OLTL Update Monday 8/19/13 Ep. 39

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/19/13 Ep. 39
Aired on OWN on 9/17/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Blair thanks the members of the vet organization. Nikki and Rama pour drinks and Rama spots Dorian and hides.

Dorian asks Cutter to move her portrait closer to the stage. Carl comes up to her and says that it is a beautiful picture. Dorian explains she donated it hoping to raise money. Jo and David come over with the camera and try to get them to film. Dorian introduces David to Carl. Dorian is having trouble remembering people's names and Dorian walks off with Carl. Dorian runs into Rama and tells her to go away. Dorian finds out that Viki has not shown up yet.

Viki runs to the front of Shelter and runs into Diego. Viki runs into the club. She makes her way down stairs and runs into Jeffery and Destiny. Viki asks if the two are dating and she explains they make a lovely couple. Viki spots Dorian with Carl. Natalie runs over to Viki wondering where she was. Viki says she was with Clint and asked him to stop drinking. Natalie knows that will not happen. Viki does not know what to do.

Clint gets out his check book and writes a check.

Viki apologizes to Carl for being late. Carl says he would have waited all night. Viki takes him to introduce him to Bo. Dorian sits down next to Blair asking where Jack is. Blair has no idea.

Jack shows up in Kate's classroom and starts to kiss Kate.

Carl thanks Bo for taking on the award. Bo explains that the award is about the organization not about him or Clint. Arturo goes to say hello to Bo and asks if he has any news. Bo explains no.

Téa notices Dani and Arturo. Téa has Dani come talk to her. Dani explains that Arturo is Brianna's uncle. Téa is upset with her. Michelle comes over and tells Dani that Matthew was upset that Dani never showed up at the hospital. Dani knows that Michelle did this all to get Matthew to lose all his friends. Michelle thinks she looks better in the dress. Arturo takes Dani to her seat. Matthew asks what is wrong with Michelle. She says that Dani is being mean to her about the dress and she would never do this on purpose. Matthew says he will take care of this.

Arturo has to take a phone call and Matthew comes over and tells her to lay off Michelle and suck up to her sugar daddy. Dani tries to hit Matthew but Matthew stops her. Jeffery and Destiny see this and Jeffery thinks this will be a fun night.

Michelle feels like everyone is talking about her wearing the same dress as Dani. Matthew does not think so and says that she looks better in the dress than Dani.

Bo notices Destiny and Jeffery. Bo hopes that Matthew is ok with that. Nora cannot believe he is also hoping that one day the two will get together.

David cannot believe that Jo is getting filmed as well. Jo explains that the footage is going to make the story even better.

Carl tells Dorian that she was a great senator. Dorian thanks him and is a fan of him being on the fortune 500 list. The two toast to that.

Matthew tells Téa that Dani is dating Arturo. Téa asks who Arturo is. Matthew explains that he was Brianna's sugar daddy. Téa goes over to confront Dani.

Clint picks up the phone drunk out of his mind calling to have the limo brought over.

Viki asks if they should start. The head of the organization says in a few minutes. Viki is still very sorry about what happened with Clint. He explains that Bo is going to save the night.

Clint tells himself ready or not here he comes. Walking out of his office.

Téa cannot believe that Dani lied to her. She knows that Arturo paid for sex with Brianna. Rama makes everyone take their seats.

Viki says good evening and welcome. She starts the bidding with Dorian's portrait. She tries to get someone to start the bidding but no one wants to. Viki tries to get someone to bid. Carl bids one hundred thousand dollars. Carl wins it. Everyone applauds.

Destiny gets a call from the sitter and explains that Drew is home and will be ok. Jeffery makes a toast and everyone drinks.

Natalie orders a drink with Nikki and Nikki explains that Cutter has been sleeping with her for months and has no intention of stopping. Cutter sits down next to Natalie and tries to talk to her. Natalie tells him that the auction is almost over so if he wants to get oral sex from Nikki he should do it now.

Viki introduces Carl to the stage. Carl thanks them all explaining that this is a very worthy cause. They all applaud.

Clint shows up and says he wants to talk to Diego.

Carl says that he is reminded by the price that people have to pay being away from their loved ones. He knows that the price is measured in their lives. He has everyone stand and toast and to say thank you. Carl has them all be seated. Carl has Viki come back to the stage.

Jack and Kate continue to kiss passionately and the two start to undress each other and kiss on the desk.

Cutter tries to say that it is not what it looks like. Nikki pours a drink on Natalie and Rama takes her to go clean it up.

Viki explains that tonight is not about just Bo but about all the people who have fought. Clint shows up down stairs. Viki explains that he is very involved. Viki takes great pride in giving Bo the man of the year award. Everyone stands and claps has he makes his way to the stage. Clint shows up taking the award telling them to screw themselves.

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