OLTL Update Monday 8/5/13 Ep. 36

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/5/13 Ep. 36
Aired on OWN on 9/11/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Matthew tells Destiny that she is going to be ok. The doctor comes in and tells them that Drew is going to be fine but that he will get these again. He has a temperature of 105.

Dorian opens the door to find Jo. Dorian explains she is extremely busy. Jo walks into the living room and says she may need to change the cameras a little bit. Dorian asks who she is. She explains the network producer who bought David's show. Dorian tells her to get out.

Viki does not want to talk about Clint in the paper. Jeffrey thinks otherwise. Jeffrey shows Viki a copy of the Sun which has a picture of Clint drunk.

Clint calls Matthew and tells him to get the PR people together very fast after David shows him the paper. David thinks he is being impressive for being able to make his involvement disappear so quickly. Clint tells David to go straight to hell.

Destiny calls Shawn and tells him that she is at the hospital and what happened to Drew. She explains she is scared. Shawn says he can't leave until he gets a replacement. Destiny says she just wanted to hear his voice. Shawn tells her that he will get there as soon as he can. Michelle shows up with some coffee. She gives Destiny some as well. Destiny thanks her but she is deeply sad. Michelle wants to say something but Destiny does not want to talk. Matthew explains that she is really sad. Matthew explains that he has not been around lately but he has tried to be a better father. Michelle asks if they were in love. Matthew explains that they were just friends and it happened and to leave it alone.

Rama confronts David about what is happening between them. David explains he is not interested in a relationship right now. Rama wants to talk about the reality show. David explains that some things have changed. Rama is shocked to find out what is going on. David tells her that she will not be in the show.

Jo tells Dorian about the show. Dorian refuses to be apart of the show. Jo says David has the right to do it.

Viki cannot believe that Clint would do this. Jeffrey explains that he is going to give the story a nice touch to make it sound better. Viki gives Jeffrey an actual job at the paper. Clint runs in as Jeffrey leaves and cannot believe that Todd would put this in the paper. Viki explains that Todd is out of town. Clint wants this to be out of the news. Viki tells him that this will not make any difference. Clint is having his publicist print something.

Todd and Blair lay naked on the couch. Todd says he has something he wants to tell Blair. Todd smiles and looks at her. Todd explains that this is his job. Blair wants him not to be hurt by this and that it will be ok. Blair just knows that it will. Blair says that everything he has done for her and the family has shown a new light on Todd which she is impressed with. Todd wishes Jack would see that. Blair hopes that he will eventually. Blair kisses Todd. The two hold hands.

Jeffrey reads the article Clint had written. Viki cannot believe that this is what he chooses to say and makes it sound like he did something charming. Viki is not sure if she wants to allow him to get off with this. Jeffrey thinks they stick to just the facts for the online edition. Jeffrey says he can do the tweaks before he picks up his benefactor tonight. Viki remember that she needs to work on a speech. Viki gets some articles given to her. Viki gives Jeffrey a copy of the program.

Rama believes that she is the star. David tells her that he is the star. Rama knows that she is young and hot and that is the reason Dorian is even divorcing David. Rama knows that this show needs Rama. David cannot believe what Rama is saying and wonders if she is spewing things that David has taught her. Rama knows she is meant to be a star. David hates to reject her. Rama knows that a love triangle would work perfectly. David asks about Vimal. Rama does not care. David believes that he would be the fourth wheel. Rama explains that nothing will be real. David believes that the kiss they shared was real. Rama tells him that is was in the moment and it did not go anywhere. David tells her that he is sorry but she can't be his side kick anymore.

Dorian asks why Jo is here. Jo wants to hear Dorian's side of the story. Dorian does not want to be a part of this. Jo explains that this will be a story told from her point of view. Dorian knows that David will never agree to have Dorian involved. Jo says that he does not need to know and that she is needed to be a good role model for other young and successful person. Dorian refuses to be in the same room with David. Jo understands and explains that she would control the story. Dorian decides that she owes it to Jo's generation that the fight is still going on.

Blair tells Todd that they will always have there secret. Todd explains he loves Blair. Blair tells Todd she loves him always has and always will. Blair cries the two of them hold hands and then Todd leaves. Blair closes the door and falls to the ground crying. Todd stands outside angry.

Bo and Nora ask if there is any news. Matthew says not yet. Destiny explains that this could be hard on them. Nora asks Michelle if they have met. Michelle explains that she is Matthew's girlfriend. Nora is shocked. Bo says it is nice to meet her. Matthew tells Michelle that she can go now and this is about family. Michelle storms off slamming the door. The doctor tells Destiny she can go see him now. Matthew makes Destiny tell him that he loves him.

Jeffrey shows Viki a video that was filmed of Clint punching the guy. Viki is shocked and knows that people will find out about this.

Clint talks on the phone telling everyone that he hopes that they accept his apology. Nigel asks if everything is smoothed over. Clint says he paid them off.

Blair continues to cry and says Todd's name. Todd stands outside the door and looks at the envelope which it gives him an address and tells him not to fail them again. Todd looks off into the distance and walks away.

Jeffrey comes home to find it empty. He goes to get some beer and sits down on the couch. He takes his shoes off and the tattoo is on his foot.

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