you will not leave Gwen's father in the lurch like this." This promises to be a media circus. Mr. Crane knows that his father is not going to like this.

Ethan wonders why this family can't show feelings. His mother thinks that sometimes hiding your feelings is harder to do. "What does that mean?" Ethan asks. She doesn't explain, but only says that whatever the future brings he is to know that she will always loved him.

Jessica gets the information about her mother and how she has been acting lately. Sam hopes that things will change for Grace soon.

Grace is still floating outside, and now she is slowly getting lower and lower to the ground.

Tabitha watches the spectacle from her window. "I have to get out there and see what this is all about." she goes running out, leaving her doll behind.

Grace has been lowered to the ground and she is now standing up on her own.

The little girl appears as a bright light. She wakes Grace. She needs to talk to her. Grace turns to the blinding figure…

Luis tells that they should head for dinner now. Theresa worries about Luis and how he feels about missing his dreams. He is who he is and he isn't going to change at this point. All he has left is finding the right girl of his dreams. He hopes that she will not rush herself and make mistakes in love. Theresa knows that when she is married everything will be perfect…like the soap operas.

Miguel has helped with dinner and Pilar is very proud. He wonders if her father helped with the cooking. He didn't. He worked many hours for the family. Pilar missed those times. They would all be around the table and they would laugh and laugh. Her husband had such a wonderful smile. She goes to the window. she lights a candle in the window. "Dear lord…please keep my husband and my son Antonio safe. Bring them back to me…to our family…" She makes the sign of the cross on her chest and head. She tells Miguel to go and wash for dinner but he turns on the radio instead and makes her do the Samba with him instead.

Luis and Theresa enter and see their mother and brother having a moment. Luis and Theresa assume the position and they too Samba.

Ivy knows that the Cranes are a cold sort, but she is sure that when Ethan is in charge of the family, things will be better. Ethan senses that Ivy is saying that she has no love in her life, but she doesn't admit to that.

Mr. Crane returns to the room saying that he has done as much damage control as he can with the press and this issue with Sheridan. "Now I just have to call Sam Bennett and ask for his help." Ivy drops the glass that she is holding and puts her hand to her stomach.

Sam and Jessica talk about her family and how the Cranes took their land from them .

The phone rings and Mr. Crane is there congratulating Sam on his new position as Chief of Police. the man asks about Grace, but can't even remember her name.

"Who are you? Why are you haunting me?" The bright girl tells that important things are going to happen and it concerns Grace because of who she is.

Tabitha is in the yard, hiding in the bushes. "Evil is coming," the girl warns. "In fact evil is moving closer now…" Grace is getting scared. "Sam!" she calls out. "Sam!"

Theresa loves the dinner that Miguel has helped to cook. Luis is quiet and his mother notices. He tells that he spoke to the bank and they should change their mortgage, so they can save money. "papa has to be declared legally dead, so that she can change the deed." Pilar will not do that. "Well then get a divorce since he has abandoned you." She won't do that either. She gets really upset.

Luis didn't mean to upset her but she needs to take care of herself.

Mr. Crane asks Sam to look out for the press coming into town. Sam says that the police department doesn't cater to the Cranes and treats everyone the same. He agrees that if he sees the press he will let the man know, but that is all that he will do.

Mr. Crane tells his wife that he knows that Sam will do as he is told. He isn't like the Cranes and he never will be. The man leaves the room to make some calls.

Ethan returns to the room looking funny at her. "Why were you acting so strange when the name 'Sam Bennett' was mentioned…"

Sam decides that he will go check on Grace now upstairs.

Out in the yard, Grace is uncomfortable. "I just want to go back upstairs to bed," she tells the figure. The little girl says that she will get to do just that, but first she has something to tell…

Tabitha creeps closer while staying hidden in the bushes. "Finally…I will get to hear what that little imp has up her sleeve…"

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