OLTL Update Monday 8/12/13 Ep. 37

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/12/13 Ep. 37
Aired on OWN on 9/12/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

David cannot wait to start his show. Jo comes out and explains that she needs to know that David is willing to show the world who the real David Vickers is.

Blair runs into Cutter and the bouncer and is shocked to find out that Cutter did not press charges. Cutter explains that it involves Clint.

Michelle is excited to go to the gala but Dani does not want to talk about it. She ends up leaving. Michelle calls her a bitch.

Matthew wants to see Drew. Nora says he will get his chance. Bo asks if this is serious with Michelle. Matthew hopes it does. Nora hopes that Matthew does not abandon Destiny for Michelle right now.

Viki shows Clint the video. Clint decides he will buy the video before anything will happen. Viki believes that Clint should step down as Man of the Year. Clint tells her that is not going to happen. Clint gets a call from Nora and Clint does not want to talk but she explains what happened. Clint leaves abruptly telling Viki to show herself out.

Téa does not want to see anyone. Blair tells her they should drink then. Blair thinks the music that Téa is listening to is depressing. Téa explains she already wants to slit her wrists. Téa does not want to talk about Victor or Todd. Téa thinks that Blair slept with Todd. Blair says nothing but shows an engagement ring. Téa calls her an idiot and puts a blanket over her head.

Jo tells David that they are going to have to do some re-enactments over what happened. David will not do those because he wants to have integrity. Jo explains they do it all the time with documentaries. David likes that. Jo wants to see where things went wrong. Jo wants to see Rama as the villain. She wants to see a confessional about Dorian and David and why it went wrong. Jo wants Rama to be selfish and all about revenge. It is revealed that David is getting video taped saying all this about Rama but David does not know.

Nora asks Matthew how he met Michelle. Matthew explains that it is a long story. Nora tells him when he is ready she wants to meet her properly. Clint shows up concerned. Bo is angry at Clint still and starts to fight. Nora takes Bo out of the room. Clint tells Matthew he is proud of him. Jeffrey shows up to make sure that Matthew is ok. Clint wants Jeffrey to have the guy with the video call him. Clint has to get back to the office. Matthew thanks him for coming by and then asks what this is all about. Jeffrey shows him the video. Matthew tells him he better not release that.

Jo tells David's filmer that he works for her now and not David and she will make him a star.

Dorian tells Viki that the veterans center wants Clint still because he paid them off. Dorian refuses to be made a fool. Viki shows her the video. Dorian tells Viki to get that video out there right away because if Clint will play dirty they will as well.

Natalie tells Viki not to post it. Viki explains that the person who filmed it will post it. Natalie hopes that Viki does not think this is her fault. Viki does think that this is her fault. Natalie thinks that Clint will show up drunk. Natalie decides to go talk to Clint.

Dorian sets up with Jo to talk. Dorian explains that it was exciting at first but it got exhausting. Jo asks what David did when she was in DC. Dorian explains that he re did her house and that was basically it. Jo asks about the senate scandal. Dorian says it was hell. She asks to do a few different takes on the same thing. Jo thinks it is painful for what the senator did. Dorian is also getting filmed during all this. Dorian is happy.

Michelle thinks that Matthew needs to be distracted. Michelle tells him that tomorrow is a new day and that Clint is going to be man of the year and will have his nephew there to celebrate with him. Bo and Nora come back and Destiny as well who explains that the doctors say they can bring Drew home tonight.

Téa hates Victor because they had great sex and then he left. Blair does not think Téa thinks this is all a waist of time for them. Blair explains that it is because they are both great lovers. Téa cannot believe that Victor would do this to her. Blair cannot believe she has to go to the man of the year gala. Téa refuses to go. Blair is forcing her to go. Téa does not want to do anything and tells Blair to leave. Téa forces her to leave she is angry and does not want to talk to Blair at all. Blair understands this but tells her she is still going to go to the gala.

Cutter goes to see Clint. Cutter tells Clint that he wants a little money for this to go away. Clint still thinks he is doing some sort of scam. Cutter decides he is going to sue. Natalie shows up asking what is going on. Clint explains that the con man is back to his old games.

Jeffrey tells Destiny he has to get back to work. Destiny understands and tells him he should go. Jeffrey says he will be back later. Bo says he has to go as well. Nora hugs Destiny. Nora asks what she knows about Michelle.

Matthew explains that they are still pretty new to each other. Michelle thought that they had a connection. Michelle says that he means something to her. Matthew says they will have lots of firsts to mean things.

Clint tells Natalie to stay away from Cutter. Natalie cannot believe she is being controlled again. Clint begs Viki to kill the video. Jeffrey calls saying that the source declined. Clint tells him that Viki will regret this.

Nikki and Rama get ready for the event. Blair tells them to not flirt with anyone tonight.

Jeffrey shows up back at home with a package and gets a letter from the tattoo place. It says "kudos on a job well done." His tattoo is shown again.

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