Passions Update Monday 7/5/99

Passions Update Monday 7/5/99


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

In Harmony, Luis and Miguel ride in the jeep.

Girls flirt with Miguel…

Neighbors call out to the boys to say 'hi'.

The boys ride to get Miguel to a summer job.  A neighbour working on the Crane garden offers Miguel a job, but Luis refuses the offer.

Later he tells Miguel that it is bad enough that their mother works as a maid for the Cranes, he doesn't want his brother working there too.

In the mansion the housekeeper gets a call asking for Sheridan.  "I am sorry, Ms. Crane is still in Paris…"

After hanging up, she wonders why Sheridan doesn't come home.

In Paris, Sheridan walks the streets with a determined stride.

She buys flowers. 

The shopkeepers could set their watches by her visits to their shops.  "She has a very sad face," the women observe.  "She is so sad."

Ethan and Gwen are on the beach and he does his best to try to convince her not to go to Paris. She has to…she gets her dresses there. She wants him to come with her but he can't.

TC plays tennis as Theresa watches and reads her tabloid magazines.

Theresa sees a picture of Ethan and Gwen in the magazine and she remarks that Gwen is ugly. She gets a marker out of her pocket and draws a moustache on Gwen's image as she laughs.

Kay is chasing her little sister around the kitchen table as Simone reads a book with her back to them.  She hasn't the time for this. 

Sam comes bursting in the room and orders the girls to stop.  "Your mother has been working hard on this carnival and she is trying to get some rest, so stop this!  I don't care what it is that you have going on."

Sheridan arrives at the chapel and she prays to god to send her some happiness.  "I don't want to die now.  Please send someone for me…"

As she talks, a priest walks by and hears her prayers.

Ethan and Gwen talk about the town they live in.  He wonders why she cares so much for the town when she didn't even originally come from there.  He is from there but he hardly knows anyone in town.  Gwen is sure that the girls in town know who he is.

Theresa rips Gwen's picture right out of the book she is looking at.

TC and Whitney finished their game.

Just in time, Eve arrives.

Theresa tells her friend Whitney what she has been up and they secretly laugh.

Eve can tell that the smile on her husband's face means that he was beaten soundly by his daughter.  "Yep," he confirms.  "She is Olympic material!"

Grace is sleeping and the angel comes to her as she sleeps.  "Come on Grace," It is time to get up…" Grace keeps her eyes closed…  "No…" The angel is persistent.  "Evil is near Grace.  It is time…"

Sheridan tells the story to the priest about how her best friend; Princess Di died in the car crash.  "I would like to experience love before I die…"

Ethan and Gwen talk of Sheridan and how she and Ethan have such a close relationship.  He has fond memories of her.  "She made everything fun and we used to spend a lot of time together.  I went to law school and she moved to Paris…" Gwen really feels that he should come with her to see Sheridan in Paris.  He would love to but he is so busy. 

Theresa says that without plastic surgery, Gwen would look just like Theresa portrays her with a moustache.  Whitney knows that her friend has no idea if Gwen has had plastic surgery or not!  Theresa knows what she knows.  Just like she knows that one-day she will be rich and powerful. "It could happen sooner than you think!"

TC and Eve watch the girls as they laugh.  They wish that their other daughter Simone were as focused on something like Whitney is.

Jessica and Kay start up again and Sam is quick to shut them down.  "What is the argument about this time anyway?"  Jessica starts to talk but Kay shuts her down.  Sam sees Kay's beeper and reads…"Beauty is Kay?  Are you seeing a boy?" he asks his daughter…" She says that she isn't.  Sam says that if she starts getting interested in anyone, he will need to meet that boy first.

Grace is in her room.  The angel is calling to her…calling to her…

Grace suddenly sits up in her bed and sees that there is no one there. She is all alone in her room.

Miguel is angry. He could have worked for the Cranes as a gardener and Luis has put a stop to that now for him. Luis doesn't care.  He hates the fact that his mother has to grovel for those Cranes.

Ethan and Gwen discuss the town. She knows that Harmony is where he is going to live and work…and raise a family.  "We have had a great relationship… and we swore that we would be honest, so I will tell you that I feel that there are times when I feel that you have come close to proposing and yet you don't.  I know that you didn't have a real family life and maybe that means that you should go out and see other families."  Ethan says that he is happy with Gwen although she seems not to always believe it. 

Sheridan walks the streets of Paris and places her flowers finally on Diana's memorial.  "Why did you have to die?"

She remembers when the princess was alive. 

Diana would call and tell when she would be visiting.

Grace searches her room for the angel but finds no one.

Sam comes into the room as he heard her calling out to someone.  "I had a dream," she says.  "What was it about?" he asks.  She will not tell.  "I am going to go and make breakfast," she says leaving.

In the hallway, she wonders, "What is happening to me?"

Sheridan looks at the beautiful flowers…  "On Diana…"

Sheridan remembers the day that she was to meet with Diana and Dodie… She told her to be careful on her way over.

Sheridan realizes now just what danger the woman really was in.

Luis is trying to take care of his siblings the best way that he can.  He will make sure that they go to college if it kills him.  Luis tells that he got Theresa a job.  She better stop acting like a debutante and grow up.

Theresa has a secret and she tells Whitney that she will only tell if Whitney will be happy for her.  Whitney will try.

TC and Eve come over and tell that they will be off now.

Theresa tells that her secret is about a boy and her future with him…

Jessica wants to know her sister's secrets. If her sister has a secret, Jessica will find out what it is.  Jessica and Kay bicker and almost fight.  Grace is there but she isn't interested in whatever is going on with the girls.

Sam enters the kitchen. "It is his first day as Chief of Police.  Grace tells him to sit and she will make him some eggs.

In Grace's bedroom, a ball of light floats over Grace's bed.

Down in the kitchen, Grace pauses looking out the window. She is disconnected from whatever is going on with her family.

Sam answers the door to Eve.  She is there to see Simone. He tells that his daughters have been arguing all morning.  He talks of Grace.  "There is something strange and different about her.  I heard her calling to someone in the bedroom but she said that she was dreaming.  Could you talk to her for me?  I am worried about her."

Luis and Miguel are still in the jeep and Luis thinks that he sees a fire down on the beach.

Miguel is dropped off to go to his interview for a job.

"Time to go and break up the party," Luis says heading to the fire…

Ethan and Gwen talk about Sheridan.  Ethan tells how Sheridan told him that she might be getting engaged.  He wants Gwen to check the guy out.

Sheridan is still at the memorial site.

Someone spots her from afar. It is a man.  He gets on his phone.  "I have found Sheridan Crane.  I can finally get her. She won't know what hit her…"

Sheridan starts walking now.  The man follows from a safe distance.

At the carnival, Whitney is bugging her friend to tell her secret.

TC comes to the girls and signs them up to help him with a job at the carnival.

Miguel comes by saying that he will be trying to get a job on a fishing boat.

After he leaves, Theresa finally tells her secret.  "Whitney!  I am getting married."

Luis walks up to the fire. He sees a couple kissing on the beach.  "Get up," he orders.  Ethan rolls over and tells the man to get lost.  "I am Ethan Crane…" Luis doesn't care.

Sheridan is at a petite café having coffee.  The man has followed her to this place.  He watches her closely.  She has no idea that she is being followed and watched. 

Eve comes into the kitchen with Sam.  "Come on kids.  I am taking you to the carnival," Sam says.  The kids head out while Eve stays back with Grace. 

Eve grabs a dishtowel and starts drying dishes with Grace…

The man gets on his cellphone.  "I am with Sheridan Crane now.  I am going to shoot her," he says.

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