Passions Update Wednesday 7/7/99

Passions Update Wednesday 7/7/99


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Kay tells how she is going to kill her little sister for being a brat.  Simone feels that these sisters fight more than any pair of sisters that she has ever seen.  Kay is upset that Jessica has created a huge sign proclaiming her sister’s love for Miguel for all to see.  The last thing that Kay wants is for Miguel to learn about how she feels for him.  When she is ready for Miguel to find out how she feels, she will let him know in her own way.  She hopes that no one has seen the sign that Jessica has created and what was written on it. “There is the little brat!" Kay shouts grabbing her little sister. Kay threatens to harm her sister if she blabs about her feelings for Miguel. Jessica tells her sister that she should tell Miguel about her feelings herself. “He is right behind you Kay," Jessica says. Kay calls her a liar! “Hi Miguel," Jessica says over Kay’s shoulder “Hi Jessica," he replies. Kay turns to Miguel embarrassed by her behavior.

Sam pushes Eve to help him figure out what is wrong with Grace. There is something that Eve feels that Chief Bennett should know… TC comes over to his wife and her best friend Grace. Eve asks TC about their girls. TC tells that he has them helping with some painting. Eve knows that they probably had to have been pushed into that job. TC admits that he had to push the girls, but maybe that is why they put him in charge of the volunteers for the carnival. Grace needs to go and get some poster board. Sam offers to go with her but Grace would rather go alone. After Grace leaves, Sam turns to Eve to hear now whatever it is that she was going to tell him about Grace before. Eve tells how Grace thought that she saw a little girl in the window that morning and how Eve couldn’t find that person anywhere. Eve hadn’t seen the child before, and feels that maybe her mind was playing tricks on her or something. TC wonders if this could mean that Grace’s memory is returning. Sam rescued her years ago from a fire and afterwards, Grace couldn’t remember some things about her past. Perhaps the girl is a part of her past. Sam knows that there is a part of Grace that fears that her past will come back to haunt her one-day.

Luis tells his sister to stop obsessing about the Cranes.  “They really are not like you think. If they were, then they would pay our mother the decent salary that she deserves for all the work that she does for them.” “Nevermind all that anyway," Luis continues.  “I have found you a job for the summer.” He has to go but he will give her the details later. After Luis is gone, Theresa tells Whitney that she should be glad that she has no brother to boss her around.  Theresa worries about the job that Luis has gotten for her.   If she knows him, and she does, it will be the most horrific job ever. Whitney tells Theresa that they have to get to work with the painting if they are going to be ready for the carnival on time. Theresa really doesn't want to paint in that dress.  “Ethan is going to fall in love with me while I am wearing it and I really can’t mess it up!" Whitney offers to go find them some smocks for the occasion then. She walks off. Theresa dreams again now that she is alone for a moment.  “I will meet you yet Ethan Crane!" As she talks, Ethan walks up behind her. She has no idea. There is a tray of paint sitting nearby on a stepladder between Ethan and Theresa.

Sheridan drives now.  The two photographers follow her planning to get a shot of her that they can sell to the tabloids.  She remembers a time… She was home now crying… "Sheridan!  Open up! It is Ethan!"  She ran to the door and opened it running into his arms.  "I can't believe it.  She is really dead. They did it. They drove her to her death."  She cried on Ethan's shoulder.  He came as soon as he heard the news. 

"People are making a memorial to Lady Di, and we can go there." he told her.  Sheridan said that she can't go anyway near that tunnel as it will be bad luck for her as well.  Ethan wanted her to face her fears and deal with this. Sheridan knew even back then that if she went near that same tunnel, she might die like Diana.

Sheridan is driving now and still trying to control the car to escape the paparazzi.   The photographers chase her on motorcycles at incredible speeds. She speeds as she rushes from them.  The tunnel is up ahead.  "I am going to die," she says to herself as she hears the motorbikes looming on her and getting louder, as they get closer to her.

Miguel is there at the carnival talking to Kay, Simone and Jessica.  There is some tension you could cut with a knife.  Jessica tells him that she is glad that he is there.  He wonders if she has something that he wants to tell her by the way that she is smiling and talking to him. Kay waits fearfully to see if her brat of a sister is going to reveal her secret love for Miguel, to him.  He is running a food stand and asks if the girls want to help.  Jessica will go, but Simone says 'no' as her father has already assigned duties for she and Kay to do. 

