Passions Update Tuesday 7/6/99

Passions Update Tuesday 7/6/99


Written By Glynis

TC greets his daughter and her friend at the Carnival when he sees them walking towards him smiling.

Jessica walks off.

TC is about to put the girls to work but they take off for sodas. He warns them to come back soon so they can get to work on the carnival.

Sam and TC talk like best friends do.

Both have changed since high school.

TC is the coach at the high school, and Sam is Chief of Police. Both men have done really well for themselves.

Sam offers to help.

“Well, let me see what you can do," TC says.

Whitney and Theresa talk.

Theresa seems to have the crazy notion that she is going to marry Ethan Crane.

“You are Ethan Crane?"

The officer looks down on a rich kid and his date at the beach.

“Yes, I am Ethan," the young man admits.

The officer hauls him to his feet and turns him around to cuff him.

The beautiful blonde sips her coffee while at a café.

A man watches her as he talks on the phone. “I am with Sheridan Crane. I am a few feet away from her. I can shoot her now.”

Eve is worried about her friend Grace.

They are in Grace’s kitchen and Grace seems wound really tight.

“Are you alright Grace?" Eve asks.

“Yes," Grace answers frustrated.

Eve moves away to give her space.

Grace looks up at the window and sees a little girl staring in at her. The child is dressed completely in white.

“No!" Grace shouts dropping the plates in her hand.

Eve comes running to her. “What is it?" Eve asks.

Theresa continues her explanation about why she is going to meet Ethan and fall in love with him. “I just know that it is going to happen!"

Whitney shakes her head not believing that this will really happen.

Luis orders that Ethan and Gwen get dressed and he takes them in.

The man watching Sheridan Crane at the café tells his cohort on the phone that he is going to take a chance at shooting Sheridan.

He hangs up.

Sheridan is finished her coffee and is ready to go.

She tips the waiter extra as he always takes good care of her when she comes to Paris.

At first he refuses to money but she forces him to take it.

Behind her, someone looks through a lens and focuses on Sheridan…the target.

Kay is furious that her little sister may find out her secret. She is such a little brat.

Kay and Simone walk off now.

Jessica has been hiding all along and has heard her sister talking about her with Simone.

“If Kay has a secret…I will find out…”

TC and Sam are alone now. Sam tells his friend that he has a problem that he would like to run by Eve.

“What is it?" TC asks.

Sam tells that his wife has been acting a little strange and he has no idea why.

“I wonder if Eve could talk to her and find out what is wrong.”

TC knows that if anyone can do the job, it is his beautiful wife Dr. Eve Russell…”

Eve talks to her friend trying to find out what is making her act so strange.

The little girl in the window calls out to Grace in a ghostly manor.

Eve seems to hear nothing.

Grace can’t stand the sight of the ‘being’ and faints, dropping hard to the floor.

Eve rushes to her.

The little girl moves closer to the window so that she can peer down on Grace who lies motionless on the floor.

An old, but well-dressed woman lays on a couch sleeping.

She suddenly sits upright with her eyes wide open.

“Danger!" she shouts looking around.


Eve gets her friend up and walks her to a chair.

“Where is the little girl? The girl…I saw …in the window…”

Eve gets up and looks out the window but there is no girl there.

Grace is sure that she saw the girl. “I have to talk to her.”

Eve leaves and promises to be right back.

Eve goes in the yard.

“There is no little girl out here…The neighborhood kids must be playing tricks.’

Eve is about to return to the house when something catches her eye.

The bush in the yard starts shaking.

Eve goes there thinking that she understands now.

Whitney tells Theresa that she can’t marry a ‘Crane’. “They don’t associate with commoners like us.

Theresa knows differently. “I am going to marry him," she says.

Ethan and Gwen get ready to go with the officer to the station now.

The officer puts out the fire while the kids get their things together.

He gets a call from Chief Bennett regarding his having to head into town ASAP.

“I can’t just now," Luis says. “I just booked Ethan Crane for building a fire.”

