OLTL Update Monday 8/19/13 Ep. 40

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/19/13 Ep. 40
Aired on OWN on 9/18/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

As Clint screams he is man of the year, the guards try to get him to go away. David tries to tell him to leave on camera. Clint throws over a table. Viki tells him to stop making a fool of himself. Clint tells him to shut up. Clint tells Matthew to find his trophy. The paramedics try to get Clint down. Natalie sees him and is completely shocked. Bo and Viki tell her that this is the only way they can get him out before he hurts himself or someone else.

Natalie cannot believe Bo did this. Matthew thinks that someone needs to be there for him. Natalie agrees. Viki tells him no he needs to be alone. Nora says the mental ward will deal with him. Natalie is not going to let this happen. Matthew and Natalie both go.

Cutter tries to take Natalie to the hospital but Natalie does not want to talk. Cutter chases after her.

Viki tells the head of the organization she is sorry. Dorian explains that this was still a financial success due to Carl. Jeffery asks if he needs to write the story. Viki says Clint needs to face his actions.

Natalie does not care about Cutter right now and does not want to listen to her. Natalie walks off to go find Clint.

Jack turns on the light. Kate wonders what they will do if the guard sees them. Jack says they will claim he was getting tutored.

Nikki asks if Blair needs a drink. Cutter asks why Nikki would tell Natalie. Nikki explains that some one needed to tell her. Cutter thought he told her that he was a non commitment type of guy. Nikki believe that Natalie didn't know that. Nikki walks away telling Cutter he better start cleaning up.

Carl can only imagine what Viki is going through. Viki is not sure if this is difficult or easy to deal with Clint. Dorian explains she will not tell anyone. Carl offers to see her home. Viki asks Bo what they will do to Clint. Bo explains they will sedate him and let him sleep it off. Viki hopes that this is a wake up call.

Téa wants to talk to Dani. Dani is not interested in talking and walks off. Téa walks after her and Arturo. Téa demands that they stop Téa wants to know why she lied about who Arturo was. Téa believes that he is a predator. Téa does not want this happening and warns her. Dani and Téa scream. Dani walks off.

Blair is happy that it was not completely destroyed tonight. Viki thinks that Blair was a little upset during Carl's speech. Viki wants to know what kind of trouble Todd is in. Blair tries to ignore it and claims that he always has some sort of trouble in his life. Blair does not think that Viki should worry about Todd or Clint. Viki explains that Todd is a complicated man but she loves him very much. Blair says she does too.

Nikki and Cutter clean up. Cutter wants to talk to Nikki and will not let her go back to work until they do.

Diego tells Viki he is sorry. Viki thanks him. Diego explains that Clint gave him a bunch of money.

Clint is strapped down to a bed and a nurse gives him a shot. Clint threatens to sue then he offers to pay her money.

Natalie demands that she get to see Clint. The head of the hospital explains he has a bunch of things he has to do first. Michelle tells Matthew that they should probably go back home. Michelle explains that she went through this with her dad and knows how hard it can be. Matthew thinks this can suck. The head of the hospital explains that Clint is out cold. Natalie still wants to see him.

Dani decides that she maybe should not have come to the hotel. Arturo offers to get Dani a room of her own. Dani thinks that is very sweet. Dani hopes that Arturo does not feel like he is being forced to do this. He does not. Dani wonders if the story she made up about him and the fighting she believes that this is all confusing and she is confused. Arturo walks over and kisses her passionately. Dani decides she does not need the room and continues to kiss Arturo.

Matthew and Michelle get back to the apartment. Michelle wants to know what she can do to make him feel better. Matthew just wishes that he could have done something. Michelle tells Matthew not to think about it. Michelle starts to rub Matthew's back. Matthew asks about Michelle's father. Michelle explains that he was kind of crazy and would walk around naked. Michelle explains he was passed out in the backyard Matthew thought that she lived in an apartment.

Arturo asks if Dani wants to stop. Dani says no and puts her on the bed. The two start to kiss very passionately.

Nikki decides to leave and Rama goes as well. Cutter will not let her leave. Cutter wants to know why she did this. Cutter wonders why she now wants this to be a love story. Nikki wonders if it is over. Nikki refuses to quit this job and explains they have business to take care of. She is sorry for tonight. Cutter says it is ok and they are cool. Nikki kisses Cutter. Nikki tells him that Natalie and him will never work because she will never be enough for him.

Jack finds Blair crying on the couch. Jack thinks this has to do with Todd. Jack wonders when she is going to learn. Blair explains she loves him and always has. She thinks that this time. Jack finishes her by saying it was miserable. Blair hopes that Jack will never understand. Jack wants to know what is going on. Blair says she can't talk about it. Jack says that he is older and should be allowed to talk about this.

Natalie is told that he has been strapped down. She walks into the room and Allison Perkins is injecting him with something. She freaks out.

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