When Kay and Simone are alone Kay freaks out. They could have been with him and now they have missed their chance because Simone told him that they have something else to do.  Now Jessica is going to be with Miguel all day and Kay will have to worry the whole time that she is going to tell Miguel how her sister really feels about him.

Theresa is still looking at the picture of Ethan in a magazine as she dreams of the day that she will fall in love with him.   She backs up, as Ethan is walking forward behind her.  She tips over the tray of blue paint sitting on the stepladder and it topples over onto Ethan's head and clothes.  She turns when she realizes that something is wrong.   She is horrified at what she has done.  When Ethan raises his head to look at her, she glances at the magazine in her hand and then back to the blue face before her.

Sam and Eve talk about Grace and the way that she has been acting.  Very strange.  Eve says they should just chalk it up to her being over-stressed.

Tabitha is at the fair hiding and she chuckles…  She knows that Grace's problems have to do with more than stress.

Grace is in the high school getting poster board for the carnival.

The lights suddenly go out.  She clutches her head and drops the poster board. "Not again!" she shouts.

Sheridan races through the tunnel.  She is doing the best that she can to get away from the men who chase her. She is driving at an incredible speed now. Suddenly, she looks up ahead shocked…then she screams!

Whitney buys some drinks for she and Theresa.  They talk about how Theresa has set her sights on Ethan Crane. She hasn't even met him yet.

Luis overhears them and tells that Theresa will not be marrying any Crane, as he will not allow it.

Theresa apologizes for getting paint all over Ethan but he is angry and not feeling friendly.  She tries to leave but he grabs her arm to hold her there.

Sam tells TC and Eve that he is worried that something is wrong with his wife.

Grace is in the high school hearing a child-live voice.  "What do you want from me?" she calls out.

Sheridan has had a terrible accident.  She is unconscious in the front of her car. 

A man comes over to the car and sees her in the car.  "Oh no," he says.  "Not again!" In the car beside Sheridan are magazines of her deceased best friend, Lady Diana!

The photographers have to get out of the area, but first they decide to get a couple of shots of Sheridan.  "We can make a fortune. 

The cops are heard in the distance.

Miguel finds his brother in a bad mood and asks him why he is so bent on keeping their sister from the Cranes.

Luis remembers meeting with Ethan and Gwen on the beach earlier and they had broken the law.

Luis tells how he arrested Ethan and Gwen and then Sam told him to let the pair go.  Miguel and Whitney are surprised at the way that Luis is acting. Whitney knows that Theresa is going to love finding out that her brother met Ethan Crane!

Theresa is angry that she has paint on her clothes.  "I should call a cop!" she says.  He tells her to go ahead and maybe they will put her in a loony bin.

Sam talks with the girls just checking in on how they are doing. They are fine and they walk off now.

Sam is still worried about Grace and how she has been acting.  Eve promises to do some tests on her.

Grace is still being haunted.  She is alone in the school, and the lights are off. 

The doors are locked and she is trapped. "I have come for you Grace," a child-like voice says.  "I have come for you…" Grace heard this voice on many occasions but nothing ever appeared to her before. "You said that you wouldn't do that until it was time.  Where are you now?  Is it time?  Time for what?  Why? Am I going to die?"

Grace walks along slowly in the dark.

A hand reaches out and touches her shoulder pulling her behind a corner as she screams.

Miguel feels that the Cranes are not that bad, but Luis feels differently.  Miguel met Ethan and he felt that the man was just a regular guy.  "I felt sorry for Ethan as he seemed to be all alone in that mansion of theirs."  Luis cares nothing for the Cranes.  "If something goes wrong in Harmony, you can bet that a Crane is responsible."

Theresa and Ethan argue over the paint incident.  She orders him to go away and he does.

Whitney comes over asking who that guy was.  Theresa has no idea.  "I have news," Whitney tells. "Your brother almost arrested Ethan Crane today."  Theresa pauses.  "What?"