Chief Bennett can’t believe that he is wasting time with that where there are more important things to do.

“Let them go!"

Luis tells Ethan and Gwen they are free to go.

Ethan wants to complain about the treatment he and his girlfriend received, but Gwen tells him to forget it.

She has to go to Paris later that day and wishes that he could come with her.

He can’t. He has contracts to work on.

Sheridan is still in focus through the lens as someone watches her. She has finished her business at the café, and is ready to go.

“Damn you!"

The waiter who had been serving Sheridan pulls the camera from the face of the man who watches her.

When the man tries to find Sheridan again, she is gone. “You fool!" he shouts at the waiter. “I have lost her!"

He goes running off in the direction he last saw her.

Eve inspects the bushes closely to see what makes it shake so. The old woman pops out.

“Oh it is just me," the woman says.

“Hi Tabitha!" Dr. Russell says wrinkling her brow at the woman. “Did you happen to see a little girl?"

“No," Tabitha says. “I was just out here in Grace’s garden pruning it.”

Eve returns to the house.

Tabitha knows that brat has finally arrived. “I know that you are here," she says. “I am going to get you!" she cackles.

Kay and Simone talk about Miguel and how Kay will do anything to make Miguel fall in love with her.

“He would have to be out of his mind!"

Kay and Simone turn to find Jessica standing behind them. She has learned the secret!

Luis’s mother and brother talk about the summer and what it will bring.

Miguel has been looking for a job and tells that his older brother Luis has found Theresa a job at the Burger Hut.

“Theresa is going to hate that!"

Theresa feels that she is going to marry Ethan because of a dream that she had where it happened.

“He will knock on my door and we will be in love forever.”

Whitney knows that Luis will move heaven and earth to stop that from happening. “He hates the Cranes and will never let one marry his sister.”

Luis demands to know why Chief Bennett wouldn’t let him arrest the ‘Crane’ that he found on the beach.

Sam is not pleased with the way that Luis doled out his justice this time.

Ethan can’t get over the fact that Luis treated him so badly.

Gwen feels he probably just hates the Cranes.

“Anyway," she says. “Do you really want to waste time talking about that officer and what happened, when we only have a short time to be together before I leave?"

He doesn't. He picks her up in his arms and runs upstairs with her.

The man with the camera has found Sheridan again.

He keeps a safe distance and gets on his cellphone again.

Sheridan has come to a newsstand and asks for a book on sports cars for her boyfriend.

The clerk goes to see about the book.

Sheridan sees a magazine about Princess Di as she waits and she leafs through it.

She has died only recently.

The woman returns to say she has a book that Sheridan would like for her boyfriend.

Both ladies remember the princess.

“If it hadn’t been for the paparazzi, Princess Di would have been alive today," Sheridan says.

The cameraman confers with an associate as he keeps an eye on Sheridan’s every move.

Sheridan shivers.

“What is the matter Madame?" the clerk asks. “Are you okay?"

Sheridan says that she feels like someone just walked over her grave.

Eve assures Grace that she searched everywhere for the girl but she isn’t there.

Grace ‘s pulse is racing.

“All I found was Tabitha in the hedges. She said she was pruning but she had no garden tools. She is a little strange isn’t she Grace?"

Grace agrees.

Eve feels that her friend has been under too much pressure lately.

Grace has been stressed, but still believes that the little girl was real.

Outside, Tabitha is by the window listening to the conversation.

Simone and Kay find Jessica and they go over to her.

Kay pinches her sister warning her to keep her mouth shut about Miguel.

Kay and Simone walk off.

Jessica doesn't have to say anything.

Beside her is a sign that she has painted in big bold red letters, on a blue background. It says, ‘Kay loves Miguel’.

Sam is angry with Luis for trying to drag Ethan through the system for doing next to nothing.

“You know that you would have ignored anyone else that built a fire on the beach! Now get back to work.”

TC has been standing by listening.

Now he and Sam get back to work on the carnival.

Ethan is confused as to why Luis hates him so much.

