OLTL Update Monday 8/12/13 Ep. 38

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/12/13 Ep. 38
Aired on OWN on 9/16/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Jeffrey shows up at Clint's office and looks for his pills. Matthew tries to get in but is not able to. Jeffrey counts Clint's pills and puts them back where he found them.

Cutter refuses to pay for Clint. Natalie walks over and cannot believe that Cutter tried to shake down his dad.

Clint gets a call from the board telling him that he is out as the man of the year. Clint cannot believe this and tells the guy to shut up.

Nora answers her phone and the same guy who just called Clint wants to talk to Bo. He tells Bo that Clint could not be the man of the year and they want Bo to be man of the year. Bo says he needs to think about this. Bo says he will call back in a few minutes. Nora says that Clint will hate him.

Jeffrey and Carl go into Todd's old hotel room. Carl likes the room. Carl tells Jeffrey that he is loving how well he is doing in this town. Jeffrey thanks him and jokes that everyone in this town is related. Carl says he should have sent him a score card to figure that all out. He knew it was the right choice to send Jeffrey to London to befriend Matthew and things are going perfectly. He hopes that Jeffrey is not getting close to anyone. Jeffrey says of course not. Carl says that Allison is taking care of Victor again and that Allison is his sister.

Natalie cannot believe that Cutter did this. Cutter explains that he was there for his employee. Natalie says she is sorry and knows she should not have come in angry. Natalie is worried about what is going to happen.

Bo knows they are going to lose a fortune in this but maybe they could do something else. Nora knows that Clint is going to blame him. Bo says that Clint should be thanking him for doing the right thing in the first place but he will hate him. Bo calls them back.

Clint tells Viki that he is going to pull all his money. Viki tells him that if he does that she is going to put it on the front of the Banner. Viki says that you cannot burry anything any more. Clint thinks this is revenge for what he did. Viki explains this is because he got arrested. Clint believe it is Bo's fault now. Viki tells him to man up already and stop drinking. Clint says nothing and just storms out. Viki gets a call.

Natalie leaves but notices that Bo is going to be Man of the Year. Blair says she knows it is not great but that it saved things.

Matthew tells Clint that he saw the video. Clint cannot believe it and says that he cannot believe they did this to him. Matthew asks who was his replacement. Clint does not know. Clint pours himself a drink. Matthew offers to take Clint somewhere tonight if he wants. Clint explains he is going to be fine. Clint tells him to go and get ready for the party. Clint toasts to himself.

Carl loves what a little drugs can do to a person referring to Clint. Carl hopes that Jeffrey put the right pills away. Jeffrey explains yes. Jeffrey asks what this has to do with Todd and Victor. Carl explains that the two are part of a much bigger thing. He believe that something has to be up being the sons of Irene Manning and Victor Lord. He knows that Allison knows what to do. Carl will have two brothers right where he wants them.

People start to arrive to the party. Cutter goes to see Natalie get photographed. Téa and the drug dealer show up together all dressed up.

Bo and Nora then show up. Natalie asks if he heard from Clint. Bo says no. Everyone but Bo and Nora go inside. Bo does not think that this is right. Nora explains he deserves this. Bo still thinks this night belongs to him.

Téa asks how Blair is holding up. Blair says interesting. Bo and Nora show up inside. Nora thinks it looks great inside and Blair thanks them both for everything.

Nikki tells the Dean the drug dealer to get him a beer. Nikki does not want to. Téa explains that he should get one but she is not his date. Téa tells him they will never date because he is a drug dealer. Dean asks if they can be friends. Téa says maybe.

David shows up at the even with Jo and pushes Blair out of the way. David introduces her to everyone and Nora further does.

Dani and Arturo show up and are a bit freaked out about Téa seeing her. Jeffrey and Destiny show up and Carl is right near them. Jeffrey introduces them to Carl. Matthew and Michelle show up and Michelle is dressed in the same dress and Dani. Dani tells Michelle this is not finished. Everyone goes inside except Carl who watches as Dorian shows up. Carl introduces himself and says he has been a fan for many years. Carl asks if she is alone tonight. Dorian explains yes. Carl asks if he can be her date tonight. Dorian says of course.

Viki shows up at Clint's office. Viki tells him that he cannot keep doing this to himself. Clint offers her a drink and does not want her pity. Viki believes this is love. Clint thinks this means that she wants him back. Viki says she does not want to get hurt again. Viki makes him give her the bottle. Clint says that he will be ok. Clint asks who they replaced him with. Viki says Bo. Viki tells him to go home and get some sleep. Clint finds some vodka and cannot believe that Bo did this and will not let this be over.

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