OLTL Update Monday 8/5/13 Ep. 35

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/5/13 Ep. 35
Aired on OWN on 9/10/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Dorian begs Jack to take a break from working out. She is extremely thirsty. Jack goes to get her something and Kate walks out of the coffee shop with a group of people. Jack makes it sound like he is the student and she is the teacher.

Dani finds Matthew's boxers on the ground and is disgusted. Michelle explains Matthew is not home. Dani wants to know why she is here. Michelle explains she was still tired. Dani wants Michelle to clean up after Matthew. Michelle acts like a jerk and tells Dani that she only acts like a maid outside of work to please Matthew.

Cutter is wearing nothing but underwear and Natalie jokingly tells him to put some clothes on. Clint calls saying that he was arrested last night. Natalie tells him she will be right there.

Clint asks Bo if he is happy. Clint thinks that Bo is enjoying this.

Todd opens the door and Tea walks in asking what is wrong. Blair explains they no longer have to go through with the plan. Tea reads the letter and starts to cry because they have Victor. She wants to know when they found out. Blair says last night. Tea is mad that they did not call last night. Tea wants to call Bo, Todd explains that he will find Victor. Tea demands that Todd find him and bring him home. She then leaves.

Jack thinks it is time that they go. Dorian needs time to finis her water. Dorian sees Kate and introduces herself to her. Jack tells Kate that she is a great English teacher. Dorian tells Kate she is really pretty. Kate tells her that she has to go. Dorian knows that Jack was dating Kate. Jack denies it. Dorian knows that he is lying. Jack lies and claims that age is a huge factor for a seventeen year old. Dorian admits that her age difference with David was a huge mistake. Dorian looks at the paper and sees that Clint was arrested.

Natalie throws Cutter's clothes at him and tells him that the doorman put charges against Clint.

Clint cannot believe that he would make him go to jail instead of letting him stay with Nora and him. Bo closes the door and tells him to punch him if he really feels he needs to do. He tells him to take his best shot. Clint says that Asa would be ashamed of Bo if he knew what he was doing.

Todd wonders what is wrong with Viki. Viki explains that she is through with Clint. Todd tells her that he has to go out of town. Viki is really shocked. Viki wants to know what is going on. Todd says he will come back as soon as he can. Viki starts crying saying that she is going to miss him. Todd walks out of the room. He looks at Viki from a distance and leaves. Viki sits on the couch and wipes her tears.

Todd comes to see Dani.

Bo tells Natalie that he is sorry to have to see her father like this. Clint explains that Bo arrested him,

Viki tells Jeffrey that Clint got into a fight last night. Viki does not think this should even be her problem anymore. Jeffrey explains that the guy who raised him is going to be the key not speaker and he cannot wait for Viki to meet him.

Todd explains he has to go away again for a long time. Dani asks what happened. Todd says it is business. Todd wants to know if Dani is ok. Dani says she is. Todd tells Dani that she needs to look over Tea. Dani promises she will. Dani thanks Todd for everything. Todd tells Dani he will miss her. Todd promises that he will be back. Todd hugs Dani. Dani tells him to take care of himself as he leaves.

Matthew calls Clint to see if he is alright. Matthew goes over to see Destiny and Drew. Destiny cannot get him to eat and says that he seems warm. Matthew is able to get him to eat. Michelle shows up and asks why he is not at work. Matthew asks what she is doing. Michelle is getting coffee. Michelle goes over to Destiny and asks how long she has been a babysitter. Destiny explains she is not a baby sitter and that Drew is her son and Matthew is the father. Drew says he is sorry he did not tell Michelle. Michelle tries to walk away. Matthew explains he was afraid that she would not want to be with him if he told her. Matthew explains that he cares about no one more than her in this world. Destiny screams that Drew is having some sort of seizure. Matthew grabs him and the two run out.

Bo tells one of the cops that Arturo met him in Shelter. He wants to know where the other one met Brianna.

Dorian shows Viki the article on Clint. Dorian cannot believe she would print this on the eve on the man of the year award. Dorian explains that this may ruin everything. She tells Viki that Clint is going to have to go. Viki will not have that because he has done so much for them. Dorian tells her he is a liability.

The cop tells Cutter that Bo wants to do an investigation down at the club.

Blair plays with Sam. Todd asks where Jack is. Sam says he has to go. Todd tells Sam to be a good guy and take care of Blair. Sam says he will miss Todd. Blair takes Sam out of the room. Jack asks where Todd is going. Todd says he has business he has to take care of but will be back. Jack does not care about that. Todd explains that he will gain Jack's trust back. Jack does not care and leaves. Blair cannot believe this is it.

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