Ethan makes his way to his car shouting out…"Lunatic!" He tries to clean up with some bottled water.

Gwen calls him and he tells that he isn't having as great a time as he expected at this carnival.

The paramedics work on Sheridan. She is in the same trouble as Lady Di was when she died.  They have her on a stretcher now and they wheel her out to the ambulance!

Gwen laughs when she gets the news of what happened to Ethan. It was her idea for him to go out and meet the locals.  "The Cranes have been in Harmony for over three hundred years, so you should go out and meet people."  He loves her, and she loves him.  Ethan wonders if that girl dumped the paint on his head on purpose.  "Did she act like she knew you?"  She didn't.  In that case, Gwen is sure that this was an accident.

Whitney and Theresa run up to ask Luis about Ethan.

Luis tells that he is over there.  He points. 

Theresa looks and sees that Ethan is running off.  "Oh no!  I missed him!" Theresa shouts.

TC and Eve talk about Grace and her problem as they work at the carnival.

Tabitha comes out of hiding. She can tell that there is more in store for Grace.

Grace panics, but it is only her husband coming to see what has happened to her. She tells how she heard someone calling her name.  He rushes off to check this out.

Sheridan is brought in to the hospital for treatment.  She is still unconscious. 

The nurses who work on her know that she is in grave danger right now.  "You have to fight… fight to live!" one nurse tells her.

In her unconscious state…  Sheridan is walking under a bright light…


She turns and someone is behind her.

Theresa is furious that Luis was going to arrest Ethan.  They have home now and they argue the point.  Miguel and Luis are going to play basketball now.  Theresa is upset about this. She really wants to meet Ethan so that they can fall in love.  Luis hates this talk of the Cranes.  Theresa tells of the fundraising that the Cranes do. "They are good people and I am going to meet them."  Luis says that she will not have time to meet Ethan as she will be starting her new job at the Burger Hut the next day.  He leaves with his brother. 

Theresa turns to her friend.  "What am I going to do?"

The housekeeper is cleaning at the mansion.

Ethan walks in and the housekeeper panics.  Ethan tells her that he is fine and that some crazy girl spilled paint on him.

The phone rings.  It is Paris asking for Ethan.

He learns that Sheridan; his aunt has been injured.  "How is she?  Call me back as soon as you hear about her condition."

Ethan tells that Sheridan is unconscious.  He needs to talk to his father but his parents are out right now.  "Gwen should have landed in Paris.  I will call her and tell her about Sheridan.  She has been like a big sister to me," Ethan says.  Pilar offers to clean Ethan up, but he wants her to go home to her family as they need her. Ethan turns and sees a picture of he and his Aunt Sheridan."

He remembers a time…

Sheridan was getting ready for the funeral of her dearest friend. She was fussing about what to wear as she wanted everything to be perfect.  Ethan comforted her that day and she cried on his shoulder about poor Lady Di…  Sheridan was hurting but she had to be there to say goodbye.  "I owe that to her."  Ethan told her that she has to go on with her life after this.  "You told me that you both were the same and had trouble finding love.  You both were lonely growing up. We all want to find love, but you can't keep letting the superstition that you are going to die soon affect you.  You have your own destiny and that destiny includes love…really love.  You have to stop thinking that what happened to Diana will happen to you. I will help you in anyway that I can.  I love you and I want the very best for you…" They hugged then.  She felt better and he could tell. 

Ethan won't lose Sheridan this way.  He can't.  He rushes upstairs now.

Pilar smiles after him.

The staff work on Sheridan as she lays unconscious.

In her unconscious state, she has a conversation with the person with her…in the bright light…  "Sheridan…"

TC and Eve talk about the trouble in Sam and Grace's life.  Maybe something from Grace's past is haunting her now.

Grace waits alone in the dark.

The lights go on and Sam returns.  She tells him that she got a little frightened when the doors were locked and she couldn't get out.  He tries the doors and they are opened.  He tells that Eve told him that she saw and heard a child.  "I am not crazy," Grace says.  He believes her.  "Let's get out of here," he says.  They walk off together.

After they are gone, the little girl who appeared to Grace appears now in the empty space where Sam and Grace just stood.  "I will be back for you Grace," she promises.

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