Gwen knows that the hatred shouldn’t be taken personally. “It isn't as if they have any connection to you or your family. You know it would be nice to go to the local bar and perch on a stool eating greasy hamburgers. It is important to go out and meet regular people. Don’t judge that cop without knowing both sides.”

They kiss now, but she worries that she is going to miss her plane if they don’t get moving.

He assures her that she will be in Paris that night but right now…

He picks her up and throws her on the bed to spend more time.

Sheridan tells the clerk that she feels that sometimes the paparazzi will cause her to be killed as well.

She pays for the sports car book as well as the book on Princess Diana.

The cameraman’s cohort arrives.

They watch Sheridan from afar and plan to follow her some more.

The second man to arrive on the scene worries that they will not be able to sell these pictures as the Cranes have paid most of the tabloids not to print about them.

The first man isn’t worried. He knows of some that will pay well for shots of a Crane.

The men see that Sheridan is on the move again, and they quickly follow.

Grace wants to head to the carnival now, but Eve have concerns about the woman’s health.

“I should run some tests at the hospital. This girl that you saw worries me.”

Grace says that she actually feels that she really didn’t see a little girl now that she thinks about it.

“Have you seen the girl before?"

Grace thinks back to a time when she was sleeping and the little girl called to her, waking her out of her sleep.

Eve wonders if this has anything to do with grace’s past.

Tabitha is listening from outside.

“You and your entire family had better beware," Tabitha says cackling.

Simone and Kay watch from afar as Miguel lifts boxes with that hunky frame of his.

Kay sure hopes that her sister will keep her mouth shut about her love for Miguel.

Suddenly, Kay sees the sign that Jessica made and she runs over to rip it up before anyone, especially Miguel sees it.

Miguel sees his brother and goes over to talk, but Luis has something that he has to take care of right now, and can’t talk.

He walks off.

Whitney tells Theresa that she has set her sights too high with wanting Ethan.

“Aren’t the Cranes horrible people?" Whitney asks.

Theresa says that her mother says that Ethan is nice and not like most of the others.

“Why does Luis hate the Cranes?" Whitney asks.

Theresa doesn’t know why, nor does she care why.

Ethan lies in bed while Gwen gets dressed for her flight.

She will look up Ethan’s aunt, Sheridan in Paris when she gets there.

“Come and get dressed Ethan. I am taking you somewhere before I go. It is a surprise!"

Sheridan is in her car and she looks at the Princess Di book beside her in the car before starting the car to drive off.

Sam greets his wife when she arrives at the carnival with Eve.

She is cool to him and walks off to talk to someone that she sees in the crowd.

Sam turns to Eve. “Do you know what is wrong with her?"

TC wants Theresa and Whitney to help him with some painting.

He walks off to find some smocks.

Theresa doesn't want to be painting in this dress. “This is the dress that Ethan will see me in when he falls in love with me.”

Ethan and Gwen arrive at the carnival.

This is Gwen’s surprise for him.

She wants him to mix with the locals. “I know that you will know everyone by the time that I get back.”

They kiss and she sends him off to meet the neighbors.

She gets into a waiting limo that has followed them there and waves goodbye before being driven off.

Ethan turns to the crowd now. “Here goes nothing…”

Luis finds his sister with Whitney reading about Ethan Crane and it makes him unhappy.

Sheridan is driving down the Paris streets.

The cameramen call ahead to others to let them know that Sheridan is driving down the street now in her car.

Sheridan drives thinking to herself that she won’t let the paparazzi get control of her if the situation arises.

Tabitha is back at her house.

She has a half made doll on the couch.

“Tabitha is full of surprises," she promises.

The room goes bright.

“She is back!" Tabitha says.

The girl appears as a bright white holy being. “You will not win!"

“I am ready for you this time," Tabitha promises.

“Victory is mine! Do you hear?"

She lunges for the angelic being but it disappears, almost making Tabitha fall over.

“I will win! Do you hear!" she shouts. “This time…Victory will be mine!"

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